Disney has put a giant spotlight on Pixar by turning its most popular films into theme park attractions. This is particularly true at Disney World. All four of Disney’s Florida theme parks are stocked with shows and rides based on franchises like Up, Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story. We’re here to take a look at the best.

In this list, we won’t be including temporary attractions or ones that have closed. This means the temporary The Music of Pixar Live! orchestra won’t be mentioned, and neither will the Incredibles’ Super Party Dance Time. Upcoming Pixar-themed attractions also won’t be getting a shout-out.

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10 Slinky Dog Dash

Disney’s newest roller coaster opened in Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios in 2018. It takes guests on a zippy outdoor adventure on the back of a giant Slinky Dog-style ride vehicle. Word has it that Andy built the coaster using his “Dash & Dodge Mega Coaster Kit” and decided to slide one of his favorite toys into the action.

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The ride features an exciting mid-way launch and a song from Wheezy at the cruisin' conclusion. The two-minute steel coaster reaches speeds of up to 40 mph.

9 Finding Nemo — The Musical

One of Animal Kingdom’s star attractions is a 40-minute live-action musical stage show that retells the story of Finding Nemo. This time, there’s colorful puppets, music penned by the same people who dreamed up Frozen’s soundtrack, and beautifully animated backdrops.

The show occupies the theater that previously held the Tarzan Rocks show. Since its opening in 2007, the actors have regularly performed six shows a day, meaning you’ll have plenty of chances to catch it.

8 Monster’s, Inc. Laugh Floor

This Magic Kingdom attraction is themed after a comedy club, but instead of being filled with human performers, guests are treated to the hilarious talent of the monster world.

Although Mike Wazowski and friends perform their routines on screen, the show involves lots of guest interaction. The performers backstage use moveable cameras in the theater to talk to guests, so the show has new content every single time. Performances additionally feature a collection of running gags, so if you go more than once, you’ll catch on to some of the antics.

7 Toy Story Mania!

This 4D ride swings guests through a series of carnival-style games. Using special shooting devices on every ride vehicle, guests compete with each other to earn the top score.

Each section of the track features a different game for guests to try their hand at. There’s a ring toss led by the aliens, a dart-throwing game featuring Rex and Trixie, a green army men plate-breaking game, and many more.

The fun ride also happens to last between 5 and 6 minutes, so riders have plenty of time to play their way into first place!

6 It’s Tough To Be A Bug!

This 9-minute 3D film attraction shrinks you down to the size of the A Bug’s Life gang. It has Flik explaining to humans why it is difficult to be a bug through a series of humorous insect appearances.

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Although at first glance the attraction looks simple, it is anything but boring. Every performance includes special effects, a ton of animatronic spiders that descend on the audience, and a special surprise ending.

5 Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival

This attraction, which is tucked away in Epcot, shows a three-piece collection of Disney and Pixar short films on the big screen. The show features special effects and 3D glasses, so guests are immersed in their favorite mini-movies in a whole new way.

Though the film festival attraction has been known to change its lineup, “Get A Horse!,” “Piper,” and “Feast” are currently playing. The theater is rarely full, so it’s a good place to stop by any time of day.

4 Up! A Great Bird Adventure

This Animal Kingdom show occupies the space in which Flights of Wonder used to be performed. Like the old show, it features an array of colorful birds. Unlike its predecessor, it features new interactions with Russell and Dug from Up.

Unfortunately, the new show didn’t get great reviews, with many believing the comedy of the original had been compromised. However, Disney has heard the complaints and is closing the attraction in mid-September to make it even better than before. We’re excited to see what happens!

3 Alien Swirling Saucers

This spinning ride opened alongside Slinky Dog Dash in the new Toy Story Land in June 2018. Guests who ride it are lightly whipped around on the back of space vehicles that are guided by the green aliens. Though the ride is not intense, it is fun and incredibly cute.

It’s kind of like a slightly more technologically advanced version of Magic Kingdom’s popular spinning Mad Tea Party teacups. It’s also a lot less dizzying.

2 The Sea With Nemo And Friends

Located in Epcot, this undersea adventure takes guests on a slow-moving dark ride featuring the gang from Finding Nemo. Nemo has gotten lost yet again, and Marlin journies through the sea to track him down.

The final section of the ride utilizes special technology that shows the fish from the Pixar film swimming in an aquarium full of real fish.

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The aquariums that can be viewed post-ride are home to over 4,000 sea creatures and 60 species. The location also features additional ocean experiences, including a show that features everyone’s favorite turtle.

1 Turtle Talk With Crush

Yes, this is the attraction we just mentioned, and it is for good reason. Turtle Talk With Crush is a humorous 15-minute live chat show. Though the attraction is designed to be interactive for children, the improvised humor makes it something adults don’t want to miss either.

The show constantly runs throughout most of the day, so it’s easy to splash into. Just be ready for an ocean-worth of laughter

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