Colorado is recognized for its abundant outdoor opportunities, some of which are very extreme. Hot springs are some of the most popular outdoor activities among vacationers visiting the state. They are a perfect way to relax and unwind, especially after going through a long day of adventuring in the wilderness. Some of these gorgeous hot springs come with incredible amenities to make a vacation unforgettable. But with so many beautiful hot springs to choose from, deciding on the best one to visit can be challenging. Well, worry less. These Colorado hot springs are waiting to soothe your stresses.

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10 Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa

With an incredible history and fascinating natural attractions, Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa is undoubtedly the perfect spot to relax and unwind after spending a long day hiking and skiing in Rocky Mountain National Park or Winter Park. Featuring an unspoiled terrain, visitors can go hiking or camping there and later have a spa experience of the beautiful natural hot springs. Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa was renovated and launched in 1997. The Utes used the natural hot springs before the resort was launched. The resort boasts several mineral water pools, coming with varying temperatures. There is also a lodging offering a comfortable stay in the resort.

  • Admission fee: $20
  • When it’s opened: year-round

9 Valley View Hot Springs

Owned and operated by Orient Land Trust, a nonprofit, Valley View Hot Springs is a resort situated in an undeveloped area in San Sangre Valley and boasts several hot springs nestled around the woods. Probably situated in the most remote place, the resort offers lodging and pools to vacationers and is open nearly year-round. There are six natural rock ponds, a hot tub, and a sauna at the resort. Lying at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo range, it is located about 37 miles south of Salida and Poncha Springs and is only out of use for two days, December 1 and 28.

  • Admission fee: $17 in summer and $15 in winter. Kids below 16 years are allowed to explore the hot springs free of charge.
  • When it’s opened: year-round, except December 1 and 28

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8 Wiesbaden Hot Springs

Located downtown Ouray, Wiesbaden Hot Springs is one of the most unique in Colorado. It is a popular family-tourist destination and still honors the history of its original owners, the Utes. Over the years, the hot springs have maintained their natural beauty, thanks to all the strict rules put in place to protect the area. Vacationers are not allowed to enter the hot springs while wearing makeup, body lotions, or any hair products. Any traveler who smoked tobacco during the previous month before traveling is not allowed to enter the hot springs. Such rules have made the atmosphere of this place even better. Add to spectacular surroundings, including the San Juan Mountains, and this place is magical.

  • Admission fee: $25
  • Duration of visit: two hours
  • Cost of private waterfall pool: $35

7 Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Home to the world's largest pool, Glenwood Hot Springs Resort is the perfect place to be if one is looking for a spot to experience the best Colorado has to offer. The ho springs are family friendly and can be visited while on a road trip or a weekend getaway. Yampah spring, producing over three million gallons of water, is the source of Glenwood Hot Springs. The pool offers visitors an incredible spot for relaxing, swimming, or splashing around.

  • Admission fee: $39 per person aged 13 and above. The cost is subject to change, depending on the season.

6 Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

Located a few miles from Cottonwood Hot Springs, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort is a historic resort and has been receiving travelers since 1897. One of the locals' most favorite, this resort features two large pools by the creek, a waterslide pool, an infinity pool, and many natural rock pools, only available when the creek is low. The pools’ temperatures vary, so one can change from one pool to another; suppose they find them too hot or cold.

  • Admission fee: $30-$35 adults, $25-$30 seniors

5 Dunton Hot Springs

Situated in a 19th-century ghost town, Dunton Hot Springs offers an incredible hot springs adventure to travelers. They are found in a five-star resort located against the backdrop of the rocky San Juan Range. This place is perfect for vacationers looking for a spot to experience ghost tours and haunted tales. History tells that Ute Indians are the people to first bathe in the original spring. The resort uses 100% renewable energy; even paper waste is recycled. Travelers can also engage in skiing and snowshoeing in this place.

4 Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Iron Mountain Hot Springs is found less than an hour from Vail and Aspen ski resorts. Located in Glenwood Springs, on the banks of the Colorado River, Iron Mountain Hot Springs is suitable for visitors looking for a place to rejuvenate and relax, thanks to its waters, which are rich in iron minerals. Numerous natural springs run up to the surface, having temperatures ranging from 38.89 °C to 42.78 °C, leaving all the 16 naturally-shaped hot springs extremely hot. Kids below five are not allowed to play in the small mineral pools due to the high temperatures.

  • Admission fee: $30, free for kids under two

3 Ouray Hot Springs

Ouray is known to present many outdoor opportunities to vacationers, including ice climbing in winter. But soaking in its incredibly gorgeous mountain hot springs is a perfect way of spending a holiday, no matter the season. The hot springs have five other pools, which are all man-made, and feature temperatures ranging from 24.444 °C to 41.111 °C. Most Colorado hot springs present many relaxation opportunities rather than exercise. Ouray Hot Springs, on the other hand, encourages vacationers to stay active, climbing walls and maybe playing with a lap pool.

  • Admission: $18 adults, $14 seniors, $12 kids aged four-seventeen, and free for seniors aged 75+ and children below four.

2 Strawberry Park Hot Springs

Located about 15 minutes from downtown Steamboat Springs, making it easily accessible. One can visit them on a day trip, or plan a weekend getaway and stay in a hotel. On the property, travelers will encounter two large pools and other smaller ones off to the side. There is a larger pool, cooler than others. The pools only stand three-five deep, so travelers can stand in them and walk around if they want to. The cooler pool, however, has a deep area, more than five feet deep.

  • Admission fee: $20 for both adults and kids
  • Duration of visit: two hours

1 Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs

Situated about 6,800 feet in the center of the Rocky Mountains, along the Crystal River, Avalanche Ranch is a perfect hot springs destination. The resort boasts three hot springs pools, with the largest pool fed by a three-foot waterfall. The three pools can accommodate between 15 and 20 travelers and are available at any time of the year to cabin guests. The resort's hot springs have 24-hour access and offer 18 cabins with unique features.

  • Admission fee: included in the nightly rate
  • Duration of visit: 24-hour access