Paris may be amazing, but what about exploring other French towns? With Paris's beautiful weather, the city becomes very busy in spring and summer. That means parks and pools are packed out, and restaurants and cafés are filled up in no time, so finding a good place to spend the day can be a struggle. However, the good news is that there’s so much more to do in France than just visiting its beautiful capital. Whether going on a tranquil day trip in northern France within a few hours from Paris or relaxing at the beach on the French Riviera, there are plenty of marvelous escapes easy to get away from the city’s buzz. One can hop on the train or metro and depart to any destination of his choice. Here’s a selection of the absolute ten amazing Day Trips That Are Worth Leaving Paris for. Bon Voyage!

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10 Loire Valley

Visiting the splendid Loire Valley is one of the most amazing trips one can take from Paris. Having a famous reputation among tourists, Loire Valley can be explored through the three famous fortresses located in the Central French region: The Amboise castle, where one can visit the Leonardo da Vinci tomb, the Chenonceaux castle, known as the Ladie’s castle, and the Chambord castle, famous for its French renaissance architecture. It is recommended to take a guided tour with a historian expert who will assist and accompany visitors inside the castles and share their knowledge about French history. There are many iconic hotels to stay the night at Loire Valley.

9 Château De Versailles

The marvelous château de Versailles that no one misses while visiting France is one of the most appealing royal palaces in Europe. It is worth going on a day trip to Versailles to explore the beauty of this palace featuring more than 2,300 rooms, and experience Marie Antoinette's life. One should walk around the colorful gardens surrounding the palace and discover hidden corners on the grounds. It is worth staying the night at one of the charming hotels near Chateau de Versailles.

8 Normandy

People go on a full weekend to the historic coast of Normandy, home of breathtaking views and food and known to be much involved in World War II. The itinerary usually includes the discovery of the preserved war legacy, the D-Day beaches, Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery, and more

It is also recommended to try specialties at local restaurants, particularly seafood, chicken, and cheese. Additionally, one may want to stay the night at one of the various unique accommodations in Normandy.

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7 Fontainebleau

The glorious Palace of Fontainebleau is popular among tourists who visit Fontainebleau from Paris to discover the house of Napoleon III and Louis VII. The palace was named the ‘Second Rome’ because of its grandiose rooms decorated by Napoleon I. The castle is surrounded by a magnificent forest featuring lakes, many sculptures, and thousands of mushroom species. Visitors usually also check the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte, which is also landscaped by the same architect who worked at the Palace of Versailles. It is worth staying the night near Fontainebleau.

6 Montreuil And Vincennes

People consider visiting Paris's closest suburbs to enjoy fresh sightseeing of Montreuil And Vincennes and a relaxing getaway. People shouldn't miss the Château de Vincennes, which once protected the city’s kings and was considered the heart of the French monarchy before the famous château de Versailles. The marvelous castle also held popular figures as prisoners, like Fouquet, Mirabeau, and the Marquis de Sade.

5 Rouen

Rouen, the capital of Normandy's French region, is a historic and popular town, easily visited from Paris. Rouen is famous for its gothic churches but also known for the city where Joan d'Arc, savior of France, was buried at stake. The captivating town combines both modern and old. Once there, one's first stop should be at the great and unique Cathedral of Rouen, which dominates the town's skylines, before visiting the magnificent church of Saint-Maclou and heading to see the boat-shaped monument honoring Joan D'arc. Finally, it is pleasant to wander in Rouen's streets and gardens and wine and dine at its restaurants at the best value. A stay in Rouen's hotels is also recommended.

4 Mont Saint-Michel

One of the most inspiring sights in France, Mont Saint-Michel’s magical island, could be attained from Paris. The beautiful island overlooks the waters of Normandy's Baie de Saint-Michel. On the top of the island stands the pretty Abbey featuring gothic architecture with majestic cloisters and a church, best explored on a 4 hours guide tour. Visitors stroll around the well-preserved island, ancient streets, and shops and admire the splendid views of the bay. It is recommended to stay overnight to enjoy Normandy's fantastic vibes.

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3 Giverny

People head to the beautiful village of Giverny to discover the home of the famous artist Claude Monet, where he lived for 30 years and where he painted his most popular masterpieces. The village is an appealing art that any visitor would appreciate. Many artists were influenced by Giverny's nature’s beauty and by Monet's painting techniques. For art and nature lovers, Monet's House & Gardens offers a charming retreat and peace of mind. It is recommended to be accompanied by an expert guiding visitors through a walking tour through the gardens and discovering the flowers, orchids, and water lilies that inspired Monet's paintings. Staying the night in Giverny is also a good idea.

2 Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis

Only 10 km away from Paris is located the sacred Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis, the patron saint of France. The Cathedral was built where stands Saint-Denis' grave and where are also buried 75 French kings and queens. Visitors appreciate the magnificent gothic architecture of the Cathedral featuring a spacious sanctuary and amazing stained-glass windows. The whole atmosphere reflects a sense of airiness, spirituality, and serenity. There are many hotels to stay at near Basilique Cathédrale de Saint-Denis

1 Honfleur And Pays d'Auge

People go on a day trip from Paris to see Normandy’s charming regions, Honfleur and Pays d’Auge.

In magical Honfleur, one can stroll the streets and harbor, surrounded by a set of beautiful houses, and explore the Sainte Catherine square before moving to the Pays d'Auge. It is recommended to explore the pays d'Auge, home to beautiful villages such as Pont l'Evêque and Beaumont-en-Auge, and have a cheese tasting there. Staying the night at one of the hotels in the area is also advised.