The end of this year’s daylight saving time was another soft reminder of the fast approach of Christmas and while that might not be effective, Christmas markets come with the final reminder to usher the world into the festive season. Loosen the tie, buckle the shoes and get ready to get into the Holiday spirit with these European Christmas Markets.

8 Salzburg Christmas Market, Austria

The musical city of Salzburg leaves no stone unturned when it comes to setting the stage for its largest Christmas market. Just like its musical reputation, visitors will get their ears filled with lots of classical music. Tours such as the Original Sound of Music tour will take visitors to all the beautiful locations from the musical movie. The market which dates as far back as the late 15th century is held at the foot of the Hohensalzburg fortress place at the city center near the Salzburg Cathedral and offers visitors - clothes, delicious food, decorations, jewelry, and many other seasonal items to get them into the Christmas spirit.

  • The Salzburg Christmas Market is scheduled to be held from November 18 - January 1, 2021.

7 Strasbourg Christmas Market, France

The Franco-German Alsatian city of Strasbourg is not called - The Christmas capital of the world for nothing.  Every year from late November to late December, the Strasbourg Christmas Market takes the stage at the Grande Ile near the Strasbourg Cathedral and Place Kleber and calls out to people from all over the world with the smell of its delicious Cinnamon and spices.

Visitors to this market will be welcomed into the beautifully decorated streets and catch views of the shiny 30-meter tall Christmas tree at the square. Enjoy a full exploration of the Strasbourg Christmas market by browsing through the 300 stalls, while sipping mulled wine and taking bites from some Christmas treats such as – Biscuits, Bretzels, and La Choucroute.

6 Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom, Germany

Located in Cologne is Germany’s most popular Christmas market popularly known by its German name - Weihnachtsmarkt am Kölner Dom which means - Christmas Market at Cologne Cathedral. Here, it’s a fairy-tale land of sparkling lights, glass-blown ornaments, and trinkets. Visitors who can’t wait to explore the largest Christmas market in Germany can begin from the 150 wooden stalls lined up in front of the Cologne cathedral and filled up with items such as – toys, clothes, and decorations. Take a stroll and get refreshed with the traditional Gluhwein (Glow wine) and enjoy the Gothic architecture of the Cologne cathedral as it is illuminated by the bright lights.

The 2021 Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market’s date might still be under consideration as the city currently suffers from a rise in Covid 19 cases therefore visitors need to be updated regularly with information from the Cologne official website to be sure the market will be held on the rumored November 22 to December 23, 2021.

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5 Vienna Christmas Market, Austria

Get enchanted into a joyous Christmas spirit at the Vienna dream Christmas market which takes place in front of the Vienna city hall. The Vienna Christmas market which has origins dating back to 1296, welcomes visitors into a dream indeed with its glistening lights and sweet scent. With the candy and cookie training offered at the market, children will be busy enough to allow their parents to take a stroll through the 125 booths and browse through the Christmas gifts, decorations, and handicrafts displayed in abundance. Visitors can conclude an exploration of the Vienna Christmas Market in the most epic way by leaving the taste of wine and sweet dessert on their tongue as they walk down the market’s exit.

  • The 2021 Vienna Christmas Market is scheduled to hold from November 12 to December 26, 2021.

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4 Christkindlemarkt, Nuremberg, Germany

Enjoy a delightful and unique atmosphere at Christkindlmarkt in the center square of Nuremberg’s old town. From late November to early December every year, the streets of Hauptmarkt are transformed into pretty Christmassy environments with the red booths and their white roofs neatly arranged all over the square. Visitors who come here will enjoy the melodious songs from the costumed angels as they share Christmas tree decorations and also enjoy the taste of both seasonal and traditional dishes including the famous sausage known as - Nurnberger bratwurst. When it feels convenient, visitors can experience the Stagecoach tour, cultural programs, steam railways, and the Ferris wheel while eating a gingerbread man.

3 Christmas Market at Vorosmarty Square, Budapest

In the capital city of Hungary, the city center is dressed up with 122 colorful wooden stalls. Visitors can begin by taking a walk past the gloves, hand-knitted hats, and wooden toys lined up on the wooden stalls. Among the items displayed are sandwiches, roasted pork knuckles, gingerbread, and lots of mulled wine to keep the bellies of visitors full as they also fill up their ears, eyes, and cameras in this Hungarian Christmas market.

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2 King’s New Square Christmas Market, Copenhagen, Denmark

The King's New Square Christmas market offers visitors hundreds of stalls to browse from as they keep their mouths busy with the sweet seasonal treats and hot chocolate. For some activities, visitors can get on the ice skating rink nearby and those who want more can continue with a cup of the strong gluhwein and then proceed to get more spices on their tongues while catching views of the statue of King Christian V and the Thott palace nearby.

1 Liseberg Christmas Market, Sweden

The Liseberg Christmas market features some amusement to its Christmas market which is held at the Liseberg amusement park. Gothenburg. The bright Christmas lights and decorations will offer the ultimate welcome into this amusing Christmas market. Once in the zone, visitors can chase the wind on the ice skating rinks and then enjoy an intense roller coaster ride afterward. At the market, a taste of hot chocolate, mulled wine, toffee apples, or roasted nuts will get visitors in the mood again to take a walk to Santa Claus’s workshop, or browse the 80 stalls for seasonal items.

  • The Liseberg Christmas market is scheduled to begin on November 19 - December 30 and those who take flights to Sweden or eat meat should watch their backs for Gretha Thunberg.

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