Disney World in Florida is home to two incredibly themed water parks: Typhoon Lagoon— which is themed after a tropical water-wrecked retreat—and Blizzard Beach, which is themed after a melting ski resort. Each one is stocked with sunny locations perfect for chilling, cool foods begging to be eaten, and splashy rides that are overflowing with thrill factor.

While every adventure at these water parks is worth trying out, we’re here to show you which are better than the rest.

Put down that piña colada; It’s time to dive head-first into the greatest rides at Disney’s water parks.

10 Downhill Double Dipper

Starting out the lineup is this Blizzard Beach thriller that lets you and a friend race each other to the finish line. It’s a great starting point for guests looking to work their way up to the bigger rides because while short, this inner tube descent is still splashy fast.

The attraction usually cycles through quickly, meaning lines tend to go swiftly. The time clocks and flags keep that race theme going strong!

9 Toboggan Racers

It’s hard to choose which is better—this or Snow Stormers—as both Blizzard Beach rides let you slalom down courses on the back of toboggan-style mats. Yet, nothing is quite like competition, so this one has a slight edge.

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Toboggan Racers has you and seven others racing downhill toward a finish line. The dips on your way to the bottom elevates the excitement, and the snowy theme helps Florida feel a little less miserable during those hot summer months.

8 Humunga Kowabunga

This five-story water slide, located in Typhoon Lagoon, drops riders almost vertically toward the ground. All the thrill takes place in the dark!

The ride is over in a matter of seconds, but the adrenaline is real. There are three of these body slides stacked next to each other meaning you won’t be the only one getting soaked with water as you slide your way to the bottom.

Be warned: a major splash attack is headed your way.

7 Slush Gusher

This one is the high-speed, exhilarating, slightly less scary Summit Plummet (which you’ll learn of soon enough). This 90-foot Blizard Beach waterslide sends guests speeding down a couple of snowy rolling hills, letting them enjoy some fabulous views and a load of adrenaline.

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The body slide reaches speeds of up to 35 miles per hour and allows guest to experience air time. If you’re up for a thrill, this mountain is one you’ve got to soar down!

6 Runoff Rapids

This trio of 600-ft. inner tube slides finds its home at Blizzard Beach. Guests carry their rafts up to the top of the attraction and get to choose between three tracks including two outdoor slides and one fully enclosed one.

The ride is zippy and fun, ending with a solid splash at the end. Three tracks mean three times the adventure, and the mid-level thrill makes it perfect for those who are tired of laying in the lazy river but aren’t quite ready for the park’s biggest attractions.

5 Mayday Falls

Mayday Falls is the most thrilling of three raft rides that are clumped together at Typhoon Lagoon. While Keelhaul Falls puts on a scenic show and Gang Plank Falls ups the fun with a few extra friends, Mayday Falls will whip you through caves and past waterfalls for one crazy tropical adventure.

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There’s a lot of walking to the top, but the sharp turns on your way down make it more than worth it. Who's ready for one wet wild ride?

4 Summit Plummet

Blizzard Beach’s flagship attraction drops guests down a 120-ft. free fall slide at 60 miles per hour. In other words – yes, it’s terrifying. The ride is one of the fastest and highest free fall slides in the country and towers over most of the park.

The slide sits atop Disney’s manmade Mount Gushmore and resembles a melting ski jump. The easiest way to access it is via the park’s Chair Lift, which is the water park's more tropical version of a ski lift.

Get ready to scream!

3 Miss Adventure Falls

Disney’s newest water park attraction finds its home in Typhoon Lagoon and clocks in at two minutes, making it one of the longest rides at a Florida water park. The four-person raft ride first sends guests up a conveyer belt, then down a thrilling slide to the bottom.

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The ride is based on the character Mary Oceaneer, who was created for Disney Cruise Lines. Her parrot, Duncan, is featured as an animatronic, conversing with guests as they wind through the treasure-filled course.

2 TeamBoat Springs

Nearly as long as the former group rafting adventure is TeamBoat Springs, located in Blizzard Beach. If you’d rather trade the tropics for an icy 1,200-ft. adventure, this is where you should be.

The exciting ride features oversized inner-tubes that fit up to six guests and is propelled through twists and turns down the rapid mountain course. Like Summit Plummet, the only way to access this one (if you don’t feel like climbing hundreds of stairs) is through the Chair Lift.

1 Crush ’n’ Gusher

Landing on top is Crush ’n’ Gusher — a water coaster so intense, riders are shot down and up the slide.

The tropical thrill ride is located in Typhoon Lagoon and allows guests to go on their own raft or have a friend sit behind them. Themed as an abandoned fruit process center, the ride offers three tracks to choose from including Banana Blaster, Coconut Crusher, and Pineapple Plunger. Guests are pushed along with high-speed jets.

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Mixing dark and open sections, the ride gives guests a taste of all the best thrills the park has to offer during their over 400-ft. journey to the bottom.