Split is filled with numerous beaches, from pebble to sandy, and travelers into swimming will definitely enjoy the wide range of choices. Most of the beaches are best suited for families with kids, and there are several family-friendly accommodations for a comfortable stay. Some beaches are situated on the southeast side of Split's harbor, others at Marjan hill's base, most of which are rocky, and are surrounded by pine trees. Split has a lot to offer to visitors when it comes to good beach life, including one of the rare ones that allow for dog swimming! Its sea waters are always clear, calm, and comfortable. Split is by all means one of the most impressive holiday destinations and a perfect spot to experience an enjoyable beach life as there is a lot to see and do. These beaches in Split will have you booking a flight ASAP!

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10 Kašjuni Beach

Kašjuni Beach is the perfect destination for tourists looking for a sandy beach with plenty of facilities. Bordering the flourishing Marjan’s peninsula is arguably one of Split’s most impressive beaches. Visitors love this beach of its strategic position on the steep Marjan peninsula's coast, as it is safer than other beaches in the urban settings. The beautiful pine trees surrounding the area provide shade to travelers.

  • Address: Adriatic Sea, 21000, Split, Croatia
  • Facilities: Beach bar, shower, and parking space

9 Bačvice Beach

Launched in 1919 as an official bathing area in Split, Bačvice Beach is one of those few beaches in Split with actual sand and is seated right amidst the city, near the port. With an accommodation capacity of about 10,000 travelers at once, the beach is truly massive - and it’s best experienced in Spring, thanks to its beachside sports and beautiful clear waters. Some of the common games the locals play around here are football, picigin, a local game played on shallow waters, involving the players competing to keep the ball dry, and rugby.

  • Location: 21000, Split, Croatia

8 Trstenik Beach

Trstenik Beach is one of Split’s best beaches for summer vacation, thanks to its stunning nature surrounded by the pebbles, and the amazing amenities, including umbrellas for hire and sun loungers. One could relax in the beautiful summer sun all day long, and there is plenty of space on the pebbles! The Radisson Blu Resort Split is in charge of the beach’s maintenance. Travelers can arrange and stay at the resort during their visit or after coming from a boat cruise. There is a VIP platform at the resort as well as a partitioned area set aside for the guests, available on a first-come, first-serve.

7 Beach Ježinac

Beach Ježinac is a long stretch of a rocky beach, boasting one of Split's best swimming spots. Situated just a few walkable miles from the center of the town, the area guarantees incredible views of the surrounding, especially from the overlooking hill surrounded by pine forest. Adventure lovers can always engage in scuba diving, giving them an incredible opportunity of enjoying the picturesque scene of Croatia's beautiful marine life. There is also a room for relaxing and watching the locals dive in the sea. Just get a drink from the bar located at the beachfront and enjoy the rest of the day.

  • Location: Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 29, 21000, Split, Croatia
  • Amenities: restrooms, outdoor showers, and a car parking space
  • Suitable for: adventure lovers, photographers

6 Beach Stobreč

This beach is situated to the east of most of Split's beaches, offering calm, shallow waters to travelers. This is a perfect spot for visitors scared of high, rough waves, and other unpleasant water conditions. The beach is full of pebbles, and travelers can always rent boats and paddleboards. Other visitors tend to hold congregations along the beach, so those seeking some privacy can walk until they find a perfect place along the shore.

  • Location: Put Svetog Lovre 6, 21311, Stobreč, Croatia
  • Suitable for: Families, photographers, and travelers vacating on a budget

5 Beach Žnjan

Žnjan is one of Split's largest beaches and is popular among the locals. Linked to Trstenik Beach via a pathway, travelers can explore the length of the path, and find a suitable spot for relaxing and taking some incredible pictures. Tourists don’t have to bring snacks or water when visiting this beach, as there are plenty of bars, cafés, and restaurants to dine at. There is a playground for kids, making this spot favorable for families with children. Travelers can get to the beach via a bus, and the distance is about a 15-minute drive from the Old Town.

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4 Firule Beach

Firule beach is famous for clear turquoise waters, making it an ideal spot for swimmers. Located about a 30-minute walk from the old town, Firule Beach is found between Trstenik and Bacvice Beaches. Travelers should pack their water shoes when visiting this beach as sea urchins are popular in this region. The sea waters are clear and shallow and warm-up perfectly for a summer vacation.

  • Amenities: shower, changing area, drinks stand, a natural shade

3 Bene Beach

Bene Beach is an ideal spot for travelers seeking peace. It is one of Split's oldest beaches, situated beneath Marjan. Bene doesn't resemble all the other sandy beaches in Croatia - and no tourist would want to miss its charm. One can relax on the beach's pebbly seafront, and explore its surrounding unspoiled nature. Two of the most favorite activities are taking an excursion through the forest and dining at a restaurant situated a few steps away.

  • Address: Kupalište Bene (Bene Beach), Marjan Forest Park, Split
  • Facilities: toilets, showers, changing rooms
  • Best suited for: families, history lovers, photographers

2 Kaštelet Beach

Nestled near Jezinac Beach, Kaštelet Beach provides travelers with a beautiful rocky and restricted beach with a stunning group of pine trees overlooking it. One can reach the beach by just walking a short distance from Split's city center. But one doesn't have to walk as there is a parking space nearby so, travelers can drive to the beach. Its clear crystal waters and beautiful marine scenery are amazing to witness. The most popular activities are swimming and kayaking.

  • Location: Šetalište Ivana Meštrovića 39, 21000, Split, Croatia
  • Best suited for: photographers, travelers visiting on a budget

1 Zvončac Cove

Zvončac Cove is one of Split's best-hidden gems and is perfect for a solo traveler. The cove is situated a short walking distance on the west side of the Trg Republic. There is a small marina with a stunning swimming pool situated on the pathway to the beach. There is also a picturesque Adriatic bar. Zvončac Cove is not a suitable spot for travelers looking for a peaceful environment as the beach is never quiet. But it is a very fun place to be. Being a very popular place, the beach can be packed with so many people. So, it is advisable to get there early or visit late - and enjoy the beautiful sunset view.

  • Amenities: lounge chairs, beach chairs
  • Best suited for solo travelers