10 Best Completely Vegetarian Restaurants In The UK

Vegetarian Restaurants in UK

Vegetarian restaurants are becoming more and more popular as the UK population becomes more health and environmentally conscious. Luckily there are a variety of brilliant vegetarian and vegan restaurants across the nation.

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We've already discussed some of the best completely vegetarian restaurants in New York, but we are now turning our attention to the UK. With a variety of cultures and influences, here's 10 of the best that you can eat when you visit.


Norwich has a surprising amount of brilliant restaurants and several cultural treats for meat-eaters. However, the city has also accounted for the student population, a group that has a range of vegans and vegetarians.

Namaste is an entirely vegetarian Indian restaurant. Because of the removal of the meat, the curry they offer has incredibly unique flavors. You'll realize you don't even need meat! They also offer dosas, which are rare in the UK, let alone in Norwich.


The taste of America usually means the taste of meat. We often associate American cooking with burgers and hot dogs. However, Malibu offers a healthier option for Americans, with many cultural influences on their menu.

A restaurant has taken that healthy idea and provided a Malibu themed vegetarian restaurant in the middle of London. The menu is diverse and the dishes are flavorsome, yet incredibly healthy. This certainly won't be a boring meal.


Bundobust is now opening a small chain with another restaurant in Manchester. However, this local classic is already making a name for itself thanks to its vegetarian cuisine. Much like Namaste, Bundobust provides its guests with authentic Indian cooking.

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The difference with this eatery however is that the concept is based explicitly around street food. Indian markets are well known for the food they provide, and Bundobust has tried to replicate that with a range of vegetarian dishes, alongside some very British craft beer.


Paradise Palms wanted to bring fun, vibrant, and exotic food to Edinburgh. The restaurant is associated with great burgers, brilliant salads, and a variety of other dishes inspired by South American and Caribbean cuisine.

The unusual thing about this place is that it's all vegetarian. This kind of food is known for slow cooking meat, yet it's all meat-free. The Paradise Palms also has a fantastic atmosphere with live music and a beautiful interior.


The Cosy Club is an excellent place for an all-day breakfast or perhaps some traditional pub food. It is, as the name suggests, cozy, with tasty home-cooked meals and a menu that makes every guest feel comforted.

The food is all vegetarian with some vegan options, which is great news for people in the community who want to get a good breakfast somewhere in Cardiff. It's worth stopping by if you're in the area, and it's just a really relaxing place to hang out.


The Van Gogh Cafe is, of course, inspired by the famous artist. The interior of the restaurant is a homage to the great painter, with variations of the paintings on the walls and a color scheme that would fit right into some of his art.

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As you'd expect, the food is just as artistic. The vegan menu is incredibly seasonal, with a range of soups, stews, and other vegetable-based dishes that are constantly evolving. It's worth visiting throughout the year to see what else is in store. It's also an excellent spot for brunch!


The Honest Vegan is all about being upfront about their vegan menu. They are not taking meat or even vegetarian based foods and turning them into vegan options. They have built a menu that is full of dishes that were always designed to be vegan.

Because they want to give their guests a variety of options, the menu is varied. You can have an all-day breakfast or perhaps a bowl of noodles. The concept isn't about culture or location but about being vegan!


The Alley Cafe is now pitched, first and foremost, as a bar. However, that hasn't stopped a brilliant vegetarian menu from forming, one that will make this trendy location popular with people from the community.

The menu is varied, from salads and sandwiches to a world part of the menu, which allows you to pick dishes from different cultures. There's something for everyone here with meat substitutes making up for the lack of beef or chicken on the menu.


This posh vegetarian cafe and wine bar has everything you could want from a restaurant. Although it is on the pricier side, the cafe offers up a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu full of brilliant vegetarian and some vegan dishes.

The restaurant has started introducing some meat to the menu, especially with the addition of a Sunday lunch; however, there's every chance they could revert back to their old ways. It's a great place to go if you want a traditional roast, vegetarian style.


The Flying Duck may seem like a confusing name, but there's a reason for this very meat-based title. The restaurant is special for providing convincing meat substitutes, for those vegetarians who love the flavor but not the ethical and environmental factors.

The food is American style with mac n cheese and burgers, all of which taste exactly like meat. In fact, the menu even lists the meat items as if they are not vegetarian, often tricking meat-eaters. There's a great cocktail bar, a lot of nightlife, and all the options are actually vegan, adding to the confusion when things like cheese are listed.

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