Texas not only has live music, cowboys, casinos, desert, and barbecue but has also 3359 miles (5406 Km) of magnificent coastline that is excellent for warm summer days. The Lone Star State has a lot to offer for beach lovers and water activity seekers. They can choose to fish, parasail, swim, kiteboard, kayak, windsurf, relax on the beach, tan or get on a boat for a fun-filled day in the sun with their friends or families and sail on the Gulf Coast waters and several fantastic beach sites. Here are the best 10 Texas beaches worth adding to everyone’s summer list.

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10 San Jose Island

Summer lovers who want to see San Jose Island's natural splendor will need to take a short boat trip from Port Aransas. The pristine shoreline is not entirely accessible for beachgoers who may only enjoy the beaches below the magnificent vegetation line. However, there are several fun activities to do on the beautiful island like shelling, birdwatching, and fishing. Vacationers can also frequently see sea turtles in this area while swimming or on the pier while fishing.

  • Recommended hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites Port Aransas
  • Cost: $293 per night for two adults

9 Stewart Beach

If vacationers are planning a trip to Galveston, they shall not forget to include the outstanding Stewart Beach in their itinerary. Sponsored sports such as volleyball tournaments add to the exciting activities in peak season. Showers, chairs, and umbrellas are available for everyone, so they can enjoy their time without any worry.

  • Recommended hotel: The Perfect Vacation Home in Stewart Beach
  • Cost: $446 per night for up to 5 persons

8 Port Aransas Beach

The gorgeous Port Aransas is a relaxing beach where vacationers may soak up the shiny sun and forget about all their concerns. The wonderful seashore is less busy than other nearby shores and is a calm place to relish days off. The coastline is ideal for families to enjoy swimming in the magnificent warm waters of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and playing with its soft sand.

  • Recommended hotel: Alister Square Inn
  • Cost: $111 per night for two adults

7 Rockport Beach

Rockport Beach has been designated as a "Blue Wave Beach" because it is among the cleanest beach locations in the exceptional Texas State. The splendid seashore is known for its lack of high waves and powerful tides, making it ideal for families with little children who like to spend days out in the sun on a beautiful stretch of sand.

  • Activities: Bird watching, relaxing on a boat, fishing, trying some local restaurants, shopping for souvenirs, and visiting galleries.
  • Recommended hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites Rockport-Fulton
  • Cost: $128 per night for two adults

6 South Padre Island

South Padre Island's dazzling beaches, a popular spring break destination, attract a large number of families, groups of friends, and couples. The magnificent island view of the Gulf of Mexico, low-cost lodging, and broad marvelous sandy beaches appeal to visitors from all over the states annually.

  • Activities: Boating, fishing, visiting Sea Turtle, Inc . and Beach Park at Isla Blanca , as well as other entertaining activities.
  • Recommended hotel: Hotel Courtyard South Padre Island
  • Cost: $331 per night for two adults

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5 Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park, a hidden treasure in Texas, is a favorite area for tanning and swimming. The marvelous island is filled with unique fauna, including several kinds of birds, and is one of the few nesting areas for the Kemp's Ridley, a variety of turtles. In addition to the gorgeous paddle pathways where people may kayak along the splendid shore, beach campfires are a wonderful feature of this park. Beachgoers may enjoy campsites on the dazzling sand or just behind the gorgeous dunes that border the beach, making it an amazing journey for tourists of all ages.

  • Recommended hotel: Amelia’s Landing
  • Cost: $180 per night for two adults

4 Padre Island National Seashore

Padre Island National Seashore is a 70-mile (112.65 Km) stretch of paradisiac dunes, lovely beaches, and tidal flats located southeast of Corpus Christi. Long strolls are perfect along the beautiful and broad beach, which is the world's longest piece of an unspoiled barrier island. During public sea turtle hatchling releases and other instructive events, naturalists may discover more about local wildlife and conservation initiatives from park rangers.

  • Activities: Camping, kayaking, windsurfing, and swimming
  • Recommended hotel: Hyatt Place Corpus Christi
  • Cost: $159 per night for two adults

3 Surfside Beach

Surfside is one of the state's greatest surfing beaches. The astonishing sand and clear water at this amazing beach are among the cleanest and purest in Texas. Aside from the usual activities of walking the delightful coastline, swimming in the refreshing water, fishing from a pier, and crabbing, exceptional guided sand horseback rides are a pleasant and unique way to contemplate amazing panoramas.

  • Recommended hotel: Ocean Village Hotel
  • Cost: $199 per night for two adults

2 Matagorda Bay Nature Park

Tourists at Matagorda Bay Nature Park will enjoy spectacular views of the appealing brilliant blue ocean. The beach section is recognized for its outstanding kayaking, surfing, and bird-watching activities while locating seashells that are sprinkled on the sandy shore is an appealing pastime for children. Vacationers can also explore Matagorda Lighthouse, which was constructed in 1852, and get off the usual route by hopping on a boat to visit more remote portions of the area.

  • Recommended hotel: Best Western Executive Inn El Campo
  • Cost: $110 per night for two adults

1 Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach is an eco-friendly shore. Beachgoers will discover a selection of cabins that are great for a beach getaway. Moreover, they may conclude their beach days with a warm fire and delicious food, which are ideal after a day of exciting water activities. The location is easily accessible by boat between Galveston and the wonderful destination.

  • Recommended hotel: Grand Galvez
  • Cost: $217 per night for two adults