The cruise industry has been quite popular all over the world. And the competition among cruise line companies has been quite tough. Most tourists, composed of couples, groups, family, or even solo travelers, would opt for cruise trips rather than backpacking trip since vacationing on a ship with a variety of locations packed with different activities are more enjoyable than booking a long week trip to just one city.

Despite being hit pretty badly by the Global Pandemic, it paved the way for the cruise lines to explore and renovate their cruises. Adopting the new normal onboard, there are a few things to remember before booking a trip: check the safety protocols that they are following on board, vaccine requirements, safety procedures, and guidelines for wearing protective equipment.


More Luxurious And Unique Cruise Lines

Most people would enjoy spending their vacation on a cruise ship while experiencing the most luxurious features and amenities. This list was updated to include some of the best luxury cruise lines, such as Ponant and Seabourn.

12 Viking Oceans Cruises

This Swiss-based cruise company caters to small-sized parties — their ships can accommodate only about 1,000 guests. Most of their itineraries or programs are designed for adults who want to escape their reality and just relax without being surrounded by kids. Viking Ocean Cruises are one of the companies that are quite prompt in refunding tickets — canceled trips are well addressed by the management. The ship's less capacity is one of its perks and hacks, as it can offer its customers personalized treatment. Moreover, smaller businesses can also visit less busy harbors. It also offers one of the best river cruises in the world.

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11 Azamara

Passengers can spend days on a relaxing beach or explore the panoramic postcard-perfect views of the palm-lined landscapes. Guests not only enjoy the activities on board, but visitors also get to learn about the chosen country’s culture, history, and traditions. Azamara has been considered as the top 4th in the Best Luxury Cruise Line — with its fantastic and very pleasing crew members, very delightful food menu, and fun activities on board. This small ship cruise line is considered everyone’s favorite.

10 Hurtigruten

On a Hurtigruten ocean cruise, the destination says it all. They offer various itinerary programs, with expedition ships that can sail across 34 different ports across the Norwegian coastline. Although the ships aren't the most luxurious, they're small enough to get to minor ports and communities that larger ships can't. As part of their travel policies and guidelines, Hurtigruten has been reviewed as one of the cruise lines that is prompt in repaying passengers for canceled cruises and giving alternatives, such as a refund.

9 Silversea

The Sea And Land Taste (S.A.L.T.) program are one of the main highlights of the Silversea cruise line — it is considered the most unique feature that no other company can top. Guests’ eating experience is designed to provide authentic cuisines that will provide an overview and “feeling” about their chosen destinations through food. The S.A.L.T. Lab program has provided its guests the capability to participate in tastings and courses. The cruise line has been ranked as the Number 1 Best Luxury cruise.

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8 Regent Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas is one of the most luxurious cruise lines. With rooms and interiors designed with the most elegant and grandest designs. Their staff has been acknowledged as very courteous and helpful, and the port experience is very well managed. The cruise’s most modest ships can cater to about 500 to 750 passengers. Despite the luxurious costs of the cruise, people still find it well promising with its fantastic crew and trained staff.

7 Cunard

Cunard Cruise Line ships are quite popular for their three ships named Queen Mary 2, Queen Elizabeth, and Queen Victoria — which are praised for their magnificent cabins and services, which include expensive dining places and opulent ballrooms. Cunard Line is one of the few luxury cruise lines that provide quiet eating places for chosen passengers, which means that people in ordinary staterooms dine in a different restaurant than guests in suites. Cunard Line was scored #8 in the Best Cruise Lines for Couples and #14 in the Best Cruise Lines in the Mediterranean.

6 Oceania Cruises

Discover new perspectives on the world and journey to the remote reaches of the earth. Guests can visit innovative insider excursions that take every traveler’s heart deep into the destination's culinary and cultural heritage. Oceania Cruises are quite popular with the senior populations; and wealthy retirees who have been seeking a relaxed adventure with a hint of slight thrill. Oceania is ranked Number 6 in the Best Cruise Lines for Couples and also for the Best Luxury Cruise in Lines.

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5 Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises receives excellent accolades from both passengers and experts for its upmarket decor and inventive food. Celebrity's fleet travels from cities like Honolulu, Miami, and Seattle in the United States. Celebrity Cruises attracts a varied range of passengers. While the majority of onboard activities cater to couples in their mid-30s to mid-50s, the line also caters to families with a variety of programs for children and teens. Ranked as Number 1 for Best Cruise Line for the Money. Celebrity Cruises are worth every traveler's money.

4 Fred Olsen Cruises

With over 150 years of Norwegian seamanship heritage, family-owned Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines' UK-based fleet of smaller ships has a great reputation for dependability and comfort. The atmosphere on board is warm, easygoing, and shamelessly British as Fred. As Olsen Cruise Lines expands, the company takes pride in keeping the constancy that its clients enjoy and expect, both onboard and ashore, in the self-described "British country home" atmosphere. Fred Olsen’s most highlighted reviews are on its crews, as they were mostly described as efficient, friendly, accommodating, and smiling.

3 Princess Cruises

Princess' 15-ship fleet sails over the world, including popular sailings to Alaska, Mexico, Europe, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, among other places. Princess Cruises' claim to fame may be its starring part in the 1977 smash TV series "The Love Boat," but the cruise company has continued to make waves with engaging onboard activities and diverse itineraries since its Hollywood debut. Ranked as number 6 of the Best Cruise Line for the Money and number 10 in the Best Cruise Line in the Caribbean.

2 Ponant

People who book a trip with the French cruise line Ponant will feel as if they're traveling on their own private yachts. Luxurious Hermes bath products, Veuve Clicquot Champagne, and Laduree macaroons are some of the unique offerings provided to guests on board Ponant. Additionally, each ship from Ponant features either a Turkish sauna or bath and an onboard spa with massage cabins. Those who wish to sail to Antarctica and other remote destinations can do so by booking a cruise with a luxurious small Ponant ship. Moreover, the company partners with Disney and Smithsonian on some sailings.

1 Seabourn

Those looking for a cruise line that sails to all seven continents will find that with Seabourn. The company has small ships that make passengers feel as if they're sailing in their private club. The suites aboard Seabourn ships feature a walk-in closet, an ocean view, and a proper dining area. Additionally, each ship from Seabourn can accommodate up to 600 passengers, with each guest having plenty of space to enjoy the stunning landscapes. Premium liquors and an attendant for every suite are included in Seabourn cruises prices.