Flashing lights, lively nights, luxury shopping, gourmet dining, and epic buffets make Las Vegas a perfect travel destination for those seeking a fun vacation. From couples to groups of friends, Sin City offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

The Las Vegas strip is home to countless shops, restaurants, casinos, hotels, and other amenities for avid tourists. Being over 6km long, visitors will never run out of places to see and things to eat. Visitors with a sweet tooth looking for luxury should check out some of these elegant (and slightly pricey) desserts next time they're visiting Las Vegas!

8 Restaurant Guy Savoy's Sweet Potato Soufflé ($30)

Located in Caesars Palace, Restaurant Guy Savoy is known as one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas, serving up upscale French Cuisine by a Michelin-star chef. To celebrate their 10-year anniversary, this restaurant also offers a $555 Prix-fixed menu, serving up delectables like caviar, langoustine, lobster, and pastries.

Otherwise, visitors can enjoy Guy Savoy's signature dishes off the restaurant's à la carte menu, including dessert: starting at $30, travelers can enjoy homemade desserts like sweet potato soufflé, a yummy combination of sweet potato ice cream, cranberries, and pumpkin seed granola.

7 Sugar Factory's Campfire S'Mores Spiked Milkshake ($31)

Located on Harmon Corner, Sugar Factory was made for chocoholics and people with a serious sweet tooth. Sugar Factory is popular amongst tourists and celebrities, offering an eclectic menu of milkshakes, drinks, burgers, pasta, and desserts.

Visitors looking for an epic dessert should try Sugar Factory's Campfire S'Mores Spiked Milkshake. This milkshake is blended with ice cream, coffee, espresso, Virginia Black whiskey, and chocolate. That's not all; it's served in a tall glass studded with Hershey's chocolate and graham pieces, topped with a 7-layer s'mores cookie!

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6 Majordomo's Major Doughnut ($38)

Majordomo's Major Doughnut is not as aesthetically pleasing compared to Las Vegas' Gold Opulent Sundae or the Decadence D'Or (which are no longer available). Yet, this shareable dessert is beautiful in its own way!

First, Krispy Kreme donuts are heated in a skillet filled with hot caramel sauce. The warm sugary donuts are placed on a plate, where huge dollops of vanilla ice cream and caramel-infused whip cream are added on top. For more decadence, freshly flambeed bananas are added to the dessert.

This dessert is perfect for the ultimate donut lover!

5 Delilah's Grasshopper Baked Alaska ($48)

The Delilah Supper Club, located in the Las Vegas' Wynn Casino Resort offers American fare in a fine-dining setting. Delilah offers a gourmet array of fresh seafood, quality steak, and other American-inspired mains (even offering an elegant take on chicken tv dinner).

For dessert, patrons can try their creamsicle soufflé, butter cake, banana crème brûlée, ice creams, pineapple upside cake, or the grasshopper baked Alaska. This aesthetically pleasant dessert is made with chocolate cake (infused with crème de menthe) with mint chocolate ice cream and dark chocolate ganache.

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4 Milk Bar's Birthday Cake ($52)

Looking for nostalgic childhood treats? Milk Bar has shops across North America, but the Las Vegas location in Boulevard Tower offers special treats like the Cereal Milk White Russian or the Elvis Cake.

However, Milk Bar's iconic 6-inch birthday cake reigns supreme, with multiple layers of confetti vanilla cake between generous slabs of vanilla frosting and confetti cake bits.

For $52, visitors can take home Milk Bar's birthday cake. Other varieties, like peppermint, chocolate, and their milk pie are sold here too.

3 Sloan Ice Cream's Tracy's Kitchen Sink ($99)

Located inside the Venetian Grand Canal Shops, Sloan's has an extensive menu of delectable ice creams, sundaes, milkshakes, and other baked goodies. They even have a sundae that is so huge, it has to be served inside a kitchen sink! Tracy's Kitchen Sink sundae comes with 18 scoops of ice cream topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cookie pieces, brownie pieces, and other deluxe toppings!

2 Sugar Factory's King Kong Sundae ($99)

Sugar Factory's world-famous King Kong Sundae is meant to feed a crowd of 12 people! This $99 sundae comes with 24 scoops of ice cream topped with sugary caramel, strawberry, and chocolate sauce, garnished with whipped cream, glazed donuts, unicorn pops, candy necklaces, gummy candies, Oreos, Reese's cups, colorful sprinkles, graham cracker pieces, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookie pieces, red velvet cupcakes, white chocolate strawberry curls, caramelized bananas, and waffle cones. This fun dessert also comes with sparklers!

1 Sugar Factory's 24k Gold ($150)

Since Serendipity 3's closing in Caesar's Palace, visitors can no longer get their hands on the $1,000 Golden Opulent Sundae. However, Sugar Factory has us covered with their 24k Gold meal!

For $150, visitors can enjoy Sugar Factory's signature monster burger and french fries, dusted with edible 24k gold. For dessert, this meal also comes with their Holly Gold "insane" milkshake, which is a combo of rich chocolate blended with Ferrero Rocher gold truffles. This epic milkshake is served in a tall chocolate-coated mug topped with a gold studded donut, a vanilla ice cream bar, and Ferrero Rocher gold truffles!

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