Who doesn't appreciate a nice cold glass of beer? While Germany may be known for its beer and its purity law, in North America, we have a variety of beers, loggers, ciders, stouts, IPAs — you name it. What makes breweries so special is the beer is unique to the city that it's brewed in.  Most local breweries take pride in their hometowns, which is why they're such a popular attraction for both locals and visitors alike. Breweries add their own spin on beer and create a memorable place to have a drink and a snack at.

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Now, it may seem obvious that many people are partaking in creating their own brew, but Cleveland is special. The Ohio city has seen a rise in local breweries over the years, making it harder and harder to decide where to have a drink after work. According to Craine's Cleveland Business, "6,372 breweries" were accounted for Northeast Ohio as of two years ago! Not sure where to grab a drink? Take a look at these 10 local breweries!


Many say that Great Lakes Brewing Co. created the Ohio City neighborhood that it's located in. Being one of the most popular beers (and breweries) in Cleveland, Great Lakes can now be found nationally.

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It was in the late '80s when two Cleveland brothers decided to create their own brewery and unknowingly created the area around it, too. Fast forward a couple of decades and GLBC is a part of Cleveland's beautiful, hardworking identity.


Found in the same Ohio City neighborhood as Great Lakes Brewing Co., Market Garden Brewery has a newly open 35,000-square-foot facility that's now open to the public. In the production facility, you'll be able to see how their beer is made from the ground floor.

If you're not interested in seeing how their beer is produced, head over to their brewpub that's next door to Cleveland's very own West Side Market! It's here that you can have some snacks, their award-winning Progress Pilsner, Citramax IPA, and a whole lot more.


Fat Head's doesn't just have a fun name, they have some of the best local beer in the Cleveland area. After breaking ground in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Fat Head's came to North Olmstead in 2009. Just three years later their production brewery was completed and ready for some good times.

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Their year-round beers include Head Hunter, Honey Blueberry Ale, Session India Pale Ale, German-Style Lager, and their India Pale Ale. Fat Head's also has a variety of seasonal-inspired brews to match!


Found Downtown on Prospect Ave, Southern Tier Brewery may have begun in New York but it's really making a name for itself in Ohio. Their Cleveland taproom has 30 taps and a whole lot of beer to drink. They also have an extensive food menu to match!

Try their Muse: Rosé Ale, Swipe Light (refreshing ale with just 110 calories), their classic IPA, and try their Old Man Winter Ale in the colder months.


Found in Downtown Cleveland, Masthead Brewing CO.'s taproom has plenty of seating for all — including your dog (dog-friendly patio, anyone?)! With 18 beers to sip on, Masthead Brewing Co. also has a food menu so you can munch while you sip.

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Besides their wood-fired pizzas and beloved beer, this local brewery was born and raised in Cleveland, with its name being descendent from the iconic river fire that took place in the late 1700s.


Noble Beast Brewing is one brewpub Clevelanders can't get enough of. With an open floorplan, you can eat and drink right alongside the massive equipment used for producing the beer. Try Noble Beast's Blackberry Brambles, Cobra Chrome, Evil Motives IPA, and more! If you want to try a few at a time, order a flight to sample the ones that are catching your eye.

Noble Beast also has a full kitchen so you can eat sandwiches, nachos, salads, burgers, and more while you try some new brews.


Founded in 2014, Platform Beer Co. has Cleveland pride. Their taproom has over 20 house beers to try but they also created their production brewhouse that opened in 2016 that's 1200,000 square feet! If that's not impressive enough, Platform also has another facility solely for making their sour beers over on Sacket Ave.

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You can have their New Cleveland and Speed Merchant year-round, but you can also enjoy their seasonal beers like Citra, Hyper Retro, and Becky.


A vintage tasting room and a cool beer garden? What are you waiting for! Found on Columbus Ave., Forest City Brewery is open every day of the week (except Mondays) and has a variety of hand-crafted brews to try on tap.

You can take a step back in time to drink at in their brewpub or step outside in the beer garden in the summer months for a flight outside. Try their Towpath Trail Oatmeal Stout, #57 Brown Ale, St. Wendelin Wheat, to start!


Terrestrial Brewing Company can be found in Battery Park and is a small-batch brewery that's picking up some major credit in Cleveland. Open every day of the week, Terrestrial has a taproom, tours of their local brewery, outdoor seating, and an awesome inside that's set in an old industrial building.

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Their patio is also dog-friendly, making it the perfect place to cool down on a summer day. Terrestrial also has some awesome food pop-ups and food trucks that stop by for some extra grub to accompany your brews.


Cleveland's Bookhouse Brewing is one-of-a-kind. Their cozy taproom is surrounded by books; not to mention all brews and ciders are all brewed right there!

The books are free to take but you can also bring books of your own to leave as well. While this brewery usually has warm pastries and pretzels in the taproom, they also have a waffle pop-up on Sundays!

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