Tel Aviv is one of the go-to destinations in Israel for an unforgettable vacation. The city is full of life and lots of things to do. Besides its numerous religious sites, the beaches are also beautiful and enough to make one get on the next flight to the country. For travelers heading to this country, here are the best beaches to visit for scenery, sun, sand, and sea.

10 Ajami Beach

Ajami beach is a beautiful white sand beach located in the Southernmost part of Tel Aviv in Jaffa - the oldest part of Tel Aviv. The beach is less crowded compared to others in the area, and it features turquoise water and vast space. The restaurants positioned right on the beach also make sure one does not have to go far to satisfy their hunger.

9 Charles Clore Beach

Charles Core beach is a coastal stretch characterized by soft golden sand, turquoise water, and a backdrop of skyscrapers. The beach is part of Charles Clore Park, and despite its proximity to the city, visitors to this beach will enjoy the serenity as it is usually less crowded. The sunsets here are amazing, and visitors can enjoy windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also amenities on the beach that create opportunities for more water sports, especially for children.

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8 Bograshov Beach

Bograshov Beach is a great beach for relaxation on a scenic seashore. The beach features soft golden sand that stretches for miles, giving all the space one needs to set up an umbrella and enjoy the scenery while also watching people play volleyball and other exciting watersports. One can even enjoy a meal with amazing views of the sea as there are restaurants located on the beach.

7 Banana Beach

Banana beach is one of the well-known beaches in Tel Aviv that draws thousands of visitors yearly to its sandy shores. The beach water here is great for swimming, and one can also play volleyball on the sand. Those who do not want to engage in the activities can easily relax under an umbrella with a chill drink and watch other people run around the sandy shores.

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6 Frishman Beach

Crystal clear water and soft sand are some things that first welcome visitors to the scenic Frishman beach. With several volleyball courts lined up on the shores, one is guaranteed to have a lot of fun here. For a more relaxing experience at this beach, one can simply take a walk beside the water or lay on a beach towel under an umbrella. Swimming and surfing are some more things one can do at Frishman beach, and the sunset is also great to watch.

5 Jerusalem Beach

The soft white sand and charming water of Jerusalem beach are some of the reasons it is often crowded with people. But besides the scenery, the beach is also known for other adventures such as - swimming, volleyball, and kite surfing. The beach’s proximity to the road even makes it easy for passersby to stop, take a quick dip, and get on the road again.

4 Gordon Beach

Tourists and locals in Tel Aviv somehow always find their way to Gordon Beach, and this is understandable. With such mesmerizing sea color and soft sand, it’s hard not to visit this beach. Visitors often come here for the amazing sunsets, although there are volleyball nets on the beach for lovers of the sport, and one can also engage in kitesurfing. The numerous restaurants and shops are always available to keep visitors to the beach satisfied while enjoying the beach scenery.

3 Mezizim Beach

Mezizim Beach is a beach in northern Tel Aviv that features white sand, turquoise water, and great views of the surrounding city. Swimming is allowed on the beach, and one can also take a seat under one of the umbrellas to watch the beautiful sunset that has kept people visiting for years. It gets crowded at Mezizim beach, especially during summer; hence those seeking scenery should ensure to visit before sunrise or after sunset. Volleyball and paddleball are popular things to do at the beach.

2 Ha’Maravi Beach

The endless waves at Ha’Maravi beach are one of the reasons this beach is loved by both tourists and locals in Tel Aviv. Visitors here often overlook the soft sand and jump into the water to enjoy the thrill of the waves. Summer comes with the best waves, and the waves can go in both directions. Besides the waves, however, Ha’Maravi beach is great for relaxation and sunset watching.

1 Tel Baruch Beach

Tel Baruch Beach is a vast sandy beach in the northern part of Tel Aviv that presents the stage for a wide range of activities, including - surfing and swimming. Visitors here will be met with several resorts and restaurants lined up along the shore to offer comfort to those visiting this beach. Tel Baruch Beach is located close to the road, and there are lots of parking spaces. Spots are available to enjoy volleyball on the beach, and there are also sun lounges and umbrellas for those who wish to enjoy the scenery while relaxing.