British Columbia is a Canadian Province defined by its Pacific coastline and mountain ranges, making it a popular vacation destination for travelers. Many activities and adventures await tourists in this destination, from soaking in hot springs and reservoirs to the most famous activity: skiing. British Columbia gives travelers a world-class ski resort experience. This province is also home to natural areas such as glaciers and campgrounds famous for biking and hiking trails.

The following are the most beautiful hikes in British Columbia.

10 Golden Ears Trail

Golden Ears Trails is one of the most popular hiking trails in the northern municipality of Maple Ridge, with a length of 24 kilometers. The trail is challenging with an elevation gain of 1,500 meters and it takes ten hours to reach the peak. The park opens at 7 AM and closes at 11 PM. Therefore, it is better to start the hike early to avoid difficulties in the parking lot of West Canyon where the trek begins.

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9 The Lions

The Lions Trail of West Vancouver is a 15 kilometers hike roundtrip and has an elevation gain of 1,289 meters. It would take seven to ten hours of trekking, and reaching the summit requires technical skills in climbing. However, hikers can enjoy the beautiful view of Howe Sound and the Capilano Watershed down to the city of Vancouver without reaching the summit. What hikers need the most when going here is to bring extra water, and a spare set of lungs to endure the hike.

8 Sunshine Coast Trails

Located in the Powell River area is the Sunshine Coast Trails, Canada's longest hiking trail with 180 kilometers of length and an elevation gain of approximately 7,300m in total. It is the longest hiking trail in Canada, yet it has a moderate difficulty level because the whole trail can be broken into sections depending on your skill level. The course starts at Sarah Point and ends in Saltery Bay after an entire week or up to 10 days of the hike.

7 Stawamus Chief (Squamish)

Looking for a trail perfect for occasional hikers? Stawamus Chief is the ideal choice for its moderate level of difficulty, and The Chief is just about 7 kilometers with 600 meters elevation gain and three hours of hiking. Hikers will be rewarded with a panoramic view of the Squamish Valley, Howe Sound, and the town of Squamish after reaching the summit. However, its moderate level of difficulty still allows for hikers to have a decent challenge.

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6 Cape Scott Trail

Situated in the remote area of Cape Scott Provincial Park, Cape Scott Trail is a 24km hike with an elevation gain of 1,048 meters. Hikers need to be extra prepared to hike this trail as unpredictable weather conditions can cause a slippery and muddy route. Hikers might also encounter some bears, wolves, and cougars along the way. The whole journey would take up to three days, depending on the weather conditions.

5 Judges Route, Mt. Arrowsmith

Near the area of Port Alberni is the six kilometers Judges Route, Mt. Arrowsmith, with an elevation gain of 1,006 meters. It is the highest mountain in southern Vancouver Island, making it challenging to trek and takes five to six hours to finish. The easiest way to the summit is taking the Judges Route, and ones reach the top, be prepared with the most lovely view you can see. However, the area is not recommended for occasional hikers.

4 Sun Peaks Resort Trail Network

With 18 available trails and has the second largest ski area in Canada, Sun Peaks Resort Trail features incredible alpine wildflowers with nearby restaurants, washrooms, and first aid stations. The shortest trail is the Juniper Ridge Loop, with 0.6km, while the longest is the West Bowl Trail at about 5.6km. The hike duration and difficulty vary, but the maximum hike time would be six hours.

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3 Iceline Trail (Yoho National Park)

With beautiful alpine views, Takakkaw Falls with its reservoir, Daly Glacier, and so much more, hikers would indeed shout in awe in response to the features of this area. Iceline Trail is a 20.8km hike with an elevation gain of 710m and would take nine hours to two days to finish depending on the hiker's skill level. Hikers should expect small mammals in subalpine rockpiles and prepare to be rewarded with spectacular glacier views.

2 Dogtooth Traverse (Golden)

This 16km length of trail area is recommended for skilled hikers only because it would be challenging to find the route; there are no accurate trail descriptions and maps. Dogtooth Traverse is a point-to-point adventure so that hikers may leave their transportation at the Gorman Lake trailhead. The hike will then start at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and take 8-10 hours to finish with a rewarding view and a fun overall experience.

1 Helmcken Falls Rim Trail (Wells Grey Provincial Park)

With an easy to moderate level of difficulty, Helmcken Falls is Canada's fourth highest waterfall which drops 141 meters to the Murtle River. The trail is 8km with an elevation gain of 203m takes anywhere from two to three hours. Hikers can freely bring their fur babies on the leash; however, keep in mind that the viewpoint at the end of the trail is a sheer cliff without barriers. The waterfall gives different kinds of beauty each season which offers an incentive to returning hikers.

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