Hiking is an interesting activity that gives a person a chance to explore as many new places as possible and challenge their abilities to grow as people. When someone decides to hike in a huge country like the USA, there are various options available which can leave one feeling confused about what adventures to take on.

However, there is a way to narrow it down to the best of the best places to do hiking. This is by creating the ultimate bucket list since it will have the best destinations. Here is a list of the best hiking bucket list to go for in the United States.

10 Half Dome Hike

It is one of the best hikes one can take in the United States. This hike is located in Yosemite National Park in California. The best time to take this hike is between April and October with it usually taking 16 miles to finish. This is a round trip that takes hikers to the top where hikers can see Yosemite’s granite dome. On top of the dome, hikers get to enjoy great views of Yosemite Valley, Nevada Falls, and Vernal. At the summit, it is 400 feet up and metal cables can be used.

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9 Tongass National Forest

Tongass National Forest is found in Alaska and it offers great adventure trails for one to try. It all starts at Juneau in Alaska. Inside the forest, there are many hiking trails that cover up to 700 miles. The most interesting part about this part is the wild which is full of caves, bears, glaciers, forests, rocks, and much more. One of the most popular trails in the forest is the Nugget Falls trail, and it starts from the Mendenhall Glacier.

8 Appalachian Trail

Found in Shenandoah National Park, the Appalachian trail is another hiking destination one must put on their bucket list. The park is just 75 miles from Washington, D.C. The park has more than 200,000 acres of protected land with songbirds, deer, and other animals. For the trails, they cover more than 500 miles. The Appalachian one, which is the most popular, covers 101 miles through waterfalls, deep forests, and amazing viewpoints.

7 Watkins Glen State park

A hike on the Watkins Glen State Park, which is found a few miles outside of Watkins Glen town, offers the best experience of the waterfall's parked trail. It is also found close to Seneca Lake. The most unique part about this type of trail is the number of waterfalls one encounters. As a result, the trail is very challenging with rocks and slopes. However, the environment has notable areas like the Gorge and Rim trails that make it interesting to tackle.

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6 Angel’s Landing In Utah

Angel's Landing is a hiking trail that is found in Zion National Park. It is a very popular trail that is also known internationally. The trail is 5 miles long with the best hiking time being between March and October. The trial is full of adventurous areas including high rock formations which leaves some hikers feeling exhilarated after taking on challenging climbs. For the final part of the hike, one gets to enjoy a narrow strip of a rock edge on the top. Hikers enjoy the more than 1,000-foot drop-offs down below as well.

5 Devils Garden Trail

Just from the name, it suggests something unique and worthwhile to experience. It is a tail found in Utah, and Arches National Park. The hiking trail is known to have the highest number of sandstone arches in the world with a trail distance of 7.2 miles. The scenery here is breathtaking and it is okay to hike any time of the year. The highlight of this hike is the popular Landscape arch which is the largest in the world as its length is equal to that of a football field.

4 Stony Man Trail In Shenandoah

Stony Man Trail is found in Shenandoah National Park. It offers the second highest peak in the whole park and the views are amazing. The trail is also very popular since it is short but still offers the best experience and view of the park with just 1 mile uphill. However, even with the trial being 1 mile, it is quite steep meaning one has to practice to be ready to tackle it effectively.

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3 Burroughs Mountain Hike

Burroughs Mountain Hike is found in Mountain Rainier National Park in the state of Washington. The park is home to iconic mountains in the world hence making it a good place for hiking. Mount Rainier, has a height of 14,410 feet above sea level, all the way to the clouds. The opportunity to climb to the summit is worth having on a bucket list and it offers a great experience of rivers, valleys, old forests, and much more.

2 Mount Whitney

Mount Whitney is one mountain characterized by a lot of rocks that are sharp and difficult to climb. For someone who believes in their hiking abilities, then this is the best challenge to go for. It is found in California, and climbing will set an elevation of 6,656 feet. However, the journey is through beautiful peaks, valleys, and peaks.

1 Root Glacier Trail

It is a very unique trail that is 4 miles long and is found in St. Elias National Park. This hiking trail is found on a magnificent glacier. As a result, the challenges of hiking here are different from other places.

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