Texas is proud of its majestic tourist spots that vacationers should not miss. Some of the state’s must-see sites include the San Antonio River, the Alamo, Space Center Houston, Big Bend National Park, Padre Island National Seashore, and the Natural Bridge Caverns, among others. There are many adventurous places to check out, so staying in a cabin is an ideal option for travelers.

There are many cabins in rural Texas, and the only thing tourists need to do is surprise their loved ones with a booking. A vacation in The Lone Star State can be made more worthwhile with families and friends – all enjoying the varying views of this arid and humid destination. The Texan warmth, after all, is made possible by the presence of loved ones.

10 Contigo Ranch, Fredericksburg

Contigo is the Spanish word for ‘with you,’ the ideal name for this Fredericksburg destination where the Texas Hill Country and its breathtaking views seem like within grasp. It has five historic log cabins complete with everything families need, plus a fireplace. Pets are welcome, too, and tourists can have them as companions as they meander through the ranch's roads and trails. From morning picnics and afternoon biking to fishing and stargazing, visitors to this welcoming ranch will have nothing but a truly tantalizing Texas retreat.

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9 Chinati Hot Springs, Presidio

Located in the Chihuahuan Desert, Chinati Hot Springs serves as an oasis for weary travelers. This Presidio landmark knows how to give guests the best vacay, thanks to its mineral springs -- bubbling for more than a decade. It has seven comfortable and cozy desert cabins. The lodges’ pastel-colored exteriors are inviting, and when guests enter them, they’ll be welcomed by a relaxing vibe. Ending the day in Chinati’s pools is the perfect way to enjoy the desert views. The warmth is endless in this Texas destination.

8 Paluxy River Bed Cabins, Glen Rose

Shaded by trees by a relaxing river. That’s what guests can expect when staying in the humble Paluxy River Bed Cabins. This establishment is proud that it has no telephone and television, making it the perfect place to de-stress and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Guests can choose to stay in single or two-story cabins, rustic and ready to give them unmatched views of the sky and the Paluxy River. This Glen Rose is all about relaxation and hospitality.

7 Baffin Bay Floating Cabins

Families who enjoy fishing will surely reel in happiness with the help of Baffin Bay Floating Cabins. This rental service offers a unique getaway for guests who want a relaxing yet action-packed vacay. Aside from standard accommodation amenities, their cabins are also packed with equipment that will make any fishing adventure successful. With the Baffin Bay as the playground, guests will have a fun time catching memories. The water is always fine in Texas, whether tourists want to swim or just stare at the horizon.

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6 Brazos Bluffs Ranch, Waco

Another ranch that’s proud of its surroundings, Brazos Bluffs, ensures guests a stay filled with wonderful activities. After all, this destination is where the Balcones Fault and the Brazos River meet. With such natural wonder, anyone staying in this Waco paradise will have the best days of their lives. Aside from enjoying the homey cabins, visitors can also drink in all the surrounding sights by riding a horse or a wagon. In Brazos Bluffs Ranch, it’s always good morning and good night.

5 Chisos Mountains Lodge

Its location in the Big Bend National Park makes Chisos Mountains Lodge the perfect spot to log off. It’s the park’s only lodging, after all. Rustic and modern, its accommodations give guests the feeling of excitement, thanks to the stunning views of the mountains. The wilderness of the Big Bend awaits guests who are raring to have an unparalleled outdoor adventure. Families staying in Chisos Mountains Lodge are assured of this: relaxing rooms and rewarding landscapes. What else is there to ask? Maybe if there's a wine to match the warmth of Texas.

4 Plum Lake Cabin Rentals, Canton

Plum Lake Cabin Rentals is straightforward when presenting itself: a place to relax near the city. Located in Canton, Plum Lake is about one to two hours from Dallas, making it an ideal place for a weekend getaway. It has a seven-acre fishing lake, so guests who want to score a catch should bring their gear. Those who want a slow day, meanwhile, can busy themselves with the trees and the wildlife. There are five cabins to choose from, all offering guests a rest like no other.

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3 Inks Lake State Park

Explorers of Inks Lake State Park who can’t get enough of this Burnet destination should opt for at least an overnight stay. Its cabins are ready to take in guests who want to see more outdoor spots and enjoy thrilling activities. From land adventures to water fun, the park is perfect for families looking for great ways to bond. The cabins act like a refuge after a day of hiking, paddling, or just dilly-dallying. This Texas park is teeming with activities, even for those who want to be secluded.

2 The Cabin At Bell Mountain, Fredericksburg

When in the Texas Hill Country, travelers should consider staying in The Cabin at Bell Mountain. It’s one humble destination for tourists to relax after spending their day exploring the city’s attractions. Its rustic cabin is perfect for fans of the bygone era as the structure still has antique lumbers, beams, floors, and other heirloom items. It overlooks a lake, the perfect view to start the day. For quiet moments with the family, The Cabin at Bell Mountain is more than enough.

1 Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is another Texas destination where travelers can have a memorable overnight stay. It has cabins spread across the canyon, each offering visitors a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique landmark. Palo Duro, after all, is the second largest canyon in the United States. The park has exciting activities for families, from geocaching and horseback riding to hiking and birdwatching. After a day of outdoor exploration, the cabins are always ready to pamper the adventurers.