A nice day at the beach is synonymous to warm weather, the Summer heat, white sands, and radiating sunshine. During the warmer weather, beaches around the globe are packed with locals and tourists alike, emanating a lively vibe that perfectly describes the phrase, "fun in the sun".

However, well-seasoned travelers also appreciate the scenic beach landscapes outside of summer. Whether it's the crisp cool air, the quieter crowds milling about, or the seasonal transformation, it's true that some beaches are better to visit during the Fall. Travelers heading on their next vacation in the Fall don't have to give up precious beach time; instead, check out these beaches around the world that are best visited during this crisp, refreshing season.

8 Myrtos Beach (Kefalonia, Greece)

Located in the Pylaros region, this dramatic beach lies northwest of Kefalonia Island and is situated between the Agia Dynati and Kalon Oros mountains. Due to its cleanliness, organization, and natural beauty, Myrtos Beach has been consistently recognized as the best beach in Greece. Visitors can enjoy a nice dip in the cool, blue water while taking in views of the rocky cliffs scattered with local vegetation and white pebbles. Myrtos Beach is near the village Divarata, which is home to small balls and restaurants serving up traditional Greek fare.

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7 Manitou Beach (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)

Little Manitou Lake is home to 3 beaches, including Manitou Beach, which can be considered "Saskatchewan's Dead Sea". The water in Manitou Beach is mineral-rich, making it nearly impossible to sink! Water in the lake has been accumulated over time from groundwater for centuries and is said to possess therapeutic properties for those that swim in the waters. Visitors heading to Manitou Beach can also check out the nearby Town of Watrous for more activities in the area.

6 Playa De Quitapellejos (Almería, Spain)

Located about 74 km away from Almeria, Playa De Quitapellejos is the typical venue for the annual Dreambeach Electronic Music Festival in the summer, which can get pretty busy. However, once the heat subsides and Fall comes along, this spacious beach is calmer. Visit Playa De Quitapellejos after August and enjoy the pine and eucalyptus forest just behind this naturist beach, while exploring a part of the nearby Almanzora River.

5 Easton’s Beach (Newport, Rhode Island, USA)

In the cooler seasons of Fall and Winter, the beaches of Newport truly shine especially Easton's Beach. Also known as First Beach, it's the first stop of the famous Cliff Walk. Travelers can enjoy the crisp Autumn weather on this Rhode Island beach while enjoying a walking along Cliff Walk that offers breathtaking views of New England's coastline (just be careful while hiking, as some drops are over 70 feet long), as well as oceanside mansions that decorate the trail. Be sure to stop by The Breakers, a 70-room mansion that is considered a national historic landmark.

4 Playa de La Alcaidesa (Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain)

Located in Malaga, Playa de La Alcaidesa is known for the Rock of Gibraltar, a rock formation that proudly sits on the beach waters, making it a pretty site (even in the Fall season). Just only 90 minutes away from the Malaga International Airport, Playa de La Alcaidesa lies between an area thriving with residents and tourists. Visitors can also enjoy a leisurely stroll to the Faro Punta Carbonera (the nearby lighthouse) after dipping their feet in the beach's crystal clear waters.

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3 Lincoln City Beaches (Lincoln City, Oregon, USA)

Lincoln City is proud of their beaches, which is made up of 5 communities in the region. During the season of Fall, the Oregon coast is teeming with migrating whales, as well as slightly warmer waters for all to enjoy (whether you're a tourist or a marine animal). To appreciate the refreshing season of Fall, be sure to book your next flight to Oregon's Lincoln City, where one can soak up the views of the beautiful coastline. The city is also known for its annual Fall Kite Festival in October and other notables like glass-blowing and music festivals.

2 Long Beach (Tofino, British Columbia, Canada)

In Vancouver Islands, between Tofino and Ucluelet lies Long Beach. This stunning beach is one of the largest beaches on the Island, greeting travelers with miles of soft sand and against a breathtaking landscape of British Columbia's rainforest and mountains. Long Beach is definitely a treat for the eyes when visiting the great province of British Columbia, but beware: the rocky "islands" on the beach can get dangerous if travelers are exploring it unsupervised due to occasional high tides and rip currents.

1 Hopewell Rocks (Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, Canada)

One of the most popular attractions in New Brunswick is Hopewell Rocks, which are stunning red cliffs formed millions of years ago. Larger than the Canadian Rockies, Hopewell Rocks sits along the Bay of Fundy and is subject to both low and high tides. Visitors can explore this iconic landmark differently when the tides change! During low tides, travelers can explore the beach and walk the ocean floor. On the other hand, tourists can see the ocean floor surrounded by water during high tides (which are some of the highest in the world). To witness both tides, many visitors stay in the park for the entire day, enjoying its nearby trails, picnic areas, and other activities (including kayaking).

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