Swimming is an activity that gives us a serious case of the munchies afterward. A killer combo partner of a great time, whether a long time off from work or just a nice day at the beach, is a nice seafood meal. This article will direct you to the best beaches where you can stuff your mouth with delectable seafood dishes. Restaurants big and small, with fresh catches every day, ready to be served to the hungry swimmer. Clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, prawns, cephalopods, and an array of fish, take your pick and enjoy the freshest dish one can have on a plate with an ocean view, no less.

10 Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach is a stretch of sand that's nine miles long, and this long stretch has us choosing from countless restaurants, some even have Michelin stars.

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The area is divided into three sections and South Beach is probably the most popular. Some of the best seafood in South Beach come from Amare Ristorante. They have seafood, pasta, branzino, polipo (grilled octopus) and other gourmet meals. There's also Lobster Bar Sea Grille and their Twilight Happy Hour where one can get chili lobster, seafood ceviche, and Rhode Island calamari. Then there's Poseidon Greek Seafood Boutique Restaurant with their twin lobster at $65.00.

9 Kailua Beach Park, Oahu, Hawaii

One of the hottest beaches in Hawaii today is the Kailua Beach Park. It’s located in Oahu, also the hottest island in Hawaii right now. Seafood restaurants here are the best, since the island is exploding with visitors every day. Fresh Catch Kaneohe is one of the best seafood restaurants in the area. They cater and accept special orders and have a wide selection of fresh fish dishes. Nico's Kailua offers great food and entertainment! Enjoy homegrown music and local delicacies like the Hawaiian Plate and Furikake Pan Seared Ahi. Haleiwa Joe's Haiku Gardens also offers good food, but it's a little further from the shore.

8 Panama City Beach - Panama City Beach, Florida

Finding seafood restaurants in Panama City Beach is such an easy task, it seems like all the restaurants here are seafood restaurants. But we will tell you which ones are the best. Panama City Beach is located in northwest Florida and enjoys the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It's one of the country's best beaches and is a town that is built for accepting tourists. All these restaurants are beach waterfront restaurants and they all have great seafood menus: Schooners, Saltwater Grill, Hunt's Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant, and Pier 77 Seafood Restaurant. That's just four of the best, there are more spread all over the beachfront.

7 Coopers Beach, Southampton, New York

Expect food in Coopers Beach (Southampton) in New York to be pricey, the parking fee will give you a big clue right away. This beach is consistently ranked as one of the best beaches in the United States year after year, it’s not just the beach but the surrounding establishments and the crowd of course.

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Check out the Plaza Cafe for a complete 3-course seafood meal, then head on over to Shinnecock Lobster Factory and get your hands on their famous lobster rolls. Blue Mar Hamptons offers the best Mediterranean seafood like loup de mer, rascasse, red mullet and black sea bass.

6 St. Augustine Beach in St. Augustine, Florida

The beachfront city of St. Augustine is a haven for the whole family. Aside from frolicking on the beach, tourists can also visit the St. Augustine Alligator Farm and the Castillo de San Marcos. When it's time for chow, there are plenty of seafood restaurants to choose from. Try the blackened grouper sandwich and shrimp crepes at La Cocina International Restaurant.

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For a great Floridian dining experience, check out Santiago's Florida Kitchen and Craft Bar. Try the crawfish jambalaya and the mussels de vino blanco, they also have a kids menu. Cap the day with margaritas at Playa Chacmool Inc.

5 Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

The best beach in the state of Massachusetts is probably Coast Guard Beach in Eastham. It's located in the Cape Cod National Seashore and has powder white sand and allows dogs on the beach. The best food here comes from simple and humble establishments. Cap't Cass Rock Harbor Seafood is a good restaurant near Coast Guard Beach, it's small but homey and serves delicious lobster rolls. For a quick bite to eat, Nauset Grill is perfect. Order any of the wraps, cod, mahi-mahi, buffalo shrimp, they're all fresh and delicious. They also have seafood plates served with fries and coleslaw.

4 Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach, Outer Banks of North Carolina

The Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach is an amazing beach located on Ocracoke Island, in the outer banks of North Carolina. On the beach alone there are plenty of activities for the whole family. Shelling, beachcombing, surf fishing, and beach driving are just some of the things visitors can do here. After doing all this stuff, recharge in some of their best seafood places.

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Dajio is a great restaurant serving local cuisine from local ingredients, matching it with local live music. Try the Chargrilled Ocracoke Oyster, the Cast Iron Maple Glazed Scallops and Ocracoke Clams with Pappardelle. Jason's Restaurant and SMacNally's Bar and Grill are also great restaurants in the area.

3 Clearwater Beach - Clearwater, Florida

Clearwater Beach in Florida is frequently visited by tourists who want to have a great time at the beach while parasailing, jet-skiing, and dining. Children would want to visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium as well. Trip Advisor named Clearwater Beach #1 each in the country for 2018. Some of the best seafood dishes are found in the following restaurants in the area: Sea-guini, Frenchy's Rockaway Grill, and Bait House. Try Sea-guini's pan-seared hogfish, Frenchy's grouper sandwich is divine, and Bait House serves the best drunken fish. These dishes are best eaten with a view of the ocean, of course.

2 Beachwalker Park Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Kiawah Beachwalker Park is one of the best beaches in South Carolina. It’s located on the westernmost side of Kiawah Island. Kiawah Beachwalker Park is a great spot for fishing enthusiasts but offers more than that. Aside from the beach, it also gives us a nice river view. The seafood here is great with some good choices among the restaurants serving in the area. The Ocean Room is one of the best, start off with chilled seafood, then seared scallops or striped bass for an entree. The Atlantic Room is also great with their lobster and caviar deviled eggs, and seafood stew.

1 Kaanapali Beach in Lahaina, Hawaii

One of the best beaches in Hawaii is Kaanapali Beach and is located in West Maui. It’s the perfect beach for relaxing and not doing anything. Also for gaining a few well-deserved pounds from fresh seafood! Here are the top restaurant picks for seafood: Merriman's Maui, Lahaina Grill, Paia Fishmarket Front Street Restaurant, and Down The Hatch. Dine at Merriman's Maui and order the macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi. Lahaina's special entree is the Maui onion and sesame seed crusted seared ahi. Down The Hatch's sample platter contains shrimp, calamari and kalua pig quesadillas. Try the lobster and crab stuffed grilled cheese, then you can never go wrong ordering the big plate of captain's catch.

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