From historic streets to world-class sights and attractions, like museums, people enjoy many activities in New Orleans. The city is also famous for its renowned yummy dishes. These are nothing but just a few of the bucket-list reasons to visit this beautiful area. Whether they're searching for an amazing party or a deep dive into history and art, New Orleans has something for everyone. Besides its standalone value, New Orleans is surrounded by many beautiful destinations worth witnessing either during a day excursion or an overnight trip. Here are the top 10 trips to take from New Orleans.

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10 De Soto National Forest

Visiting De Soto National Forest, just two hours from New Orleans, is one of the most beautiful day trips to explore the wonderful biodiversity in the region. Located in Southern Mississippi, the forest is home to some of the most unusual pine trees in the United States. The wilderness hosts some of the country's only remaining and surviving ecosystems, such as longleaf pine savannas and flatwoods. In addition to the flora, De Soto National Forest hosts some endangered creatures such as gopher tortoises, gopher frogs, and carnivorous plants, which makes it an interesting and intriguing place that fulfills the minds of avid readers explorers.

  • Distance: This beautiful wilderness is a 2 hours drive and 121 miles away from New Orleans.

9 St Francisville, Louisiana

Visiting the little town of St Francisville is one of the best day trips to take from New Orleans to the north. Because of its beauty and historic landmarks, this has become a very popular road trip stop in the region. It is loaded with old homes, plantations, historic sites, and elegant gardens. The town has an artsy feel, with lovely boutiques, beautiful old homes, cafes, and other historic structures. There are several fantastic outdoor activities to do here, like hiking in the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area trails or exploring the charming downtown.

  • Distance: St Francisville is 2 hours 15 minutes and 112 miles away from New Orleans

8 Louisiana Northshore

A short drive from the center of the French Quarter in New Orleans across the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway towards Louisiana's Northshore is another fantastic day excursion from the city. The causeway's gorgeous drive alone is certainly well worth the trip. One can explore Madisonville, a lovely little town with boutique stores, a terrific bookstore and café, several great restaurants, and local bars in the area. Another destination will be Covington, where visitors can enjoy High Tea at the English Room and shop in the town's historic area.

  • Distance: Visitors from New Orleans are only 45 minutes and 32 miles away from the Louisiana Northshore

7 Baton Rouge


Baton Rouge, Louisiana's state capital, is centrally positioned and embeds more than 300 years of history. Both the old and new state capitols are worth seeing. One is a national landmark with a view of the Mississippi River, while the other is the United States' highest capitol building, with 34 stories. The city is a dream for art and history lovers as it includes several local museums such as the Louisiana Art and Science Museum and the Baton Rouge African American Museum. People can also enjoy the city's outdoors when visiting Brec's Botanical Gardens or Louisiana State University's Hilltop Arboretum.

  • Distance: Baton Rouge requires a 2-hour drive as it is 98 miles away from New Orleans

6 Bush

Bush is a small village located in the northeast of Covington in St. Tammany Parish. One of the town's gems is the Pontchartrain Vineyards and Winery. Visitors can enjoy degustation at the winery's tasting rooms adjacent to the vineyard and enjoy exceptional views. Another option would be attending one of the winery's fall or spring concert series to hear some good live music. For more family-friendly activities, Splendor Farms with a dachshund kennel, a petting zoo, and horseback riding facilities open their doors all day to welcome visitors.

  • Distance: The town is 56 miles away from New Orleans with a driving time of 1 hour.

5 Lake Charles

Lake Charles is a city in southwest Louisiana rich in culture, history, great food, music, and offers a variety of outdoor activities. The city is home to many local artists and musicians; hence one can expect some good artistic hotspots. Panorama Music House and the Luna Bar & Grill, both downtown, have a lot of live music and welcome visitors every night to create some memorable experiences.

  • Distance: Lake Charles is 3 hours away from New Orleans and 260 miles distant.

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4 Honey Island Swamp Tour In Louisiana

Since 1982, Dr. Wagner's Honey Island Swamp Tours have guided guests through the Honey Island Cypress Swamps of Louisiana. Both covered and uncovered, small boats provide access to Slidell's small backwaters. Professional guides accompany visitors throughout the tour, highlighting the area's wilderness to make the best out of the whole experience.

  • Distance: Visitors are only 38 miles away from taking this tour with a 50-minute drive from New Orleans.

3 Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette lies at the heart of Creole and Cajun country in Louisiana. The "Happiest City in America" label comes from the area's rich cultural past, wonderful food, fine music, and natural settings. The Alexandre Mouton House, owned by the Lafayette Museum Association, is a restored 1800s Louisiana-style residence that previously belonged to the state's 12th governor. The Acadia Center for the Arts honors the visual and performing arts with exhibits and concerts.

  • Distance: Lafayette is 2 hours and 135 miles away from New Orleans.

2 Tabasco Factory Tour On Avery Island


The popular food history of Louisiana is all about spice and flavor, which leads us to one of the city's most popular spicy sauces, as well as one of the most well-known worldwide, Tabasco sauce. The Tabasco Brand Factory is located on Avery Island, about two hours from New Orleans, and has been producing Tabasco for nearly 150 years. Visitors can enjoy a tour of their facility and get to know what happens behind the manufacturing scenes.

  • Distance: The Tabasco Factory is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes and 137 miles distant from New Orleans.

1 Gulfport, MS

Gulfport, Mississippi, is a coastal village with a lot to offer visitors. People can take advantage of the area's parks and waterfront, rent a kayak or jet ski, go on a fishing excursion or a cruise, or visit the Gulf Islands Waterpark for the day.

Locally owned businesses abound in the region, and exquisite restaurants offer the best seafood. From various water activities to excursions and great gastronomy, there is always something to enjoy in Gulfport.

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