How does one find shopping? Is it a therapy, a hobby, or a problem? What's felt when one see the word sale in shops? Many people cannot help but go crazy over this issue. We've all wanted to go out and grab those sparkling diamonds, branded bags, stylish clothes, and fancy shoes. And, no one can stop any of us from shopping.

Shopping has been a trend for everyone. Why a trend? Because it never goes out of our lifestyle. We always seek the perfect style, quality brands, and famous designs. In search of the best bags, jewelry, and shoes, many dare to travel the extra mile for the sake of shopping. What are the best cities for shopaholics? Well, here are the ten cities in the world that suit every kind of shopaholic. Are your pockets ready to go?

9 New York

New York has a lot to offer for wandering shopaholics. Product ranges from world-renowned brands and labels to ordinary cool ones coming from boutiques. If you are looking for branded clothes or bags, then you are in the right place. Then you have to visit Manhattan where Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is the ultimate place for shopaholics. The leading shopping destination in New York, flooded with brands like Armani, Fendi, Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Valentino, and more. Name it, and indeed they all got it. You can also try the shops in Madison Avenue, West Village, Park Slope, and Chinatown.

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8 Bangkok

For Asians, you won't have to go any farther to shop. Bangkok will give a great shopping experience. This place has various malls and markets. Its popular place called Asiatique: The Riverfront will surely give you a memorable experience because it is a night bazaar and a mall at the same time. Bangkok is also the perfect place to shop for cheap and fashionable clothes. The more clothes you buy, the cheaper the price you'll have to pay. All you have to do is to bargain hard.

7 Hong Kong

Are you a thrift shopper? Well, Hong Kong is the best place for you. Because of the lack of sales tax, products here are cheaper compared to other cities. So, shopping will be worth your penny here. Try to visit Kowloon Shopping Street, Temple Street Night Market, Harbour City, Jade Market, Pacific Place, Stanley Market, and IFC Mall. And, load your luggage with the shopping goods as you go home.

6 Copenhagen

Copenhagen is also a sure head-turner for shoppers. Many Danish fashion brands have their flagship store in City Centre. There are also small boutiques of various designers that are a novice to the industry. Copenhagen is a great place you can’t miss. You can shop at Carmen Copenhagen, Holly Golightly, Lego Store, Maria Black Jewellery, Stine Goya, Storm, and many more stores here. Marrakech has four distinct regions for shopping: the Souks or Medina; Gueliz, Majorelle area, and Sidi Ghanem. Their boutiques offer various stuff like clothes, shoes, and others. However, the best things you should consider buying here are silver jewelry, leather, and slippers.

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5 St. Barts

Unlike the other cities that have small boutiques, this city is likely to have hotels. Shops and boutiques are usually inside the hotel so shoppers will have the ease of shopping. Hotels like Eden Rock and Isle de France are on the list. These hotels have beautiful boutiques for shoppers who will surely love to watch fashion shows. But if you are looking for local products, the women of Corossol and Colombia produce some lovely baskets and handbags.

4 London

In London, Oxford Street is one of the famous shopping streets with 300 shops, designer outlets, high-street chains, and landmark stores. So, you will have a hard time where to start shopping or when to stop shopping because of various stores to choose from. When having a tour here, don’t forget to buy souvenir items.

3 Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires will never be out of the list when it comes to shopping. Number one on its list is Palermo Viejo, where you can find upscale shops. More of its shopping destinations include Mercado de San Telmo, Centro Cultural Borges, Feria de Mataderos, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Feira de San Telmo. These are the best places to stay if you’re a certified shopaholic. It is best to shop here for leather bags, tango shoes, and jewelry.

2 Paris

Parisians, being fashion lovers, have built several stores and boutiques that will surplus their talent. Avenue des Champs-Élysées offers both beautiful scenery and lots of fashion retailers. This fashion place sells items of luxury fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Guerlain. So, if you are on a stroll around the city, you can drop by and grab a Louis Vuitton bag of your choice.

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1 Los Angeles

Los Angeles is another spot for brand enthusiasts. You’ve got a lot of shops to choose from. Shops like Mohawk General Store, Shopping Boutiques Silver Lake, Creatures of Comfort, Shopping Boutiques Melrose, Fred Segal, and Shopping Boutiques West Hollywood. It’s time to get your credit cards ready when dropping by here.

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