10 Best Completely Vegetarian Restaurants In New York City

For people that have chosen to cut meat out of their diet, it can be tough to eat out. Although vegan and vegetarian lifestyles have become incredibly popular these days and there are a ton of restaurants that offer meat and dairy-free options on their menus, not every restaurant has these options available.

But in a big city like New York City, you're bound to find a ton of restaurants that have taken advantage of the meat-free frenzy that has taken over the culinary world lately. NYC is home to a ton of incredible restaurants, including some that are completely vegetarian (or vegan!), so you don't have to worry about checking the menu before you go.

To see 10 of the best totally vegetarian restaurants in New York City, keep reading!

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10 Ladybird

Ladybird is a really unique, completely vegan restaurant located in New York's East Village that serves up tasty cocktails and animal product-free foods. The restaurant has a wide variety of different foods, including some vegan versions of bar favorites like mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings - all made without any meat or other animal products, of course.

This restaurant has some super trendy decor which is perfect for showing off to all your veggie-loving friends on Instagram and all the cocktails have vegetables in them. Sound interesting? Drop by for dinner and drinks and try it for yourself!


By CHLOE. is a restaurant that has locations around the US and one in London. Whether you're in LA, Boston, or New York City, you won't have to look far to get some really delicious, completely meat-free food.

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By CHLOE. is a restaurant that has a super trendy look and some delicious, completely plant-based foods. All their food is made with locally sourced ingredients, so it's good for your body and the planet.

8 The Cinnamon Snail

The Cinnamon Snail got its start in the world of vegan culinary delights as a food truck before it ditched its wheels and landed in The Pennsy Food Hall. But, the one thing that hasn't changed is the fact that The Cinnamon Snail is still serving up some of the best plant-based food in the Big Apple.

If you're looking to take someone out to eat in New York City and you're worried about taking them to a vegan spot because they're normally a meat eater, just take them to The Cinnamon Snail. Their food is tasty and approachable, even for someone that isn't normally interested in plant-based fare.

7 Superiority Burger

Don't let the word "burger" in the name of this restaurant fool you! This restaurant is one that is completely vegetarian and a lot of items on the menu just happen to be vegan, too. They're located in New York's East Village and are serving up some of the best vegetarian burgers in the city.

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They're open pretty late, serving a variety of vegetarian burgers and sides. And if you've got a sweet tooth that needs to be sated after you're done munching on a burger? They make up a new flavor of sorbet and gelato every single day.

6 Bunna Cafe

If you're looking to try a cuisine that's a little different, then you're in luck in New York City. There are restaurants that represent food from just about every culture around the world in New York, which is wonderful for any foodie that likes to change it up.

Bunna Cafe is a restaurant located in Brooklyn that used to solely do catering before they decided to settle down and open up a restaurant. They serve up a completely vegan menu of really delicious, authentic Ethiopian food. While you're there, try their Ethiopian coffee!

5 Greedi Vegan

When it comes to delicious food, it's okay to be a little greedy, right? If you take a trip to Greedi Vegan in Brooklyn, you'll definitely think so. This restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner every day of the week - and is open especially late from Tuesday to Friday.

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This restaurant is a little on the pricier side, but for people that are looking for some really tasty vegan sliders, tacos, and some tasty comfort foods, it's definitely the place to go.

4 Spicy Moon

If you're craving Chinese food, you won't have to look far to find an absolutely delicious restaurant serving up tasty Chinese food in the Big Apple. There are a ton of them, each putting their own unique spin on the cuisine. But finding a vegetarian one? That sounds like it would be harder, right?

Not if you take a trip to Spicy Moon! They serve up an entire menu of vegan Szechuan food. This restaurant is located in Manhattan and has items on the menu that are spicy as well as some that are a little milder. Either way, they're all delicious.

3 Candle 79

The story of this restaurant dates back to the 1980s when owner Bart Potenza bought a health store in Manhattan called Sunny's. It was renamed Healthy Candle and some changes were made to give the place Bart's unique stamp.

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The brand grew throughout the years and in 2003, they expanded to an upscale vegan restaurant called Candle 79. This restaurant is located in Manhattan's Upper East Side and although it's definitely a more expensive restaurant, it's perfect for a special occasion or when you just want to treat yourself.

2 Orchard Grocer

Although a lot of vegan and vegetarian restaurants seem really trendy and new, Orchard Grocer is completely different. If you've ever visited New York City, you've probably been told you have to try the food at one of the local deli's while you're there.

Many of these delis aren't particularly vegetarian or vegan-friendly because of the fact that so much of the focus is on meat. Meanwhile, Orchard Grocer is a New York City deli that is completely vegan. From sandwiches to bagels, they have everything that you could want from an NYC deli - minus the meat and animal products.

1 Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas

Even for people that think tacos have to be stuffed with meat and topped with cheese to be good, Jajaja Plantas Mexicanas is an excellent vegan restaurant in New York City to check out.

This restaurant takes the tacos, enchiladas, and other Mexican dishes that we know and love and puts a vegan spin on it. That's right, this restaurant is totally vegan and has a delicious menu of cocktails to go with your food.

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