Modern medicine works wonders in the human body, but one does not always have to rely on it for healing. Besides, not every form of ailment can be treated with modern medicine. Sometimes, all the body needs is a conducive atmosphere where it can heal itself. Whether one seeks healing from heartbreak, mental limitation, grief, frustration, overwhelming worry, stress, and other forms of physical and mental ailment, these destinations around the world come with the right scenery and the right atmosphere to administer healing in many ways.

10 The Blue Lagoon

There’s something special about the Blue Lagoon that goes beyond its color. While the unique blue color is enough to send visitors into a state of relaxation, a dip in the water is warm, relaxing, and beneficial to the body and mind. This explains why it has become the most popular attraction in Iceland and also the world’s most popular natural spa attraction.

9 The Dead Sea, Jordan

Besides being the lowest body of water on Earth, the Dead Sea also comes with other unique features that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Its waters contain some of the highest concentrations of salt, and while this may be bad news for marine life, it is what attracts people from all over the world to its shores. Visitors to the Dead Sea mainly engage in relaxing float on the waters. Besides being a fun thing to do, the mineral-rich water, sunshine, and surrounding scenery combine to make this place a perfect place for natural healing.

8 Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, Yakushima, Japan

Trees have healing powers, and Japan is one place where one can experience this interesting phenomenon. While there are many islands in the country with healing forests, the Island of Yakushima features the most popular one of all. On this island lies a green nature park known as - Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine, and within this park lies dense forests filled with moss and fern and numerous Yakushima cedar trees that combine to send visitors into a deep state of relaxation and natural healing. Some trails go through the forest, and hikers on these trails will feel like Alice in Wonderland as they suck in the magical scenery of the forest.

7 Fairbanks, Alaska

What hot springs and a scenic landscape cannot do, the magical colors of the Northern Lights will do it and Fairbanks, Alaska, is the perfect place to enjoy this type of healing atmosphere. Just watching those lights flash nonstop during the night is enough to fill the mind with positive thoughts and create memories in the mind that would overshadow the worry and negative thoughts that may have previously clouded the mind.

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6 Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, Costa Rica

Untouched nature has a way of healing the mind, and one place to enjoy this natural atmosphere is Monteverde Cloud Forest. What makes this forest particularly appealing is its lushness and the untouched state of the forest. Besides being overwhelmed by an abundance of trees, the forest also features rich biodiversity that includes hundreds of birds and animal species and thousands of plant species. While walking through this forest, it’s an opportunity to see clouds up close, smell the fresh air and listen to the birds chirp. Such an experience will have one appreciating nature and staying grateful for being in such a beautiful world.

5 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona has been known for a long time to be special due to its numerous energy vortexes and otherworldly landscape. This has made it one of the world’s favorite destinations for all things healing, from spiritual to physical. In Sedona, one can visit one of the numerous wellness centers for healing but just walking through the desert landscape of this town is enough to set one’s mind right.

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4 Kauai, Hawaii

The Garden Isle is one of the best destinations to visit go for natural healing as the island is endowed with beautiful white sand beaches, lush rainforests, towering waterfalls, and so many other natural attractions that are perfectly suited for natural healing. In Kauai, there are numerous nature-inclined things one can do for rejuvenation, from visiting a refreshing waterfall to taking a walk in dense rainforest. Sometimes, a dangerous challenge might be what one needs to overcome the ailment in their body and mind, and Kauai has lots of challenges to throw. With lots of exciting hiking trails and the challenging Kalalau Trail, travelers in Kauai will be guaranteed of an amazing time outdoors.

3 Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island, Australia

Sometimes a relaxing time at the beach is all one needs to clear their head and set their minds right, and while there are many beaches to relax on around the world, there’s something special about Lake McKenzie. Besides its pristine white sand, the beach is also endowed with blue waters and a serene atmosphere that combines to administer a moment of healing to the visitor.

2 Mount Everest

Healing can come in many ways. Sometimes, climbing a mountain can bring the healing a person seeks, and one mountain that is perfect for this job is the mighty Mount Everest. Standing at an elevation of 8,848 meters, this is the tallest mountain in the world and arguably the hardest to climb, but those who dare to take on this challenge will be rewarded with unparalleled scenery and healing in many ways.

1 Uluru, Australia

The healing powers of sunrise and sunset cannot be underrated. Those natural colors stimulate the mind in many ways, and while one does not have to go too far to catch these exciting views, the sunrise and sunsets at Uluru are mesmerizing and magical. When the magical colors combine with giant red rock and the desert landscape of the area, visitors will be presented with an otherworldly landscape. The rock is also considered to be sacred, and a daily or occasional dose of such scenery is sure to be healing and beneficial to the mind.