Portland, Oregon is a place that's known for its coffee and when tourists visit this hip city, they expect to be impressed. Luckily, they'll have their pick of not one, not a few, but many coffee roasters and cafes that are excelling in the coffee game. When it comes to caffeine, no one does it quite like Portland. There's a seemingly endless number of incredible coffee shops in this one area alone, way too many to list - but a simple stroll through downtown Portland is basically a coffee-lovers haven.


Many come from all over to experience the cities of the west coast or even to follow a food trail down the Pacific Coast Highway, but what comes before all of that? Coffee! These are some must-stop places to start off the perfect day in Portland.


No true coffee-lovers list would be complete without mentioning Stumptown, one of the original caffeine stops of the west coast. Even for those who don't love coffee, this is a must-stop for anyone visiting the Downtown Portland area. Even more fun is the collaboration of drinks that Stumptown is constantly creating, changing their menu seasonally as ideas and inspiration arise.

Visitors can probably sense the history of Stumptown as they walk through the door and are met with that delicious coffee scent, one that reminds you of productive days and feeling energized. A relatively new cafe opened up downtown, featuring a kintsugi espresso bar and a wild bathroom design.

Proud Mary Coffee

Known well by the locals, Proud Mary's roots actually hail from Australia, specifically Melbourne. Combing Australian flair with Portland charm, this coffee shop is known for its lattes and cappuccinos.

Those aren't the only things to love about this coffee roaster, however - the decor is equally as awesome, giving off a true vintage-meets-boho vibe. If you needed any more reason to stop here, the ricotta hotcakes are absolutely delicious... as is everything else on the menu.

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La Perlita

Throwing a Mexican twist on coffee, La Perlita is serving things up with a bit of a kick. Located in the Ecotrust building, this coffee shop is known for is Mexican Mocha with freeze-dried raspberries.

La Perlita is also mixing up a seasonal menu, complete with drinks that are just as delicious as they are beautiful. There aren't many things that are better than grabbing a coffee here and taking a stroll through Portland, as its proximity to the Pearl is pretty unbeatable.

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Deadstock Coffee

Deadstock makes quite an impression on newcomers in town. Not only is this coffee shop dishing out some awesome brews, but it's also completely sneaker-themed. The coffee shop itself is a well-loved part of the community and many of the locals will say the same, and it's not just the sneaker latte art that keeps them coming back.

With no actual menu, Deadstock offers unique specials that are one of a kind and not found anywhere else in the surrounding area, let alone in Oregon. In fact, it might be the only sneaker-themed coffee shop in the entire US. To add more fuel to the fun aspect of this coffee shop, the specials are named after the owner's favorite celebrity's, so you might have the chance to order something like a Charles Oatly.

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