If there's one thing that makes the world go round, it's cookies. Well, not really... But in short, they're pretty dang good, and the world would be a lesser place without them. There's nothing like having the sweet, comforting scent of a batch of chocolate chip cookies wafting from the oven to brighten up a person's day, just like there's really no substitute for a good, solid cookie recipe. Thanks to social media, the world has the best cookie recipes available with only a few quick swipes and as of late, New York City's best have been trending quite frequently.


New York City is well-known for many things when it comes to food, from the best food carts in the city all the way to the best pizza, an obvious choice. However, cookies - unless they're the black and white deli variety - aren't usually the first thing that comes to mind when New Yorkers think of sweets. One bakery is changing the game in terms of that and it's followed by equally as stunning, and absolutely delicious, cookies. The countdown to the best cookies in New York City is on and we can't guarantee that readers will walk away without a hankering fueled by cookie cravings. Sorry in advance!

Considering the legacy that Jacque Torres has left in chocolate, it's not surprising to see a cookie featuring the famous chocolatier's creations up here. One of New York City's finest (as is complimented and raved about by many) is none other than the chocolate chip cookie from any one of these shops. Initially, the cookie itself looks too thin to lend the proper texture, consistency, and ooey-gooey flavor that many expect from the classic chocolate chip cookie, but trust us - looks can be deceiving. This cookie delivers all of that and so more with only one bite and it's truly a shame when there's nothing left of it.

For the 'there can never be too many ingredients in a cookie' crowd, the Compost Cookie from Milk Bar is one of a kind. Featuring a lengthy list of ingredients such as pretzels, chocolate, chips, and butterscotch, there's not a single thing to dislike about this chewy, sweet, and slightly salty concoction. For those who do believe there can be too much of a good thing, this cookie alone will likely be enough to change minds. Served alongside coffee or a glass of cold milk, this is the perfect cure-all for a bad day.

Duchess Cookies has made quite a name for themselves thanks to their stuffed cookies, which come in a wide array of flavors, making picking just one somewhat of a challenge. One of the most beloved cookies seems to be the Cookie Monster, which is part sugar cookie, part cookie dough - so basically, the best of both worlds.

This cookie is a bold indigo as well, making it just as eye-catching as it is utterly sinful to eat. Find them in Penn Station and good luck with just choose one cookie flavor.

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The Classic Black And White From William Greenberg

It's almost certain that there's a law stating that no one can leave New York - specifically the city - without eating a black and white cookie. This tuxedo-inspired cookie is simple, yet still such a beloved part of New York's culture. The beautiful thing about this cookie is its simplicity - a cake-like base holds a layer of vanilla and chocolate fondant which wouldn't sound appetizing, except that it's a pure delight in cookie form.

As kids, it's a common trend to pick one side or the other when splitting it with friends, but the best days are when the cookie-eater has it all to themselves. William Greenberg has one of the best, so this is a must-stop for those who have never experienced this brilliant creation.

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Chocolate Chip (And Anything Else) From Levain Bakery

Levain Bakery currently holds the title of the reigning champion of chocolate chip cookies, as the recipe was just released (and widely circulated) around social media. While this cake-like, fluffy cookies will soon be sold in stores, there's absolutely nothing like picking one up directly from the source. Their signature chocolate chip cookie is the stuff that dreams are made of and it all starts with one fresh out of the oven.

One simple motion is all it takes to crack this soft cookie in half in order to watch a dreamy array of perfectly-placed chocolate chips scattered throughout. Continuing the conversation would be great, but there's a bakery waiting for our arrival and cookies to be eaten.

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