With the major influence of Cuban culture, the downtown of Miami is known as "Little Havana". Well, Miami boasts the best restaurants for Cuban cuisine. The article will be rolling through "Authentic Cuban Food" and where one can find them In Miami.

Miami has witnessed a huge influx of Cuban population during the dictatorship of Fidel Castro in 1959 and has 34% of the population from Caribbean islands. Thereafter, it embraced Hispanic heritage, and thus, Cuban culture is widely prevalent here with a Spanish-speaking population. Pertaining to Cuban Cuisine, it is a blend of African, Spanish, and other Caribbean cuisines. The food does not have spicy essence & the use of seasonings unlike its neighbors Mexico and revolves around a few staples like pork, chicken, fish, rice, beans, and root vegetables.



One of the well-known restaurants with three-dimensional wall murals on the interior, loud music, oversized cocktails, scrumptious food, it still retains the old charm.

The featured dishes are Ropa Vieja, the national dish of Cuba. Featuring thin strands of shredded beef in a rich sauce of tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and spices, it's a classic dish of Cuban Cuisine. Others are "Filete Salteado", strips of beef doused in a special sauce and sprinkled with peppers, and "Pernil Asado", a fried and stewed pork in spices. Although for starters, one can order "Croquetas Con Jamon", tasty fried bites infused with a creamy bechamel sauce, ham chunks, or "Homemade Flan", a caramel custard dessert. Their "Cuban Coffee" is something worth experimenting too. Also, the grilled Cuban Sandwiches stuffed with ham, pork, cheese, and fried plantains have been up their alley too.

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Exquisito's Restaurant

For more than 30 years, the Coro family has been serving Cuban food along Calle Ocho, known as "Little Havana" of Miami. Its breakfast is a great start for the day entailing eggs, fries, toast, and "Cafe Con Leche"- a coffee beverage consisting of strong coffee with scalded milk.

"Vaca Frita", a shredded beef fried in oil with a crispy crust, "Malanga", a root vegetable soused in mojo sauce, a garlic essence sauce with a tangy taste. To feel the real buzz of this place, one can visit it on Cultural Fridays - a monthly street and arts festival.

Versailles Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants for Cuban cuisine is Versailles on Calle Ocho (8th Street) in Little Havana of Miami. For 44 years, this place has wooed the locals and tourists.

Their "Cuban Sandwich" ranks on top of their specialties which is Cuban bread with sweet ham, roasted pork overnight, swiss cheese, mustard, and pickles. Another one is "Lechon Asado" where pork is marinated overnight in citrus, garlic, onion, called the mojo sauce. Later, it is cooked slowly for seven hours. "Pastel De Platono", a Cuban Lasagne where the first layer is mashed with sweet plantains, the second layer is "Picadillo" which is a spicy stew of vegetables and meat with raisins, olives, rice, beans, and rest is covered with all cheese.


Morphing from a mini sandwich stand to a mini-empire, Sergio is prominently known for their breakfast hours till evening hours snacks. Special Breakfast platter includes El Mezclado, scrambled eggs with ham, served with Cuban toast and Cuban Coffee. Having an array of 20 Cuban Sandwiches, "Classic Cubano" & "Pan Con Bistec" stands out the most.

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Additional Food Stops To Make

Little Havana

It is an outlet for North Miami residents having a plethora of traditional dishes reflecting Cuban Cuisine.

"Taste Of Havana'' is the go-to platter having the taste of everything right from pork, chicken, fried yuca, tamal ( dough steaming in corn husk), croquettes, (breadcrumb along with shellfish, ham, cheese, mashed potatoes, and vegetables), and plantain chips. Don't forget to treat oneself to "Coco Havana", a rum and pineapple with a cherry. Another striking dish is “Bistec Con Salsa Chimichurri'' a juicy steak drenched in homemade ‘Chimichurri sauce’. Meanwhile, the sauce is a combination of red pepper flakes, fresh cilantro, and parsley, it is spicy, tangy, and garlicky, suitable for all grilled meats. Meandering across the dessert section, “Crema Catalana”, a custard dessert, and “Guava Cheese Flan” is definitely worth a shot.

Finka Table & Tap

Notching up the traditional Cuban Cuisine with a new spin, the owner Islas Canarias brought up the fusion of Cuban, Peruvian and Korean cuisine together under one roof. Their " Pork Tamal" topped with fried cheese, salsa, hauncaina, salsa Criolla and chicharron crumbles is the new showstopper.

Their "Ham Croquetas" is another dish with a huge following. The food is inexpensive comparatively, dining is welcoming and the services are authentically Latin in nature.

Enriqueta's Sandwich Shop

If you are seeking a budget-friendly meal, hop onto this outlet for their signature sandwiches. Cuban bread piled with pork, croquettes, and other filings with fresh juices alongside is the gravitating factor. People bet their last dollar for having the Best Cuban Sandwich here without shelving many dollars.

Also, "Pastelitos", a Cuban Pastry, and "Empanadas", a baked or fried dough with a filling of tomato, cheese, meat, corn, and other ingredients should be the next choice.

El Palacio de Los Jugos

This outlet beholds multiple locations albeit the ones at Flagler Street and 57th Avenue are the ones to rave about amidst all. Their most popular offerings are "Chicharrones", crispy fried pork rinds, and " Plato", a meal full of rice, beans, plantains, and pork.

La Rosa Restaurant

World-famous since 1970, this place revisits Castro's era of hospitality, white tablecloth dining, and live music. Opened in the 1960s in Flagami's neighborhood, it weaves a nostalgia for the traditional era. The cuisines offered are Spanish, Latin, Caribbean, and Cuban. Their "Red Beans Pottage", "Cuban Beef Stew", "Chicken Skirt Steak" and "Paella", a white rice pot with chicken, vegetables, and saffron are prominently known.

Well, these are the ten outlets for Cuban Cuisine in Miami which should be on your upcoming list.

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