The world missed out on many things during this pandemic. Something that is so unbelievably inconsequential in the face of all that is now coming to the forefront as major news with its reopening, though, and people are getting excited. That's right... Costco is beginning to reopen its food courts and along with them, some treasured menu items are finally coming back. It's been a long time, no see Costco food court chairs.

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As with all things, there is a disclaimer - the first locations to see these new (old) changes will be those Costco stores with outdoor seating, with indoor seating returning at a slower pace. However, Costco shoppers will be happy to hear that while the dining locations are reopening in stages, the food rollouts are not. The stores are bringing back items such as churros, ice cream, and smoothies. This past summer brought back the beloved chicken bake which has somewhat of a cult following among Costco shoppers. Now, they'll be happy to see that they can order that, some churros, and a smoothie and enjoy it all thanks to outdoor seating. But when it comes to ordering at Costco food courts again, in what order should we embrace the full menu again? Ranking the best will give us the answer.


Costco's gelato isn't going to change lives but, to be fair, it is quite delicious in its own right. It's also not the best sweet snack a shopper can order on the menu but for people who aren't fans of berries or heavier sundaes, this is the way to go. Shoppers have a choice of three different flavors: chocolate, pistachio, and stracciatella. The flavors are probably what makes the gelato such a unique menu item because there's no denying that vanilla gelato with shaved chocolate over the top is ~fancy~. It's simple, it's good, but there's better out there.

Very Berry Sundae

The Very Berry Sundae is quite the wild ride for those who were expecting a typical strawberry sundae. Vanilla ice cream is swirled together with the sweetest of strawberry fruit syrups, creating a whirlwind of flavor that's perfect for finishing up a (long) shopping trip through Costco. It also costs less than two bucks so this is truly the perfect way to end a shopping spree.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Before we continue it should be known that if a shopper hits up the Costco food court and orders this in the hopes of getting a truly slow-smoked, authentic, Southern-style brisket, they might be a tad disappointed. It is a food court and, with that in mind, this sandwich is pretty good for what it is. The brisket sandwich comes with a layer of coleslaw in the middle and is finished off with a tangy BBQ sauce, so it hits the spot.

Hot Dog

The Costco hot dogs have long been hailed as one of the best (and cheapest) things to order from the food court, and it's true. They're delicious in their simplicity and they're a quick grab, so shoppers who are fans of this all-American favorite should know that it's worth the $1.50. This item also hasn't changed since 1985, so it's been a staple for some time now.


If enough people rave about it then it's bound to become a cult favorite and in regard to Costco pizza, that's exactly what it is. No one is saying that this pizza is better than your local, family-owned pizzeria (or that you couldn't find better-frozen pizza inside of the Costco store) but it's good in a pinch and, for some reason, indulges everyone's guilty pleasures. The pizza is simple, just greasy enough, loaded with cheese, and it's probably the scent of one cooking that draws so many people in and rewards expectations.

Twisted Churro

Now that churros are finally coming back (yay!) we can finally discuss them again without using hushed tones. The Twisted Churro is like a regular, carnival-style churro but revamped and elevated, with a delightfully sweet cinnamon coating and just enough of a crunch on the outside. They say that good things come to those who wait and, in this case, it comes in the form of a Twisted Churro.

Chicken Bake

Those who have heard rumors about the Chicken Bake often wonder what it is about this seemingly simple menu item that has shoppers flocking to the food court order window just to get it. And, in reality, it is quite simple: the chicken bake consists of chicken, caesar dressing, and bacon... and that's exactly why it's so delicious. It's not healthy in the slightest but after working off so many calories shopping, it's entirely necessary.

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