With their pristine turquoise waters, golden sandy shores, summery breeze, and unique vibes, the Caribbean beaches feel like heaven for millions of visitors. With more than 7,000 islands in the Caribbean, one can get confused about which beaches to visit. For instance, they are all perfect for a swim and soaking up the sun. Many factors should be taken into consideration when deciding which beach to visit in the Caribbean, including the clarity of the water, size of the beach, proximity to attractions, accessibility, and facilities. However, there is much more to discover about these splendid beaches. Here are the best Caribbean beaches to visit as of 2022.

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10 Tahiti Beach, Elbow Cay

Everyone agrees that the perfect shape of a beach is a peninsula, and this is what distinguishes one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, Tahiti Beach, located in the Abaco Islands of the Bahamas. It is even said that the beauty of the beach can make a grown person cry. The shore is also the perfect playground for those young at heart who want to experience unforgettable memories. Whether relaxing under the clear blue sky and knocking back some beer or sitting in the blue crystal waters, people will never have enough of Tahiti Beach.

9 Rendezvous Beach, Montserrat

Rendezvous Beach, located on the island of Montserrat, is the only white sand beach in that area and is only accessible through a short boat ride from nearby Little Bay. Rendezvous has a lot to offer other than its white sand and blue waters. For instance, the beach offers hiking opportunities in the lush green forests just above the bay. Kayaking along the breezy, crystal waters creates an excellent opportunity to spot turtles and explore the beauty of Rendezvous Beach.

8 Coconut Beach, Dominica

Coconut Beach is located in gorgeous Dominica and boasts distinctive black sands that showcase the island's rich volcanic history. The shore is pinned with beautiful cabanas crowded with avid travelers who come to enjoy the soft summer breeze and relax under the Dominican skies. Moreover, the beach's ebony sand welcomes kids and adults to spend memorable moments playing and chilling.

7 Baradal Beach, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Baradal Beach in Tobago Cays Marine National Park is one of the most beautiful destinations to spend the most memorable vacations. The quiet and calm blue waters make the beach the perfect place to relax, chill, and disconnect from the cacophony of daily life. Baradal Beach also features gorgeous bronzy sands, which, coupled with the soft breezes and crystal clear waters, make the stay unforgettable.

6 Sandy Point, St. Croix


The list of the best Caribbean beaches in 2022 would be incomplete without Sandy Point Beach. This natural wonder is home to leatherback turtles. Additionally, the drizzling white sands make it the ultimate beach destination. During the day, travelers can enjoy exceptional times under the heart-warming sun. No one has ever left this place without the most memorable and magical moments.

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5 Tropic of Cancer Beach, Exuma

This incredible beach is definitely on everyone's travel bucket list. It is a magical, mystical place that dazzles with its crystalline seas. Located in the Bahamas, the Tropic of Cancer, also known as the Pelican Beach, is considered one of the world's best beaches. With its shining shore and dazzling azure water, Tropic of Cancer Beach has absolutely no second. Everyone should take advantage of every moment when visiting this gorgeous place.

4 Tintamarre Beach, St. Martin

Located at the northeast coast of St. Martin, Ile Tintamarre is one of the protected corners of the Caribbean that boasts epic sands and waves. The exceptional natural views are enough to transport travelers to a whole different world. The serenity of the beach, the softness of the breeze, and the beauty of the sunsets guarantee memorable times.

3 Neltjeberg Beach, St. Thomas

The beauty of this beach is out of this world, with no exaggeration. Feeling like a world away from normal beaches, Neltjeberg Beach is a serene corner where travelers will have the chance to spend peaceful moments, enjoy the quiet place, disconnect from every day's busy moments, and re-connect with the inner self. This beach is the perfect destination for those truly seeking an escape.

2 Pine Cay, Turks And Caicos Islands

Pine Cay has some of the best powder-soft, snow-white, and dazzling sands. Combining the crystal-clear waters and the beautiful shore, the beach is the perfect destination for those willing to create unique memories. Pine Cay is a privately-owned reef with a very distinctive two-mile coast beach ranked as one of the best shores in the country.

1 Cinnamon Bay, St. John

St. John has become one of the top-rated tourist attractions in the Caribbean, especially during the past decade. The picturesque offshore, azure clear waters and particularly calm sea make Cinnamon Bay in St. John a must-visit for spending the perfect beach vacation. It also ranks as the longest shore in St. John and one of the region's most pristine beaches. Cinnamon Bay is the ultimate destination for snorkelers who want to explore the small cay. Moreover, the beach has it all, from coconut palms to sea grape trees and long stretches of sandy shores.

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