Founded in 2001 by Dylan Lauren, Dylan’s Candy Bar house is one of the largest candy emporiums. It combines art, pop culture, and fashion with candy to create a spark in each and every guest who visits. Their experience releases the inner child in their guests. Dylan’s Candy Bar has upgraded the experience of candy to the world.

This candy bar houses more than 7000 confectioneries with the best candy selection and candy gifts throughout the world. Dylan’s Candy Bar attracts people of all ages thanks to its state-of-the-art décor as well as its unique product mix, which sets all trends. Dylan’s doesn’t just offer candy, they have a whole experience that brings celebrities and the finest people all over the USA to try their confectioneries. Some call it the Disney Land of confectioneries and it is well-deserving of that name.


The Exceptional Candy Land Experience at dylan's candy bar

The experiences at Dylan’s Candy Bar are out of this world. They transport the guests to modern-day candy land. With the brilliance of Willy Wonka’s Factory, guests will feel the nostalgia of the magical Disneyland and Candy Land. They have eye-catching pop art enthused installations including the lollipop tree, cane columns, giant candy, and candy-filled staircases to increase the shopping experience. Dylan’s Candy Bar aims to recreate a magical sensory experience for all guests by using their imaginative deco and product mix, candy haven smells, and more interactive elements of the shop such as the historical timeline of candy. At Dylan’s Candy Bar, guests will be sure to experience not only a sugar high but also a euphoria of sweet, long-lasting sugar high.

For guests that wish to experience this high but are not able to make it, Dylan’s Candy Bar brings the candy and the experience right to their doorstep. They have a Party-On-The-Go service that delivers imaginative and unique statement pieces through the candy to take the party to a whole new level. There are over 5000 different types of candy to choose from, all come with an endless amount of flavors and sweet treats to serve to guests.

Comparable to a museum of candy, Dylan’s Candy Bar has treats that are cautiously chosen and curated like art. The fanciful display highlights the candies’ lively colors, awesome packaging, wild textures, and many different shapes. Carrying over 7000 confectioneries, candy gifts, and lifestyle services, Dylan’s Candy Bar carries one of the most extensive product mixes in comparison with any candy store.

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what you'll find when shopping at dylan's candy bar

The Candy Bar offers its own private label, seasonal and everyday products including the Design Shoppe personalization station. Many of their stores also have a vast collection of well-known American and international candy companies. They also have collections from local artisans and offer healthier, less sweet versions for guests who have any dietary restrictions. Some of the many lifestyle products they offer include apparel clothing, handbags, jewelry, games, stationery, toys, plush, technology, books, and beauty items. Many Dylan’s Candy Bar locations also offer an ice cream shop, a dessert parlor, and party rooms.

unique gift Packages & services offered by dylan's candy bar

At Dylan’s, they carry every sweet treat the brain can come to imagine. Whatever the taste preference of the guest, they have something to satisfy them in every shade of color the rainbow carries. For online orders, their most common shopping service is the Personal Shopping service. Here they offer

  • Shopping Assistance: They assist with in-depth product advice to customers and help with the customization of gifts and flavors. They also have large quantity orders. On each bulk order, they put a sweet and flavourful present that will sweeten any taste bud they land on.
  • Gift Basket: There are a variety of gift baskets that Dylan’s personnel is happy to assist with for any special occasion the guest has envisioned.
  • Holiday Gift: The personnel shoppers are also available to help make sure guests can have one less stress when organizing their party. They will walk the guests through the confectioneries that are currently in season, and guide the customer through their choices depending on their preferences. They will also help in customizing the flavors, gifts, and baskets.
  • Custom Party Flavors: When customers plan their party, they may opt for custom party flavors that vary according to what they prefer. Dylan’s Candies offers endless colors, flavors, shapes, and sizes of candy. The guests are to be surprised with a memory that lasts for a long time on the array of candy vessels that they offer.
  • Bulk Candy Orders: There is always an option for customers to stock up on all the favorites fill their pantry or leave them on display for their guests to view. These confectioneries are great for any occasion.

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Some of the Packages that Dylan’s Candy Bar offers

Simply Sweet Candy Buffet – caters to 20 guests

Best For Guests That Prefer Fruity And Chewy Candy

  • 5x one-gallon bucket which holds the guest's treats of choice
  • A choice of either 5 wrapped or gummy candies (5lb. per choice)
  • Tongs and scoops to keep your hands clean
  • Unique Dylan’s Candy Bar cell phone bags (can hold up to 1lb. candy)
  • Custom made stickers for cell phone bags
  • These are valued at $450 including tax and shipping

Simply Sweet Chocolate Buffet – serves 20

*This option is for chocolate lovers

  • 5x one-gallon bucket which holds the guest's treats of choice
  • A choice of either 5 wrapped or gummy candies (5lb. per choice)
  • Tongs and scoops to keep your hands clean
  • Unique Dylan’s Candy Bar cell phone bags (can hold up to 1lb. candy)
  • Custom made stickers for cell phone bags
  • These are also valued at $450 including tax and shipping

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