It's no surprise that so many tourists from all over the world come to California for a relaxed, laid-back vacation. Coming to California for a few drinks and some signature cocktails should also be a part of your next travel plans! Underneath the warm sunshine, cool breezes, and entertainment, who doesn't want a getaway where all they do is escape?

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Whether you're looking to spend a few days on the beach in San Diego or traveling through Napa after visiting San Francisco, California is home to a plethora of so many local and chain restaurants and bars that specialize in some of the most unique cocktails around. Here are the 10 Bars You Must Visit In California and the cocktails you should order while you're there!


10 1. Fun Wheel - Cove Bar, Disneyland's California Adventure

Most tourists come to California to spend a day or two at Disneyland. Located inside Disney's California Adventure theme park, the Cove Bar is a dining hot spot at the theme park. Right next to Ariel's Grotto, this classy seashore themed restaurant can sometimes have the longest wait, but many say it's well worth it.

If you've got a few hours to kill while waiting for your kids as they wait in line for the next roller coaster, consider trying the Covebar's Fun Wheel cocktail. With a colorful mix of Vodka, pineapple juice, curaçao, and soda water, it's a California Adventure drink you won't want to pass up.

9 2. Starlite Mule - Starlite, San Diego

If you're ever traveling down to San Diego with your friends, the Starlite is the perfect place to visit for a few late-night drinks. Located in Mission Hills, the Starlite is "all about incredible atmosphere, drinks, and food." It's a 21 & up bar with specialty cocktails that you won't want to pass up during your stay in the sunny state.

The Starlite Mule is the bar's most popular mixed drink. With Rain vodka, ginger beer, lime, and a taste of Angostura bitters, it's a classic cocktail favorite and is popular all around San Diego.

8 3. The Old Fashioned - 1833, San Francisco

Headed to Northern California? 1833 in San Francisco is a restaurant known to both locals and tourists for their welcoming atmosphere and creative mixed drinks. The restaurant is divided up into seven different dining rooms, each set up with different themes reminiscent of the restaurant's development in California.

Sunday through Thursday, 1833 hosts it's Social Hour where their signature cocktails get paired with a tasty appetizer for only $12. Most visitors love 1833's version of The Old Fashioned. Ancient aged bourbon, angostura bitters, and a flavor of orange - it's the perfect way to kick off your night in San Francisco.

7 4. Take Two - TRUST, San Diego

At another classy restaurant in San Diego, TRUST is a community restaurant that serves urban rustic food and handcrafted drinks. Their locally sourced ingredients change with the seasons, making it a great place to go if you love having a good drink with fresh food. TRUST is focused on making sure each customer gets a dining experience they'll never forget.

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To help make it a little more memorable, their Take Two cocktail - loaded with cutwater vodka, Amaro, blackberry, mint, lime, and a ring salt - just might help you achieve that relaxed San Diego vacation you've always dreamed about.

6 5.The Pe(a)quod - Haberdasher, San Jose

In San Jose, the Haberdasher is what a speakeasy would look like int he 21st century, and with its cozy but classic furniture, the bar's unique feel is what keeps visitors coming back. From great food, great beer, and even a Whiskey Club you can sign up for to taste new kinds of Whiskey every month for free, the Haberdasher is a local hot spot that any tourist should pay a visit to.

Order the Pe(a)quod cocktail. Made with pea juice and lime syrup that helps to bring out the flavor in a 1909 Bacardi, the locals say it tastes a lot better than it sounds. If you're someone who isn't afraid to dry new drinks, give the Haberdasher a try.

5 6. Kactus Kula - Tiki - Ti, Los Angeles

Looking for a quick island-style getaway, but not ready to fly all the way to Hawaii? If Los Angeles is the farthest you're able to go, you're in luck. The Tiki-Ti in LA is the place that's going to make you feel like you really did it make it your island vacation.

The bar is a small cozy kind of place, with bamboo and island-style decor displayed all around. Though it only has 12 bar stools, its selection of 94 drinks will keep you on your tours. If you're a tequila lover, try the Kactus Kula - lime juice, tequila, and fresh fruit juice, it's a refreshing taste of the desert that you'll have to order a second round for.

4 7. Skubic Driver - Ironside Fish & Oyster, San Diego

Back in San Diego, after you've spent the day surfing, paddle boarding, and scuba diving at the city's most popular beaches, stop by the Ironside Fish & Oyster. The warm sea-side restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and fantastic, refreshing drinks.

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Named after the adventurous Michael Skubic, a local beermaker, Ironside's most popular drink - the Skubic Driver - consists of Old Harbor gin, muddled cucumber, lime juice, salt, and celery bitters. After spending a whole day in the sun and on the sand, you're gonna wanna cool off with this great gin.

3 8. English Milk Punch - Faith & Flower, Los Angeles

In the heart of Downtown LA, the Faith & Flower is an award-winning dining restaurant located in the South Park district. With decor straight out of the 1920s, the restaurant pays homage to California's early days. By serving unique flavors in their food along with specialty cocktails, the Faith & Flower is another local hot spot.

Just like its atmosphere, the bar's drinks also echo the flavors of the early 1920s, as they serve drinks that would have been served during the Roaring Twenties in downtown Los Angeles. Try their most famous English Milk Punch - a fresh lemon juice, rum, cognac, whiskey, and absinthe combo, the drink's been named Cocktail of the Year.

2 9. Tequila Sunrise - Sassafras Saloon, Hollywood

After enjoying the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl or attending a punk-rock concert at one of LA's classic music venues, Sassafras Saloon in West Hollywood is the perfect place to go if you're looking to unwind and bring a great end to your night. This bar has everything from cocktails to live music to a Wild Wild West-themed atmosphere, and you're not going to want to pass up their Tequila Sunrise.

With just tequila, orange juice, and grenadine, this drink might sound simple, but the bartenders at Sassafras Saloon add Kina L’Aéro d’ to the mixture and it becomes a local favorite!

1 10.Daisy If You Do - Hinoki & the Bird, Century City

Okay, day drinkers - this one's for you! Los Angeles is full of people moving at their own pace, and nobody bats an eye at day time drinkers. In fact, Hinoki & the Bird is one of the city's most popular places to go for lunch, dinner, and in between lunch and dinner.

With unique dishes inspired by modern California flavors, Hinoki's specialty cocktails are also popular. Their Daisy If You Do cocktail draws upon the flavors of tequila, lime, pineapple, dim, grenadine splash, and bergamot bitters - the perfect mix that'll give you the kick you need to enjoy the rest of your Cali vacation.

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