The words “Breakfast is ready” can sometimes be more exciting than a lottery winning especially when they fall on ears connected to an empty stomach. Breakfast is the most anticipated meal of the day and this explains why all the major platforms on the Internet are flooded with breakfast photos.

To fulfill their passion and declare their love for breakfast, many have made it a job to travel all over the world for the sole purpose of tasting morning meals in different cultures (this is an enviable job by the way). Others who do not wish to travel to distant shores for breakfast tastes simply sit at the comfort of their homes and travel to those same distant lands mentally through a single bite of the distant land's morning meal. Regardless of a category, those who crave one more breakfast adventure can put on their seat belts and journey to these U.S. States which offers the best breakfast (that’s not just bacon and eggs).

10 New Mexico, United States

The day begins in New Mexico with the hearty and delicious Huevos Rancheros; a satisfying Mexican popular dish that consists of fried eggs, fried corn tortilla, and fried beans floating on top of a warm Salsa stew. Huevos Rancheros is suitable for all types of people including Vegetarians and a cup of coffee can be included to make it even more satisfying.

9 Hawaii, United States

The Island of Hawaii begins the day with Loco Moco; a traditional egg-based meal that consists of a hamburger patty, gravy, fried eggs, and rice. It is often considered a comfort food due to its warm and nostalgic taste. Interestingly the name of the meal is Spanish and the words when translated to English mean – “Crazy burger”. Speaking of crazy, it’s hard to find someone who would not go nuts after taking a bite from this sumptuous delicacy.

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8 West Virginia, United States

Buckwheat Pancakes are popular in the mountain state of West Virginia, particularly for breakfast. The addition of creamy food items such as honey, butter, or syrups gives the meal a more appealing look. When it is served with a cup of coffee, it becomes difficult to think of a better way to start the day.

7 Idaho, United States

The State of Idaho is one of the few states that feature fresh food for breakfast. Potato begins the day in this state and several types of potato dishes are available throughout the state some of which include - baked potato and scrambled potato. A regular Potato breakfast in Idaho usually consists of – potatoes, eggs, and a preferred salad which makes every bite yummier than the previous. Due to its popularity, the baked potato meal has been named – the Idaho Sunrise which is a name that blends perfectly with the beautiful sunrise of the fertile state.

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6 Arkansas, United States

Locals in Arkansas are sure of being at the right place when the plate is served with rice, milk, sugar, and butter. Sugared rice is a meal that is unique to the people of Arkansas who happen to be the largest producer of rice in the United States. The meal makes a creative alternative for oatmeal and is arguably even healthier.

5 Kentucky, United States

The fried chicken state sadly does not always begin the day with a chicken-based breakfast instead they opt-in for the lighter cheese grits. Sometimes, though, Kentuckians prefer a chicken-based morning meal such as chicken and waffles or a nice combination of eggs and potatoes. In some cases such as when waking up from the long freezing winter nights, a breakfast of pancakes and hot coffee is preferred.

When the regular breakfast serving is not appealing enough, Kentuckians (particularly in Louisville) have the famous hot brown which works perfectly for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. These numerous varieties of breakfast can be linked to the dynamic southern cuisine which is featured heavily in the cuisine of Kentucky. These and the fact that there’s always a crunchy chicken restaurant nearby makes Kentucky a great place to be for breakfast.

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4 California, United States

For Californians, simple coffee and doughnut begin most of their days. Egg-based meals are also common Californian breakfast options and the breakfast stack appeals more when it comes to egg-based meals. The breakfast stack consists of fried eggs, bacon, and muffin which can be topped with vegetables such as - slices of tomatoes, onions, avocados, spinach, or lettuce and eaten with a cup of coffee or orange juice.

3 Alaska, United States

During breakfast, Alaskans rake in all the energy they need for their gold mining and engineering activities; therefore, morning meals are usually hearty. Bacon and eggs or Sausages with beef toppings take up the top spot for an Alaskan breakfast while Bagels and coffee work best for those who prefer a lighter morning meal.

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2 New York, United States

New Yorkers follow their breakfast ritual religiously and for the larger part of the population, a normal day only begins in the few seconds following the sip of their coffee and a bite of their bagels. For the other part of the population, there is no better way to begin the day than with a meal of bacon, eggs, and cheese. Due to the dynamic nature of New Yorkers, a meal of egg sandwiches or croissant sometimes work best during extremely busy days.

1 Texas, United States

The second-largest beef-producing state shows their love for meat during breakfast with a meal known as breakfast Taco; and even though it comes in different forms, breakfast taco typically consists of eggs, bacon, and tortillas. Chicken dishes are not also uncommon during breakfast in Texas.

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