Portugal's capital city of Lisbon is a beautiful city with gorgeous sites and stunning views of the Atlantic coast. This colorful city is teeming with the typical bustle of city life while maintaining its history through countless monuments, museums, and historic buildings. That's why Lisbon tourists need to maximize their stay and check out their iconic attractions, including their delicious food.

Specifically, Lisbon is home to an array of bakeries and cafes that whip up delicious local desserts and sweet treats. Attention, all tourists heading to Lisbon: you GOTTA try these local sweet delights!


Pastel De Nata

Portugal's Pastel de Nata (or egg tart) is just as iconic as Neapolitan pizza in Naples! These egg tarts are filled with a perfectly sweet egg custard filling, pairing nicely with its flaky pastry shell. In Lisbon, a pastel de nata is often served warm and is great as a snack with a fresh cup of espresso. This pastry can also be dusted with a light sprinkling of powdered sugar, cinnamon powder, or cocoa powder. Try these delicious little pastries in Lisbon bakeries, especially at Fabrica De Nata and Manteigaria in the city's Timeout Market.

Baba De Camelo

Also known as camel slime, this simple dessert is made using eggs and condensed milk (or dulce de leche in some cases). However, hungry travelers need not worry: the dessert does not contain camel slime or drool. Though an unusual name, this dessert may be named after its color, which resembles the fur of a camel! Those who try this simply delicious dessert may find that it resembles sticky toffee pudding due to its thick nature.

Travesseiros Sintra

In English, travesseiros means "pillow," and these specialty pastries bear an uncanny resemblance to these fluffy objects! Made with sugar, almonds, egg yolks, and puffy pastry, these pastries are a local favorite in Sintra. The travesseiros Sintra are decadent, airy, and fluffy, with a sweet filling of almond and egg yolk cream. Hungry travelers who wish to try this billowy dessert can visit Casa Piriquita, which has been in business for over 160 years. This bakery is located in the heart of Sintra. While it's not situated in Lisbon per se, it's still a perfect reason to take a day trip to this historic city from Portugal's capital city!

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Portuguese Queijadas may look like pasteis de nata, but they're in a league of their own! It's made with a simple blend of sugar, eggs, milk, and cheese. Though these pastries are famous in the Portugal regions of Azores, Madeira, and Sintra, foodies can still find these sweet delights during their stay in Lisbon. For example, hungry travelers can venture to Queijadas de Belém in Lisbon to sink their teeth into freshly made queijadas.

Pudim De Ovos

Just like German desserts offer more than just strudel, Portuguese desserts aren't just delicious egg tarts! Specifically, the pudim de ovos (also known as egg pudding) is a stunning reminder of this fact. This stunningly simple dessert is made using milk, sugar, eggs, and caramel. This dessert is often a family favorite during celebrations related to Easter and Christmas, but travelers can still find this delight in cafes sprawled around Lisbon. The pudim de ovos is incredibly sweet with a soft, velvet-like texture.

Natas Do Céu

Lovingly translated to cream from heaven or cream of the sky, the natas do céu is another popular Portuguese sweet made from fluffy cream and egg cream. At the bottom of the dessert lies a crumbly layer of sweet cookies (usually Maria biscuits). This dessert is fluffy and delightful, with a rich custard that's perfect for a simple dessert after a hearty meal. This popular dessert can be found in many restaurants around Portugal, especially in Lisbon. For example, tourists can try this airy dessert at Cervejaria Trindade in Chiado & Carmo.

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Queijadas de Requeijão de Évora

Also known as Evora's cheesecake tart, this delicious delight is made using Portuguese cheese (similar to ricotta-style cheese) and egg yolks. This pastry is delicious on its own but pairs well with a piping hot cup of espresso. These heavenly tarts are famous in (and iconic to) Southern Portugal, particularly in Evora. However, curious travelers can still sample this sweet delight in Lisbon, precisely thanks to Casa dos Ovos Moles em Lisboa in Chiado.

Pastel De Belém

Tourists heading to Lisbon are likely to have been told to check out the legendary Pastel De Belém. However, other travelers argue that a trip to Lisbon is not complete without trying this iconic egg tart, specifically made in Belém. Infact, the Portugese egg tart was originally created by Pasteis de Belém in 1837 using an ancient recipe handed down by the Mosteiro dos Jerónimo. Today, this recipe is used to make these pastries by hand. Customers appreciate the hard work of making the pasteis de Belém because there's always a long lineup at the bakery! This iconic sweet can even be taken home in a nifty box, perfect for transporting tarts from one destination to the next.

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