Dips are highly underrated. They can be healthy with the use of vegetables as dippers or totally indulgent by swapping out veggies for chips or fried foods. Dips are the main attraction while dippers are simply a vehicle for deliciousness but are often lesser-regarded in favor of what's being dipped into them. In terms of satisfaction, dips are an easy solution to a missing appetizer, a means of snacking without feeling full, and a way to awake the palate before a meal. Dips are good, wholesome, and Trader Joe's has the best.


Okay, that last bit might be subjective opinion but regardless, Trader Joe's has some pretty spectacular options when it comes to the dipping life. With so many to choose from and so many pre-made masterpieces to sink our celery sticks into, how is one meant to choose only one to try? As a solution, we recommend working your way through them all one at a time, starting with these, which have quite a reputation for being the best.

Avocado's Number One Guacamole

Fans of guacamole have not truly lived until they've had a scoop of Avocado's Number One Guacamole. There's something about this Trader Joe's item that showcases avocados in all their glory without covering up their flavor, while also providing the perfect amount of subtle heat that makes a person go, "mhmmm" as they send a second chip flying into this green dip.

Corn And Chile Tomato-Less Salsa

The reality of salsa is that not everyone enjoys - or can tolerate - the use of tomatoes as a base. A second reality is that salsa does not need to consist of tomatoes in order to be a salsa dip. Corn and chile perfectly marry together in this Trader Joe's dip to create a symphony of flavor that will have everyone wondering why they thought they needed tomatoes in the first place.

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Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip

A common misconception, at least until the last few years, is that dips are unhealthy and full of ingredients that aren't good for you. That's why it's so important to acknowledge that Trader Joe's Spinach & Kale Greek Yofurt Dip is changing the game with ingredients that have health benefits and are far lighter than the alternative. It's time to embrace kale and start loving your greens in a whole new, tangy way.

White Bean And Basil Hummus

Hummus is great but white bean and basil hummus is even better. The additon of the white beans help give this hummus a creamy, velvet-like texture while packing in the protein, and the basil adds a light, sweet herbiness that helps to elevate the entire dip. Eat this with veggies or a spoon, we're not judging.

Giotto's Fresh Bruschetta Sauce

Bruschetta might sound like a fancy appetizer from an Italian restaurant (because it is) but it's actually quite a simple combination of fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, herbs, seasoning, vinegar, and olive oil. It's perfect for warm, crusty bread but also a suitable dip for hearty chips and even vegetables.

Caramelized Onion Dip

We see you, onion lovers, and we raise you one caramelized onion dip to your French onion dip. Give up the stuff that comes in aluminum containers and try the Trader Joe's version on for size. We promise that it'll be gone in a minumum of ten minutes and whether you smear it on crackers or veggies, it's addictive.

Truffle Dip

Why do we have such an obsession with the earthy richness of truffles? And, even more, how can we get more of them into our food routines? Simple: Trader Joe's Truffle Dip. This stuff is decadent, delicious, and we guarantee you'll be reaching for a spoon after the first bite.

Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip

Cauliflower is a wolf in sheep's clothing but in the best way possible. This magical vegetable can be used as bread, steak, and now, a dip. The creaminess of this dip (hence its name) is what makes it a winner, but the heat and pep of the jalapeño adds a bold flavor profile that will have you double-dipping before you realize how healthy it is. Plus, the combination of ricotta, parmesan, and cream cheese add a tang and cheesiness that's akin to a jalepeño popper without all the mess.

Buffalo Style Chicken Dip

It's all the fun of buffalo wings without the actual prep, cooking, and cooling of making wings (unless you heat the dip up in which case be our guest). This dip has actual chicken in it, the perfect amount of cheesy goodness, and a nice hint of heat from that classic buffalo flavor.

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