Popular for its rich history, German is a leader in global tourism activities. From the Berlin Wall to the Black Forest Open Air Museum, adventurers have a wide range of attraction sites to visit.

But what else does Germany offer? Not everybody travels around to come and see historical sites. Others are after the food and cultures. Below are the 8 best cities to visit in Germany for foodies.

8 Munich

Munich tops the list of the best cities to visit in Germany for foodies. The standout snack in this city is weisswurst. It is a traditional sausage made from pork back bacon and minced veal. Weisswurst comes in different variations depending on the flavor, ranging from lemon and mace to ginger and onions. As happens in other cultures, Munich, too, has strong beliefs about when this delicacy can be eaten. Custom dictates that weisswurst cannot be eaten past midday. Initially, it was for health reasons, but today, it is held as a strong belief among locals. Adventurers who take a beer or two will find this snack more befitting.

7 Berlin

Germany's capital, Berlin is one of the best cities to visit as a foodie. Being the largest city in Germany by both population and area, expect a lot of creativity here. The street delicacies here are unmatched. One of the delicacies characterizing this region is the Currywurst, a fast food dish made of steamed and fried sausage. This sausage is sliced into chunks and spiced with curry ketchup. Unlike the traditional setup, today, the meal is served with fries, adding modernity to an ancient delicacy. The Doner kebab will also be a good way for vacationers to interact with the German culture.

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6 Cologne

Germany is a common mention in the world of automobiles. Unfortunately, people fail to recognize Germany as a tourist attraction. Because of cities like Cologne, Germany is cementing its place among the world's tourist destinations. Vacationers strolling around the streets of Cologne will be quick to spot Halve Hahn, one of the local delicacies. It is a Dutch cheese meal prepared and served with a bread roll, butter, and onion. Kölsch Kaviar is also another delicacy common in this area. Unlike other cities known for a single delicacy, Cologne has two, which shows how much of a worthy tourist destination it can be for food enthusiasts.

5 Hamburg

Hamburg is among the best cities in Germany for Foodies. Hamburg has some of the most intrinsic stats globally, making it a fun-favorite tourist attraction spot. From the Red-Light District to its more than 2,500 bridges, Hamburg indeed has a lot to showcase for its tourism activities. But what about street food admirers? What is there for them to come and see? Well, Hamburg is famed for the Matjes delicacy. It is essentially a herring roll served with onion and sauce. Grabbing this meal is a good way for vacationers to connect with the culture. Also, there is a lot of fish for people who aren’t interested in the local delicacy.

4 Dresden

Whenever issues of the best cities in Germany are at stake, Dresden is a prominent mention. Strategically located along River Elbe, this city has a huge history that sees tourists streaming in large numbers to witness the history first-hand. Part of the adventures every tourist in this city needs to try is its food. Thüringen is a popular delicacy here that includes sausage served on bread and seasoned with ketchup. This yummy serving creates a lasting memory among adventurers and helps them connect with the city better.

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3 Nuremberg

Nuremberg falls in the Franconia region of Bavaria, which is popular for its distinct cuisine. Delicacies in this city are exactly what every other vacationer could have wished for. They are meat-based. Bretzel, or pretzel as they are known in the rest of the world, is a common delicacy in Nuremberg. It is a fan favorite whose taste and smell clearly say it all. The Nuremberg sausage is another notable feature whose distinction from other sausages is so loud. Roasted almond bites are also an easy find in this part of Germany. Visitors here have the luxury of picking what works for them.

2 Essen

Essen city is the perfect spot for vegetarian vacationers. This city is popular for some of the world's most recommended plant-based foods. Key among them is the Bornheimer Spargel, which is a form of asparagus. Cooked asparagus has a distinct taste that every Essen vacationer needs to experience. The lovers of animal-based products also find solace in Oecher puttes, which is a blood sausage prepared with minced meat and spiced accordingly for a mouth-watering delicacy.

1 Stuttgart

Stuttgart is among the few German cities that continue to hold to some old German cultures. According to the traditional German setting, one is supposed to have a hearty warm meal at noon and make it light in the evening. Stuttgart is exactly what foodies would like to see in a tourist destination. After all, the sole purpose of the vacation was to experience their culture and food, and no place does it better than Stuttgart.