For folks thinking about a vacation boat cruise but are concerned about when to take it, here's some good news. There's no such thing as a cruise season as passenger liners are active throughout the entire year.

Granted, a cruise in January isn't as popular as those summertime junkets or those Yuletide holiday sojourns, but there's still plenty of fun to be had on a vessel sailing during the slower seasons. The itinerary and activities on board aren't mothballed during those off-peak months.


And here's the real bonus. Booking a trip during that time, especially in January, is a great way to do a boat vaycay on the cheap, with greater deals than you'd normally find during Christmas getaways.

The scenery of the Caribbean or other tropical destinations won't be much different in January, either. They'll still be considerably warmer than folks who live in more Nordic climates with the hospitality just as uncompromising as what you'd normally expect in a peak period.

The downside to January, of course, is that the kids are back in school, which throws a monkey wrench into a more family type of getaway. But if you want to make it adults-only or can swing something with the youngsters, you can find several January trips to accommodate your need to get away from it all. We've documented a few of them here.

Carnival Cruises To The Bahamas Offers Adjoining Cabins

There's probably a reason why Carnival Cruises named one of its vessels Liberty, and it might have something to do with your chance at freedom from the cold and the post-holiday catchup duties plaguing people returning from holidays.

The ship offers another source of freedom, mainly from the wallet constraints that come with this four-nighter to the Bahamas, leaving Port Canaveral Jan. 27. The trip which takes you to Nassau and Freeport is $204 per person, a considerable markdown from the original price of $939.

Try to convince the gang to come along, as the trip offers multiple bookings with adjoining cabins, some of which are handicap accessible. Personalized recommendations are also available, and should you think twice about the trip, you can hold a suite free for 24 hours.

Relax In The Eastern Caribbean For A Whole Week

If you want to splurge for a week-long venture on a cruise that leaves Miami Jan. 25 and heads to such exotic points as Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cozumel, you can't go wrong with this sojourn aboard the MSC Seaside.

This booking sets you back $694, a far cheaper option than similar trips with price points as high as $2,900 and for a trip this long, it's a steal.

Besides the sights that await you once you hit port, there's plenty of options on the open sea on board the Seaside, with a restaurant and bar, an art gallery and an atrium designed to make you feel at home on a mobile vessel.

Go To The Western Caribbean Aboard The Best Cruise Line

Norwegian, recently voted the world's best cruise line by Travel + Leisure magazine, won't mess around when talking about its more inexpensive cruises. Their ships aren't as big and fancy as the more higher-end vessels in their fleet, but what the do insist is that service and consideration for passenger well-being are paramount 24/7.

That award-winning service is enough to make The Norwegian Sun a pleasant way to travel on this five-nighter leaving Port Canaveral Jan. 28 with stops at Costa Maya and Cozumel. With both located in Mexico's Yucatan region, these stops are meant for laid-back travellers seeking a less frenetic outing than the ones heading to Cancun. And it's hard to beat the discount price of $458 per lucky tourist.

Get Pampered Aboard Celebrity On The Way To New Zealand

Celebrity Cruises offers a heck of a deal for those wanting to sail away from North America to some of southeast Asia's more popular sites. This one, onboard the Celebrity Solstice takes visitors to New Zealand for two weeks for $1,759 per person, a vast reduction from its previous fare of $2,429.

While on the Solstice, passengers can take advantage of the live entertainment in the restaurants and bars, although Celebrity often loves to accentuate the pampering they'll receive at the Canyon Ranch Spa. Getting that bodily treatment will come in handy since the trip departs from Sydney, Australia, which will set back North American tourists several hours by air.

Visit Baja Mexico On One Of The Cheapest Cruises By Far

One of the cheapest January cruises by far is one available from Carnival, this time onboard the Imagination. For the bargain-basement price of $178 per person, if you book online, this four-nighter to Baja Mexico sets sail from Los Angeles Jan. 27 and docks further south at Catalina Island and a port in Ensenada, Mexico.

The second last day of the trip is a full day at sea, which is where the Imagination pulls out all the entertainment stops. Folks can order made-to-order burritos, lounge on the sun deck, enjoy a session in the sauna, check out the live entertainment or take in a round of mini-golf. For the kids, there's a ton of activities to keep them busy.