The atmosphere at a concert can make or break the venue. Some enjoy being out under the open sky, vulnerable to Mother Nature, and whatever else might come their way. There's excitement in being so connected with nature and being one with the open air while listening to awesome music.

Alternately, there's also excitement in spending the night belting out lyrics at an underground concert hall (literally, in some cases) with nothing but the echo of the room making it back to every fan's ears.


While these are all a matter of personal taste, there's one thing no one can deny: There are just some venues in the world that fans would give an arm and a leg to experience a concert in.

Dalhalla In Sweden

Sweden is known for being innovative, but Dalhalla takes innovative to the next level. This concert venue doesn't just have cool surroundings, it's literally in its surroundings. The stage is built into an old limestone quarry and was first built in 1991.

The story of this venue is much more rock 'n roll (literally) than that, though - this quarry is believed to have been created by a meteorite roughly 360 million years prior.

Red Rocks In Colorado

The best thing about Red Rocks, besides the fact that it's arguably the best concert venue in the US, is the fact that it's all-natural. Not much needed to be done to make this venue any more music-worthy aside from adding a stage.

Fans are surrounded by, well, the red rocks of Colorado on one end, and nothing but sky on the other. This makes for a naturally-pleasing sound when bands take center stage here. Well, that and the fact that everyone is sitting at an elevation of 6,450 feet.

SteelStacks In Pennsylvania

Understandably, Pennsylvania wouldn't normally be a state that comes to mind when it comes to great concert venues. Awesome natural parks and stunning vistas, sure, but not music. However, SteelStacks is proving everyone's opinion of this state wrong with its epic industrial setting. Not only does the venue span about 10 acres, but the backdrop of every concert is nothing but steelworks. Obviously, the sound in this place is great, but the visual is even more hardcore.

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The Wieliczka Salt Mine In Poland

Yes, this is a literal salt mine. It was once in production from the 13th century until 2007 when its mining operations were closed permanently. However, that doesn't mean its purpose was finished - it's not an underground concert hall which is geared towards classical performances.

With its extremely high ceilings and salt sculptures (which are carved by both miners and artists), it's just a neat place to visit in general.

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Slane Castle In Ireland

Welcome to Slane, Ireland, making everyone's dreams of jamming out in a castle setting come true! Slane Castle dates back to the 1780s which makes it an extremely old venue as well as a piece of history. However, it served as just a castle until the 1980s, when bands began performing shows there.

While concerts only happen once a year in this fairy tale setting, the concerts that do happen are big. The castle has served as the venue for David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and even Queen. Scoring admission to one of these concerts is definitely a big deal, especially when fans only have one chance per year to do so.

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