For tourists who are looking to go somewhere with a lot of culture, Trinidad is one of the best places to do that. There are plenty of opportunities for tourists to experience and be immersed in the culture of Trinidad because there are so many amazing things there. But which ones are the best? Read ahead to learn more.

10 Fort King George

One of the most popular historical attractions of Trinidad is Fort King George. This historical place overlooks Scarborough Bay and gives visitors a view while learning about the history. This fort is the most well-preserved one on the island, so guests can be sure to have a lot of knowledge thrown at them while also enjoying the beauty of the surrounding area. Guests can stroll through an old prison, the mess hall, and the Tobago museum that is also on the premises.

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9 Hanuman Statue

Another one of the culturally significant attractions that are in Trinidad is the Hanuman Statue, an 85-foot tall statue in Dattatreya yoga center in Carapichaima. This massive statue is the second tallest one of its kind in the world, and the tallest Hindu statue found outside of India. Hanuman is a warrior god believed to protect his people from evil and is an important disciple of Lord Rama. This statue was erected in 2003 and still stands to this day.

8 Kelleston Drain

One of Trinidad’s popular spots for swimmers is Kelleston Drain. This spot is home to many corals, including the largest brain coral in the world. The coral is 10 by 16 feet and has been growing for centuries, making it an important part of history. For divers that enjoy seeing animals, during certain parts of the year visitors can find manta rays and some lucky divers can find nurse sharks joining them nearby.

7 Main Ridge Forest Reserve

For tourists that enjoy hiking, the Main Ridge Forest Reserve is an amazing spot to go view some beautiful scenery. This forest is the oldest forest that is protected in the western hemisphere, dating back to 1776. These forests are surrounded by volcanic mountains going almost 2,000 feet in the air and stretching two-thirds of the way down the island, earning its nickname as the backbone of Tobago. This is also a famous bird-watching site due to being home to over 200 species of birds.

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6 Las Cuevas Bay

One extremely popular spot in Trinidad is Las Cuevas Bay. This beach is known as the cleanest in the country with it being the only Blue-Flag certified one. It is also the most popular and longest beach on the island, stretching almost 14 miles in a horseshoe-shaped pattern. This beach is perfect for tourists who want to swim or relax on the beach due to its calm waters, but during the months of November to April visitors can sometimes catch a few good waves for surfing.

5 Maracas Bay

Another very popular beach in Trinidad is Maracas Bay. The beach is the most popular beach on the island due to its idyllic scenery. The white-sand beaches, palm trees, and beautiful blue-green water leads many there for photoshoots and to relax. The water is a little higher than at Las Cuevas Bay, leading to more opportunities for surfing. There are also a few small food vendors along the crescent-shaped beach, making it the perfect stop to walk and eat.

4 Mount St. Benedict Monastery

A popular and cultural spot in Trinidad is Mount St. Benedict Monastery in the Northern Range Hills that are over Trinidad. The Benedictine monks had this community established in 1912, and it is now both the largest and oldest in the Caribbean. There are several buildings on the land, including a farm, guesthouse, and rehabilitation center. There are a lot of birding and hiking opportunities in the area, so visitors will not run out of things to do.

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3 Caroni Bird Sanctuary

For tourists who love bird watching, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is the perfect stop along the trip for them. There are several boat tours that go through the sanctuary in the afternoon on the lookout for the flame-colored scarlet ibis, which is the national bird of Trinidad. This tour is very informative and helps visitors find the birds while enjoying the biodiversity of the area surrounding them.

2 Pigeon Point

This famous spot, also known as Pigeon Point Heritage Park, is one of the more popular coastlines in Trinidad. The white sandy beaches crash with the aqua water at this coastline that is popular for a few watersports, including snorkeling, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. These sports make sure that any tourists who visit will have a great time while they are there.

1 Argyle Falls

Another famous spot in Trinidad is a 175-foot waterfall known as Argyle Falls. The initial hike only takes visitors around 15 minutes but can take others a lot longer to get to the third waterfall. Visitors should be sure to practice caution near the waterfalls, as they have very slippery rocks from the water. There are three tiers of pools after the waterfall, one of which is great for swimming and another that is great for hikers to relax in and cool off from their hikes.

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