Now that the weather is warm and the sun is calling, beach days are imminent. There are plenty of things to love at the beach, especially if you live close enough to one of the best in the US. On the other hand, there are plenty of things to despise about it, from the sand to the sunburn. Fear not, beachgoers - just as there are plenty of hacks for road trips, there are also hacks for making beach days run smoothly.

A little planning and prep are all it takes to make sure a beach day doesn't end with sand in places it shouldn't be. These hacks will take the stress off any future trip and will keep all beach tension to a minimum... After all, if it's not for a little R&R, then why bother going, right?


A Little Baby Powder For A Beach Day Keeps The Sand Away

One theory about baby powder has to do with its ability to keep moisture at bay, which happens to work well for damp sand. Somehow, beach water and sand are inevitable and usually, this is something everyone realizes as they're trying to leave for the day.

Before giving up and jumping into the car with three pounds of wet sand in tow, try this hack: Shake a little baby powder on the body parts that have sand, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it off. Theoretically, the baby powder should absorb the excess moisture (which also prevents that itchy, gross feeling), allowing beach-goers to knock each sand granule off just a little bit easier.

The Dollar Store Is Likely To Have Everything (At A Cheaper Price)

This is a hack that everyone should be using. After all, a plastic sandcastle set is just that - plastic. This means that more than likely, the local dollar store will have any and all beach-going needs.

This list isn't limited to toys, though - the dollar store is also home to fun and funky fashion sunglasses, snacks, sunscreen, lip balm, and occasionally towels, umbrellas, and even coolers. It's worth a stop before heading to the bigger stores and spending three times as much as you would here.

An Inflatable Pool, When Empty, Is A Perfect Play Pen

An inflatable pool doesn't always need to be filled in order to be fun! For those with little ones, it can be a bit stressful trying to keep an eye on all the things going on at once and finding time to relax. With the help of an inflatable pool, kids have a place to sit and play without needing to wander.

An oversized umbrella or even a canopy can be stretched over the top of the inflatable pool for some shade, making a beach day hassle-free and entertaining. Let the kids fill the pool with sand, their toys, and their friends, and have a blast.

Bring A Few Balloons For Your Ears

Sometimes, getting water in your ears is inevitable at the beach. Big waves happen and there's not always much we can do about it. Rather than holding your nose and "blowing" out your ears, here's a simpler hack: A balloon.

Blowing up a balloon uses the same type of pressure used to clear ears after going underwater, making it a bit of gentler and easier way to release that pressure. It's also easier to do and by the end of it, you might have a balloon or three to play around with... just remember to take them home or dispose of properly.

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Make Homemade Capri Sun Packs With Mini Ziplocks And Straws

For an adult beverage or a kid-friendly drink, Capri Sun packets can be made with a small ziplock back (the snack packs work well) and some straws. Metal straws are eco-friendly, but plastic works well, too.

Simply fill the bag with liquids of choice, stick the straw in, seal carefully, and sit upright in the freezer overnight. Just make sure to pack them upright, too!

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