Although Barcelona is renowned for its many tourist attractions, its spectacular weather, often cited as the city's top selling point, is the gift that keeps giving. While many may not realize this, Barcelona has around 300 sunny days annually, meaning it's possible to enjoy the city's beaches outside of summer.

The Mediterranean Sea laps at Barcelona's 4.5 kilometers of coastline, creating a stunning backdrop for beachgoing activities, including sunbathing, swimming, and beach volleyball. Barcelona has too much to do, so fly in and unwind on one of these magnificent beaches.

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10 Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta, the most well-known and classic beach in Barcelona, takes its moniker from the premier maritime district of Barcelona. The beaches of San Sebastian and Victoria in Barcelona all have a rich history and culture that Barceloneta beach, about 500 meters long, carries on. Unlike the other beaches in Barcelona, Barceloneta has facilities for those with disabilities. It also has wonderful hotels for a restful stay, restaurants, Wi-Fi, showers, watchtowers, a children's play area, garbage cans, restrooms, and rents out parasols and sun loungers.

9 Mar Bella Beach

This classic Barcelona beach sits northeast of the old Olympic village. It is popular with surfers and sunbathers thanks to its comfortable loungers for rent and proximity to a few surf schools. A fantastic way to get acquainted with the ocean and its waves is through the private, two-hour courses offered by Surf Base Barcelona. In addition, the beach is a popular spot for the city's queer community. While the beach's nightlife is world-famous, the hotels here also add to the hype.

8 Nova Icaria Beach

Nova Icària's convenient location on the central coast of Barcelona, next to the Olympic port and observatory, makes it a popular destination to visit and stay in local hotels. Nova Icaria Beach, built for the 1992 Olympic Games held in the city, is more tranquil than neighboring Sant Sebastián and Barceloneta beaches. Numerous activities are available to visitors, including jet-skiing, parasailing, flyboarding, and speedboat tours. Port Olympic also offers catamaran and boat tours of the harbor for a more peaceful experience.

7 Sant Sebastià Beach

Stay in Sant Sebastià's chic hotels and enjoy what is the most convenient beach for seeing some of Barcelona's most well-known landmarks because of its proximity to the city center. Visit the top of Montjuic Mountain for unparalleled views of some of the most beautiful areas in Spain; take the cable car up to Montjuic Castle, built in the 17th century and home to the city's military museum and the peaceful Botanical Garden, before going to Sant Sebastià Beach.

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6 Llarga Beach

About an hour and a half south of Barcelona lies a lovely length of beach known as Platja Llarga, or "Large Beach," which is popular among nudists due to its pristine, unspoiled setting. Llarga beach has a relatively unspoiled beach stretch with emerald water, golden sand, and a gentle entry into the sea. You may hang out on this beach with everyone from singles to couples and stay in one of the adult hotels nearby. There's a campsite close by, and it's not too busy even during the height of the season.

5 Canet Beach

When looking for a beach and place to stay close to Barcelona, one of the most excellent options is Canet Beach, located in the charming village of Canet de Mar. This stretch of beach is nearly a mile long. It has everything one could want for a day at the beach, including public restrooms, showers, and various pubs and restaurants serving delicious, traditional Barcelona fare. Stop to visit the adjacent Castell de Santa Florentina before heading back into town. Look at the Gothic and modern influences in the castle's outstanding construction from the 11th century.

4 Bogatell Beach

The average age of the people that come to Bogatell's beach makes for a calmer environment, making it an ideal place to de-stress and take it easy. Bogatell beach, also regarded as one of the most secure in all of Barcelona, is perfect for vacationers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded beaches in the city's center. In addition, there are some excellent hotels, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife in the area.

3 Ocata Beach

It's worth venturing further out of the city to find some of Barcelona's finest beaches. Ocata, which is only a half-hour bus trip to the city's north, is the epitome of a hidden gem. The beach is wide, has excellent golden sand, and the sea is crystal clear and calm. After enjoying a swim, visitors can hit one of the many beachside bars for a drink and tapas or enjoy a night in one of the area's many hotels.

2 Somorrostro Beach

Formerly a part of Barceloneta Beach, this lively stretch of water is now known as Somorrostro Beach, after the Barcelona neighborhood that used to be there. Somorrostro Beach, located between the Olympic Marina and Barceloneta Beach, was originally a shantytown that housed thousands of people until the middle of the 20th century. Restaurants, bars, and some of Barcelona's most famous nightclubs and hotels line the boardwalk turning it into a bustling hub of activity.

1 Cala Bona Beach

The beach at Cala Bona in Blanes, about an hour's drive north of Barcelona, is worth the trip. Cala Bona is a small cove on the Costa Brava, in contrast to the extensive lengths that characterize many of the best beaches in the vicinity of Barcelona. The beach is ideal for water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, and lounging in the sun. Get to the seashore by a pine woodland trail and enjoy a variety of traditional regional fare, such as a tasty monkfish and lobster at Bar-restaurant Cala Bona. Stay in one of the many beautiful hotels in the area.