While Canada is known for many things, it's perhaps their craft beer which puts them on the map along with a well-known history of perfecting poutine... which also happens to pair well with just about any beer.

While many states in the US have entered competitions to see which one can brew the most delicious hops, Canada has been silently expanding their own craft beer capitals, many of which could easily be voted the best craft beer in the country.

While many will debate amongst themselves which brewery or brewpub is the best, we're not looking for competition... after all, aren't hops all about sharing the love? Check out these crafty spots you won't want to miss the next time you're up north.

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10 Godspeed Brewing

Many might know this brewery by Luc Lafontaine, formerly of Dieu de Ciel brewery. The reason Godspeed is so unique is because of the type of beer it serves, many of which reflect the traditional brewing flavors of Japan, where Lafontaine spent so much of his time. This personal touch goes hand-in-hand with the passion for inspired foods that pair so well with the unique beers this brewery offers. As one would expect, Japan's influence goes much further than just the beverages in this place -- they even stand out on the menu, from Niku Miso Rice Balls to Foie Gras Miso Plate. If you're mouth wasn't watering before, then it should be right about now!

9 Burdock Brewery

The Burdock Brewery was hailed as the most 'innovative in the country' according to Culture Trip, and it's easy to see why. This combination brewery and winery combines both fermenting techniques in order to create some truly delicious beverages that are, indeed, one of a kind. This brewery is revolutionizing the way people think about craft beer and has been able to unite both beer and wine-lovers. If their unique hybrids don't hook you, then their inviting outdoor patio and top-notch food menu just might do the trick.

8 Driftwood

According to Driftwood's website, they 'Live Great Beer - In a world filled with mass-produced stuff, being connected with the things we consume brings us joy'. This sentiment echoes true for their selection, which has been quoted as one of the best breweries in Canada. The caveat is that while Driftwood doesn't have an open-brewery option, it is easy enough to find where their beers are sold and served via the beer-finder on their website. With ten core beers and four seasonal offerings currently, this isn't a craft brew selection that you're going to want to miss!

7 Etoh Brasserie

For locals to Montreal, Etoh Brasserie might sound familiar - which isn't surprising, considering the size of their draft beer menu. Not only is the atmosphere intimate and upscale, but they currently have 20 different beers on tap... not including what's in bottles. Their food menu is also quite expansive, offering plenty of small bites to suit any beer-lovers taste. For those who aren't huge craft beer fans, Etoh Brasserie offers a bar menu as well, truly covering all its bases. Did we mention how tantalizing their sweets menu are? Bring us back a chocolate tart, please.

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6 Vices & Versa

In Little Italy, visitors will likely stumble upon Vices & Versa, which is know for its Quebec beers. Additionally, the atmosphere is cozy and relaxing, making it the perfect spot to grab a pint or set up shop for the day. With 40 beers to choose from, it's easy to see why this is a hot spot for craft beer lovers - the choices are never-ending! Customers also have the option to select a tray of six riders, allowing them to try different selections without being committed to a full serving of each. Their food menu is quite unique as well; with offerings that pair flawlessly with beer, it has an upscale flair without being too high-end. From poutine with pulled pork to a Dahl of red lentils, this menu is pushing limits in the best way possible.

5 Isle de Garde

Isle de Garde is truly a work of art when it comes to beer and food pairings. Many of us anticipate excellent craft beer work when we walk into such places, but what's not always expected are the right food flavors to pair with it. With a wonderful mix of beers on tap, red and white wines, and bubbly, it's no surprise that it's tough to choose just one to try. If a wide variety of beers wasn't enough, then their unique menu of upscale comfort food might just catch your attention. From a 60-day aged burger to a selection of charcuterie or marinated olives, you'll have plenty of decisions to make. Just make sure to save room for dessert!

4 Bar Le Vestiaire

Le Vestiaire specializes in microbrews from Quebec, as well as Belgian imports. Their menu is separated into 'the classics', 'Belgians', 'guests of the moment' and beers which are 'served in creamer'. That's not all, though - they also have bottled beers and a full cocktail menu. Their food menu might not be as expansive as some of the other breweries on this list, but what they do, they do right. From Perigord Duck Rillette to cheese and meat plates, these are the perfect pairings to go with a stellar Belgian.

3 Dundas West Bar

As opposed to the quiet atmosphere of some other breweries, the Dundas West Bar has high-energy for craft-beer lovers seeking a vibrant and lively atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to grab a few friends and explore an epic craft beer selection, many of which are local from Ontario. As if that wasn't enough, visitors will find that this spot holds a secret: A corner pizza joint called Brooklyn Pizza, which happens to pair off very well with a nice cold one.

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2 Bellwoods Brewery

For those who love an experimental beer with out-of-the-box flavor notes, look no further than Bellwoods Brewery. This craft beer stop is a must-do for those who are looking for something unique, as their menu rotates and includes some pretty radical beer profiles. Combined with a sensational outdoor patio, it's nearly impossible to not feel pulled-in when walking by this establishment. An open garage-style doorway and social, cafeteria-style seating is all you need to feel as though you're right at home here.

1 Boxcar Social

A unique combination of a bar and a cafe, Boxcar Social is well-known for several impressive offerings. Not only will their coffee menu - complete with pour-over coffee - rope you in during the early morning hours, but the addition of local beers on tap makes for a perfect nighttime stop as well after 6PM. The modern atmosphere will make any visitor feel instantly at-home and we wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a daily stop for many throughout their day.

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