Famous for having some of the most romantic tourist spots in the world, France is definitely a top pick for tourists. The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Palace Of Versailles, and tiny stone villages may be stunning and breathtaking, but strolling through the city is not the only thing that can be done in ‘La France.’ The country is actually home to beautiful beaches that normal folks and even celebrities can never get enough of. On this list are the 10 best beaches in France.

When visiting, guests and travelers not only get to have their eyes filled with wonders, but they can also become immersed in the country’s culture, traditions, and language.

10 Antibes, French Riviera

When traveling between Cannes and Nice, guests can see the beautiful Peninsula of Antibes. Tourists are drawn to the sunny and sandy beaches found within a walking distance of hotels. Having the largest marina in all of Europe, it also contains some of the largest yachts in the world. Needless to say, it is a wonderful place to experience a luxurious vacation. Even being on a tight budget. It is still possible to enjoy the whole experience through the small hotels all over town. A complete guide to the peninsula is available on the internet for those who plan to visit.

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9 Paloma Beach, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat

The picturesque Paloma Beach should be visited at least once in a lifetime! The beach is located in Southern France, just between the cities of Villefranche-sur-Mer and Beaulieu-sur-Mer. Paloma Beach has become known as the playground for the rich and hosts some of the most valuable villas in the world. Although the beach may be a bit pebbly, the sea at Cap Ferrat is very clean, on top of that, the views of Beaulieu and the surrounding mountains are breathtaking!

8 Cap Coz, Brittany

For those who are looking for non-crowded beaches, Cap Coz boasts a number of such beaches, making it an essential stop for those traveling to Brittany. Guests can get the best experience by taking a romantic stroll on the beautiful Breton Riviera rocky coastline hiking path. With its sheltered bays, the Cap Coz beach is perfect for the guests who want to chill during a luxurious, wholesome, and peaceful afternoon on the beach, with nothing but their bathing suits on.

7 Les Calanques De Cassis, Provence

The Calanques of Cassis is a remarkable geological feature in Provence, which is made up of three deep, narrow valleys. It consists of sharp edges that are partly buried by the sea. They are mainly constructed of limestone or granite, with steep narrow inlets that create the natural rock formations. Here, hiking is the best way to take in the stunning views and access the quiet coves. So, tourists should pack a swimsuit in their backpack and wear comfortable, sturdy shoes. Visit the tourist office in town for maps.

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6 Palombaggia Beach, Porto-Vecchio, Corsica

The island of Corsica is located off the southern coast of France. Porto Vecchio, the island’s old town is one of the most popular, thanks to its picturesque maze of alleys, piazzas, restaurants, cafés, boutiques, street market, charming ambiance, and views. Palombaggia Beach is on the southeast portion of the island and offers a beautiful large cove filled with clear blue water and soft white sand. The beach is surrounded by dunes covered with shady pines and pink granite rocks meant for climbing and taking in the view. The water is relatively shallow and great for kids.

5 Étretat, Normandy

Étretat is a magnificent town located in the northern coastal part of France. The Porte d'Aval arch and L'Aiguille (the Needle), a pillar rising from the sea, are two of the most spectacular structures cut out of the white chalk cliffs. Making it a work of art, no wonder it is one of the most famous scenery to be visited in Normandy, which stretches for 80-mile, full of natural sculptures. The is more popular for sightseeing but the pebble beach is visited by surfers as well. The striking cliffs give every aspiring artist and tourist a picture-perfect piece of art (most famously Claude Monet).

4 Port-Cros, Hyères

The island of Port-Cros is surrounded by and is part of Europe's first maritime national park, making it the center and heart. On the island, there are no vehicles to be found so as not to disturb the calmness of the area. With this, it is the best place for hikers but at the same time, it is considered a spot for boat lovers, and divers. To have the best experience possible, remember to visit in the month of September as it will have the optimum weather and water conditions.

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3 Pampelonne Beach, St.-Tropez

Most people relate Pampelonne Beach with Saint Tropez, yet the beach is actually part of the nearest village of Ramatuelle. Either one doesn't matter to the visitors here. Those who come here are looking for excitement in the famed beach clubs, 5 km of soft sand beaches, and luxurious yachts moored in the bay. It is Saint Tropez's biggest and longest beach, located in a magnificent sheltered bay. The beach is known for its elegant clubs and private beaches and the opportunity to rub elbows with the rich and famous. Buses run from Ramatuelle to St. Tropez and parking is also available. This is a place best to visit in the off-season to avoid large crowds.

2 Palavas-les-Flots, Montpellier

Ranked 9th out of 25 beaches in the Herault region, located 6 kilometers from Montpellier, Palavas beach is considered one of the settlement's beaches. Guests wanting to have the full experience of being immersed into the country’s people, then add Palavas-Les-Flots to the bucket list! The Oscar-nominated movie ‘The Triplets of Belleville’ also featured a song detailing the beauty of the beach. The 7 km beach is sandy and clean and easy to reach by bus from Montpellier. Fish, snorkel, kayak, or swim, sign up for sailing lessons or try kitesurfing at Palavas-Les-Flots.

1 Plage De La Côte Des Basques, Biarritz

Biarritz beaches are located in the heart of Basque country. They are the tourist's perfect summer destination, and quite popular with the daring hearts of surfers due to the calm and friendly nature of the waves. The area is good for beginners at low tide. At high tide, it may be a bit more tricky for the newbies and is only suggested for experienced surfers. The sea covers the entire beach as the waves crash against the rocks. The rising tide might be dangerous, so be aware of it. The sandbanks fluctuate frequently, making it an ever-changing beach break.