Costa Rica is one of the most popular places in the world to get amazing Insta pictures. It is picturesquely located between the Pacific Ocean and the shorelines of the Caribbean Beach. With so many beaches come the very best of Insta worthy shots. Whether a tourist is looking for white sandy beaches, black volcanic sandy beaches, or tropical rainforests that surround rugged beach coves – Costa Rica has the perfect photo locations.

Costa Rica has 300 beaches spanning 800 miles of coastline. With 300 beaches to choose from, there is no issue finding the perfect locations for those amazing Insta shots. With so many opportunities for those perfect shots, people will be Insta-jealous of these adventures.



Costa Rica offers many destinations that are attractive to tourists interested in tropical paradise, rainforests, or ecosystems. There are a variety of places and wildlife to see while visiting Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa Beach, Nicoya Peninsula

Santa Teresa Beach is located on the Nicoya Peninsula and is a popular destination for yoga enthusiasts and surfers. The white sandy and palm tree-lined beach is a popular destination off the beaten path. There are plenty of opportunities for those Insta worthy pictures on the beach or at many of the hip restaurants. Many gather at sunset to capture that perfect sunset picture. The beach may not be ideal for swimming due to the strong waves, but it has many tide pools in which to cool off, enjoy the surroundings and capture amazing pictures.

Manuel Antonio Beach, Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio National Park boasts three beaches, a dense rainforest, and forest trails. Tourists can experience the stunning sunset the beach has to offer or partake in one of the many activities available at the beach such as swimming, snorkeling, or relaxing. The hotels are not beachfront but are built on the cliffs for stunning views. There are so many trails to hike that will give tourists the opportunity to see wildlife such as monkeys and other fauna and flora.

Costa Ballena

Drive up the Ballena Coast and experience the small coastal towns. While on the coastline, tourists should keep their eyes open for whale and dolphin sightings. The region is overflowing with jungle hikes, nature reserves, picturesque waterfalls, and exotic wildlife. It is also a favorite for birders with many bird-watching opportunities available. The beautiful settings are plentiful in the region and offer picturesque places to see and experience. Whether tourists want to hike or relax on the beaches while enjoying the beautiful views, Costa Ballena offers it all. While in the region, visit Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary where tourists can learn about the amazing wildlife of Costa Rica and the work that they do to protect it. There are plenty of opportunities for great pictures.

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White Tail Beach

White Tail Beach is a beautiful beach that has a sand and rock formation shaped in a whale’s tail in the area where humpback whales gather every year. It is in the small town of Uvita which is part of Parque Nacional Marino Ballena also known as the National Marine Whale Park. A great spot to get an Insta worthy picture is to walk out onto the sand and rocks that are the tail. The best time to do this is to check when low tide is going to be. It’s important to wear rugged shoes as the rocks can be tricky to walk on. When reaching the tip of the whale tale, turn around and take in the beauty of the beach and mountains while capturing the perfect Insta photo.

La Bruja Waterfall, Turrialba

Turrialba is a small rural valley that is off the beaten path. It’s a favorite among tourists during the holidays because it’s surrounded by mountains and rivers. It is the home of the most Insta popular hot spots. The Witch’s Waterfall is hard to get so anyone that wants to get photos there, must be ready to hike. Archaeologists have identified numerous archaeological sites. One of those sites is now a national monument, the National Monument of Guayabo.

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Where To Stay

Costa Rica offers a variety of places to stay. With the wide range of places to stay, they can be categorized into groups: Lodge/Eco Lodge, Boutique, Resort, All-inclusive, or Hotel.

  • Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa: Originally was a research station turned into a lodge with a range of adventures and activities -$150/night
  • Hotel Three Sixty: Adults-only boutique hotel sitting on a 58-acre trail lined rainforest - $448/night
  • The Springs Resort and Spa: A resort that offers 18 mineral-laden cold and hot springs - $780/night
  • Westin Playa Conchal All-Inclusive Resort and Spa: All-inclusive resort surrounded by rainforest with a sandy beach and golf course -$424/night

Costa Rica offers so many opportunities for those perfect Insta pictures. Whether someone wants a beach picture or a mountain picture, options abound. Why wait to book a trip when Costa Rica is waiting for tourists to come to see - and photograph - everything it has to offer!

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