Canada is a world-class tourist destination due to its numerous natural resources. Home to the longest coastline in the world, there's plenty to do for water lovers. For instance, guests that relish water sports, cruising, sun tanning, and going on beach walks will have an indelible experience in Canada. Here are the top beaches vacationers will find alluring.

10 Wasaga Beach

Ranked the world’s longest freshwater beach, Wasaga Beach is sure to impress visitors. It is partitioned into six, with the first three sections being the busiest. The rest suit vacationers looking for a tranquil environment with fewer people.

It is located on the shores of Georgian Bay and promises breathtaking sunsets. Clear water, blue skies, and a silhouette of the Niagara Escarpments make it such a beauty.

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9 Grand Beach Provincial Park

The Grand Beach Provincial Park is on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. It is known for smooth brown sands ideal for kids to create different crafts. Towering dunes of up to 40 feet make the beach a scenic site.

A boardwalk dating back to the 1930s runs on the edge of the three-kilometer beach stretch. Vacationers can pick different types of berries in June and August as they take a stroll on the boardwalk. The shallow warm waters are ideal for swimming during the summer.

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8 Magdalene Islands

They consist of 12 main islands. Views of the extensive white sands, occasional cliffs, and huge rocks with caves underneath are unforgettable. Probably that’s why the Concours de Chateaux de Sable is held here. This is one of the most prestigious sandcastle competitions in the region.

Thanks to the calm weather, vacationers can enjoy the islands even in winter. The beautiful islands are locally called the Maggies or Les Iles de la Madeleine.

7 Long Island Pacific Beach

Stretching 16km, the Long Island beach is inside the Pacific Rim national park in Tofino town. It is popular among tourists due to water sports, especially surfing. Its shallow waters and unabating waves are ideal for beginner and pro surfers.

Guests can visit all year round but most visit in spring and summer to witness the grey whale migration. Strolling down Long Island Pacific Beach is another highlight, thanks to the alluring view of surrounding mountains and rainforests.

6 Bennett Beach

The one-mile stretch of Bennett Beach is worth every step. Located in Carcross village Yukon, the scenery is breathtaking. The Bennett Lake Volcanic Complex offers guests an outstanding view of the snowcapped mountains.

Bennett Beach is the ultimate destination for swimmers. High temperatures of about 30 degrees keep the waters warm for exciting activities.

5 Kitsilano Beach

One of the most popular Beaches in Canada, Kitsilano beach is perfect for a family vacation. It has large parks where kids, pets, or adults can bask or play. A heated pool about 137m long amplifies the fun for vacationers who find the ocean water too chilled. It is at the edge of the ocean, close to the beach.

The North Shore Mountains adorn Kitsilano Beach with spectacular views.

4 Sauble Beach

Located in Southwestern Ontario, Sauble Beach receives the west winds ideal for kitesurfing, which is one of the most popular water activities. Jet skiing, paddleboarding, and swimming also top the list.

At least 10km long, Sauble Beach has countless spots where vacationers can enjoy breathtaking sunsets. This beautiful spot on the shores of Lake Huron is open in winter.

3 Parlee Beach

It is one of the warmest saltwater shorelines in New Brunswick. Besides the water, visitors can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities close by. There are numerous camping sites and an exciting Parlee Beach Trail for bike riders.

During summer, Parlee Beach is a hive of fun games, drive-in cinemas, and beach competitions, among others. Guests can go lobster fishing and view the world’s largest lobster sculpture. Due to extremely low temperatures during winter, most shops are closed, and activities are minimal. Guests should confirm before their visit to avoid missing out on preferred activities due to poor weather conditions.

2 Okanagan Beach

It is on the southern margins of Lake Okanagan in Penticton city. The beach has shallow waters, which warm up during summer. This creates ideal temperatures for swimming and sun vacations. Children can enjoy the cool waters unsupervised as they are not deep.

The beach is at the center of different attractions, ideal for family vacations. Wibit Water Park is one of the thrilling spots ideal for children and adults. Guests who enjoy adrenaline-pumped activities will find Loco Landing Adventure Park the perfect haven.

1 Brackley Beach

The golden sand on Brackley Beach and the massive dunes is unforgettable. Flat, firm, and beautiful sand make walks along the beach fun. Visitors can enjoy attractions like the Gulf Shore Way on their stroll.

Water lovers are also not left out. They can enjoy water football, swimming, or Frisbee due to the shallow waters. Surfing is another alternative due to the steady waves.