A marriage proposal is one of the most wonderful experiences anyone will have in their lifetime, and while they don't need to be perfect, the person who is actually doing the proposing will usually go out of their way to make it just that.

As a result, we're going to take a look at some cities that should come to mind if you're planning on popping the question anytime soon and want to combine it with a romantic vacation. Even if you aren't, it's always interesting to think about your options for the future.

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In reality, you could propose anywhere and it can be special but these cities will add a new dimension of romance.

10 Bath

There are plenty of magical cities littered throughout the British Isles, but one that always seems to capture our heart is Bath.

The Roman Baths themselves are pretty special and always make for a great visual, but beyond that, it’s one of the only getaway cities we’ve ever been to that maintains the rustic, old-school look throughout each and every road, corner and high street shop.

Bath is a city that has forever remained true to its roots and for that, we consider it to be a pretty romantic place.

9 Vienna

You’re taking a walk along the gardens of Schonbrunn Palace, you look out onto this utterly breathtaking city, and it hits you: this is the moment.

From the music to the food and the architecture, Vienna ticks all the boxes you could possibly desire for a romantic weekend away. No more, no less.

During that weekend, though, it certainly wouldn’t be viewed as out of character for a proposal to take place. It’s Vienna, after all.

8 Bali

While we may be cheating a little bit by using this stunning island as a replacement for a city, there are certain locations in which it has the same kind of vibe.

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We’ve got a very specific type of proposal in our head for this entry, and it’s ‘boat’ related.

Picture the scene. You’re heading down through the coral reefs with the beautiful beaches and scenery on the horizon, and you don’t have care in the world. Then, in a moment of clarity, everything falls into place and time stands still as your moment arrives. That sounds dramatic, but that’s what this place does to you.

7 Copenhagen

Copenhagen is great because while there are plenty of standard activities you’d expect to engage in while in the city, as is the case with many top European cities, there are also places where you can head to in order to escape.

More specifically, we’re talking about the local gardens and parks. For whatever reason, they always seem to be pretty empty, and there are so many great bridges, lakes and secluded spots that would make you feel like you’re the only two people in the world.

6 Edinburgh

The Scots are often given a bad reputation for being a little bit too gritty but in this case, we think it plays right into the hands of why it’s so beautiful.

Edinburgh Castle is the kind of tourist spot whereby you feel like you’re been transported hundreds of years into the past. With that kind of dynamic, especially in a cold, wintery setting, how can you argue that it’s not a great choice for a proposal spot?

It’s a bit more niche, too, which is always fun with a proposal.

5 Venice

Head into that gondola and set sail, knowing that this is the most important water-based trip of your entire life. You could even get your ‘driver’ in on it, too, helping to set the stage for a phenomenal experience for your partner as you take them on a trip down memory lane.

Some may call this selection too played out or perhaps even predictable, but sometimes, there’s a reason why it’s such a well-known idea. Venice is a beautiful setting for a memorable proposal.

4 Buenos Aires

If there was a way to adequately describe a city as being sexy, that’s how we’d describe Buenos Aires. It has that kind of fiery vibe that you need to have a ‘different’ sort of proposal.

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In our mind it would definitely involve some form of dancing because come on, when you’re in Argentina you need to embrace the tango by any means necessary.

Then, once the engagement has actually been confirmed, we can just about guarantee you’ll have the celebration of a lifetime when heading out on the town in the evening.

3 New York City

It’s really a case of where in New York City you want to get engaged as opposed to whether or not it's a good selection.

NYC is full of historical landmarks and significant destinations, each as breathtaking as the last. From Central Park to the Statue of Liberty to the Top of the Rock and beyond, it doesn’t matter what kind of diatribe you come out with when the words eventually come out of your mouth – because the scenery tells half of the story.

They call it the city that never sleeps, and that is certainly a title to work to your advantage.

2 Paris

Head to the top of the Eiffel Tower and make all of your dreams come true. Sadly, it isn’t quite that simple and requires a little bit more planning, but Paris is known by many as the city of love – and we can confirm it lives up to that reputation.

The passion that comes with a proposal here strikes at the very core, and that’s the kind of dynamic we can get on board with. It doesn’t even need to be the Eiffel Tower that you select. Just look around at all the beautiful landmarks and scenery and wait for the moment that feels right.

1 Bordeaux

A sunset is a sunset and can be enjoyed anywhere throughout the entire planet. With that being said, we can’t explain why there is just something a little bit different when it comes to watching the sun go down over a city like Bordeaux.

Maybe it’s the world-class wine or maybe it’s the romantic music playing throughout the streets, or maybe, it’s all of that and more.

Sit down by the palace with your loved one, look deep into their eyes, and just go for it. Bordeaux will take care of the rest.

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