When vacationing, hitting the beach is a popular pastime for tourists (and locals). The calm, relaxing vibe, paired with beautiful waters and shining sun, quickly removes stress from everyday life. However, while white sand beaches make for a popular beach vacation, a handful of beaches worldwide are equally beautiful with a unique feature: their brightly colored sands. From hues of orange to shades of purple, check out these beaches worldwide that are known for their uniquely colored sands!

9 Reynisfjara Beach (Black)

  • Where: Vík, Iceland

Reynisfjara is not the only black sand beach in Iceland (or the world), but it’s popular among tourists. When tourists visit this beach, they’ll notice the soft sands beneath their feet and its charcoal color. These are smooth sands that come from Iceland’s majestic volcanoes. At the beach, basalt columns also make for pretty photo ops. What’s more, the beach’s rushing waves tempt tourists with a swim. However, it’s vital to know: swimming is off-limits at this beach! The tides are mighty, making it unsafe for swimming activities.

8 Pfeiffer Beach (Purple)

  • Where: Big Sur, California

Purple is not a common color found in nature. But when heading to California’s Big Sur, the purple sands at Pfeiffer Beach make it a pretty sight! The purple sands come from the eroded hills nearby made of manganese garnet. Don’t expect the sands at this California beach to be entirely purple, as they appear in streaks and patches throughout the park. It’s said that the purple sands are also more prominent after winter storms when erosion occurs faster.

7 Hyams Beach (White)

  • Where: Shoalhaven, New South Wales, Australia

Many of the top beaches worldwide are known for their smooth white sands, but Hyams Beach is recognized for its incredibly white sand, made entirely of quartz. This Australian beach sits in the quiet town of Shoalhaven, but tourists seeking beach vacations love heading to Hyams Beach. The sand is incredibly white, and its waters are known for their turquoise hues.

6 Pink Sand Beach (Pink)

  • Where: Harbour Island, The Bahamas

Harbour Island’s Pink Sand Beach never fails to dazzle happy-go-lucky beachgoers. Its subtle pink sands invite visitors looking to enjoy a fabulous beach day, offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean. With pink sands stretching across the beach for three miles, its pink hue is thanks to the abundance of single-celled organisms known as foraminifera. These microscopic insects live inside shells that have a reddish-pink color.

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5 Papakōlea Beach (Green)

  • Where: Ka’ū, Hawaii

Also known as Mahana Beach, Papakōlea Beach possesses one of the rarest sand colors in the world: green. This Hawaiian beach is home to miles of green sands that twinkle under the tropical sun. The brilliant green sands are possible due to the high content of olivine from the island’s lava. Moreover, beachgoers will want to swim in its deep blue waters due to its stunning coastline. However, it’s essential to know that there is no lifeguard on duty at this beach, which is known to experience strong tides.

4 Rainbow Beach (Rainbow)

  • Where: Queensland, Australia

Rainbow beach may not have rainbow-colored sand, but this beautiful beach is known for its colorful dunes that make up the area. Viewing Rainbow Beach, visitors can easily spot the dramatic dunes that overlook the rich-colored waters. This beach is an excellent stop while visiting Queensland, given that it lies between the Cooloola National Park and Fraser Island. Relax and sunbathe on the beach or partake in water activities like surfing, kayaking, or diving with Grey Nurse Sharks.

3 Ramla Bay (Orange-Red)

  • Where: Gozo Island, Malta

Ramla Bay is bright thanks to its ‘burnt’ red-orange colored sands, a product of high iron content. Travelers can sink their toes into the soft sands of Ramla Bay before cooling off in its aqua-blue waters. Considered one of Malta’s best beaches, visitors can enjoy a range of water activities, from snorkeling to sunbathing. In addition, the mystique of Ramla Bay makes Malta a unique vacation for history buffs, as they can explore ancient Roman ruins nearby (and apparently, underneath the beach sands)!

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2 Horseshoe Bay (Rose)

  • Where: Southampton, Bermuda

Horseshoe Bay’s coral-colored sands may look like an Instagram filter, but its hue is very real! Bermuda’s bright beach is blessed with rose-colored sands due to a mixture of crushed shells and coral lining the beach. Pair the beautiful sands with its stunning blue waters, and travelers have the makings of a beautiful beach day. Considered a popular tourist spot for the seaside, visitors can find this gorgeous beach on Bermuda’s south coast (specifically in Southampton).

1 MacKerricher State Park Glass Beach (Rainbow)

  • Where: Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach is a must-visit for those seeking an unusual (yet beautiful) beach to explore. Mixed with the beach’s pebbles, the sea glass was formed when dumped garbage transformed into jewel-like rocks from sea spray and smoldering. Sea glass in all colors, shapes, and sizes can be found at the MacKerricher State Park. Taking a small piece of glass from the MacKerricher State Park is tempting, but it’s strictly forbidden! Over the decades, countless tourists depleted the number of sea glass on the beach due to taking them home as souvenirs. So to preserve what’s left, the park forbids taking any amount of sea glass home. Travelers, however, are free to take plenty of pictures depicting these gorgeous gems glinting in the sun.