Australia is home to thousands of beaches given its 60,000-kilometer coastline. In fact, it houses some of the best beaches in the world. It is a beach paradise for a reason. Despite being unique from each other, each beach has crystal clear water and white powdery sand. Hence, no matter where tourists go, the beaches are as beautiful. But for those who want to check out specific beaches, here’s a list of some of the bests for the next summer getaway:

10 Gold Coast, Queensland

In Queensland, this beach’s coastline stretches to 70 kilometers and has abundant beaches along with it. Some of its bests include Snapper Rocks, Rainbow Day, Currumbin Beach, and Burleigh Heads. Gold Coast boasts its fine white sand, deep clear blue water, and its highly maintained clean shores despite hundreds of visitors every day. It is one of the best beaches to paddleboard, surf, and get a fine tan. Choosing the beach to go to in Gold Coast would depend on the activity tourists want to do like how Rainbow Bay is perfect for surfing beginners and Burleigh for experienced ones.

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9 Four Mile Beach, Port Douglas

There are definitely more stretched coastline beaches in Australia. The name itself already gives the idea of how long this beach is at the disposal of every tourist. There sure is more space for everybody on this beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia with its white sand and clear blue water. It is a hundred kilometers from Cairns, and a few minutes away from Mount Lewis National Park.

8 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

Yes, it is 75 miles long. It is an endless bay and the most dramatic bay in the country. Its water only keeps on getting clearer the deeper it gets. It also has one of the best and huge waves perfect for experienced surfers. Despite the size, it is not impossible to check out this beach. Indian Head is where tourists can check out a bird’s eye view of the island. This island has particularly nice camping spots which are perfect for tourists who are staying for a few days.

7 Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

Australia’s top beach in the world is Whitehaven. It is an award-winning beach and the biggest on the island. Tourists can almost see blue and white only because of how clear the water is and its pure white silica. It is seven kilometers long and attracts hundreds of tourists every day. Yes, it is a very busy beach but particularly quiet despite the crowd. This gorgeous beach can be easily reached now, through a ferry from Arlie Beach or via helicopter ride.

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6 Hyams Beach, New South Wales

Hyams beach might be the easiest beach to reach in Australia. The bay is just purely powdery and its water is in clear turquoise. At the shore, it faces the green forestry which makes this beach a total stunner. Hence, many people visit Hyams despite it not being that popular. One of the thrilling activities here is dolphin watching at any given time. From the beach, there is a trail that goes into Booderee National Park where tourists can get to see the botanic garden.

5 Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron bay is not just beautiful, it is home to many unique activities not many would see on a daily basis. On the beach, tourists can take yoga classes and check out fire dancers. This bay has a popular lighthouse that many take advantage of for a bird’s eye view of the island. If up for adventures, Nightcap National Park is only a hike away as well with a stunning view of the waterfalls. Byron Bay is also popular with surfers and at the right moment, they might surf along with whales.

4 Cable Beach, Broome

Sunsets are most beautiful at the beach, and Cable beach sure has the most beautiful sunset in Broome. It has a long stretched shoreline of white powdery silica and crystal clear blue water. One unique adventure this beach brings is its camel tour during sunsets handled by the most trained operator with experience of over 30 years. Tourists can ride camels and enjoy the beauty of the beach with the most stunning sunset view. One thing to watch out for is box jellyfish, which could totally spoil all the fun.

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3 Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

From the name itself, Turquoise beach features crystal turquoise waters and white pinkish sand. Because of this, it is named the sixth-best beach in the world. It is home to the best snorkeling experience because it has beautiful coral formations and sea creatures like turtles. Some other sea animals are visible at the beach like manta rays, whales, and fish. The reef is very close to the shoreline, which makes it the best beach in Exmouth.

2 Bay of Fires, Tasmania

The orange-hued, large rocks in the Bay of Fires make it more attractive than any other beach. It gives more color than just white sand and blue water. In fact, it's called the Bay of Fires because the orangey rocks look like they are in flames. It surely provides a more scenic view of the beach. Despite the name, it is totally safe to swim in the bay. It even has pools formed by the rocks around the water where tourists can simply dip and enjoy the view.

1 Bondi Beach, Sydney

The most popular beach in Australia is probably this one. Aside from its location in Sydney, it has the perfect view of the colorful buildings, crystal blue water, and white sandy beach. Being the most popular and accessible means it could get crowded, and it's definitely not for tourists who like quieter beaches. It has a pool that is available for everyone, hence, tourists can choose from it and the beach. Activities here include surfing, scuba diving, and bathing in Bondi icebergs.

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