New Orleans is America's hub of music and entertainment. Although it's located in the southern part of the States, you will find that most travelers are willing to trek to this antique town in order to get a taste of the chaos. New Orleans is known predominately for its Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day celebrations, but you can bet that there will be some kind of party happening year-round on Bourbon Street.

This lively strip mixes a little bit of old with a little bit of new. Amidst the tight-fitted historic edifices are neon signs over the archways of some of the best bars on Bourbon Street. If you're up for a little late-night adventure, you definitely need to check out these ten bars in New Orleans.

10 Pat O'Brien's

While not technically on Bourbon Street, can you really say you've been to New Orleans if you didn't stop in the world-famous Pat O'Briens? You can't miss this brick-studded establishment that's just around the corner. It's a New Orleans-style Irish pub that offers cajun food with a dive bar atmosphere.

Pat Obriens is known for its Magnum Hurricanes, which is essentially a tub full of 151 Rum and a tropical punch mix. This mammoth cocktail is meant for sharing, or you can get your own in a (slightly) smaller souvenir glass. Be careful though, just one of these will knock you off your feet.

9 Tropical Isle

This bar is actually on Bourbon Street and is a must for first-time bar hoppers. Subjecting to the common practice of live music, Tropical Isle regularly has Cajun &  Zydeco tunes floating out of their doors.

They also have their all-powerful cocktail recipe. It's called the Hand Grenade and it's supposedly a one-up from Pat O'Brien's Hurricane. Whatever is in their secret concoction, it's probably best that you don't mix these two together on a single night.

8 Maison Bourbon

Maison Bourbon is a live jazz club-style bar that brings in a diverse crowd. Its old-school facade is matched by the lively music that passes through from morning until night. Some of the country's most famous jazz musicians have played at this original spot, and locals and tourists alike still come in to hear a bit of that classic jazz. The drinks are potent, the music is lively, and their lounge is comfortable to sit in for hours on end.

7 Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar

Dating back to at least the early 1770s, this old brick-and-mortar is one of the oldest buildings left on the block. It has survived multiple fires, battles, and possibly even pirates. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar is the oldest bar in America and is seeping with history. Nowadays it's known to be of a more laid-back piano bar and lounge, but it's one Bourbon Street bar that is a must.

They serve every libation under the sun, including beer, liquor, and frozen cocktails.

6 Old Absinthe House

Dating back to the 1800s, this bar tends to favor classic cocktails. The  Old Absinthe House hosts two restaurants and a bar, where you can find some of New Orlean's best old fashions. Of course, their flaming absinthe is also one to try.

Another saloon that comes with fascinating history, the Old Absinthe House was meant to be demolished during the era of Prohibition. However, the bar was discreetly relocated to another area of Bourbon Street where it continued to serve covert cocktails during this time period. The bar actually wasn't brought back to its original home until 2004. There's a lot more to the story, and many visitors will find that the staff here are more than willing to share its history.

5 Saints and Sinners

Like most New Orleans pubs, this one has been around since brothels were legal. In fact, it was frequently visited by men and women from all walks of life; meetups that Saints and Sinners deem a "sinfully good time."

The bar was shut down in 1917, but came back to light in the lsat decade thanks to actor, Channing Tatum. He and his business partner took to revolutionize the bar while still keeping that classic New Orleans feel. Their menu is comprised of seafood and lifting cocktails. Try the Burlesque Stress if you've got a bit of a sweet tooth or the Sinner which comes with a collectible cup.

4 The World Famous Cats Meow

If you're looking for something a bit more contemporary, the World Famous Cat's Meow is the place to be. You can't miss its gleaming pink and green neon sign, but its the commotion inside that will really draw you in.

This place is known to be a rowdy karaoke bar that even has a second home in Sin City, Las Vegas. They have plenty of liquid courage served from top to bottom to help encourage guests to take a stand in the spotlight.

3 The Swamp on Bourbon Street

You never know what's going to go down at The Swamp, which is probably why people are inclined to visit this bar. The brightly lit two-story building can be seen (and heard) up and down Bourbon Street, with music lulling in unsuspecting passerby's.

There's always a party going on down in The Swamp. Shots are served by the tray full, the music is consistent, and there's even a bull rider for those looking for a thrill. There's also a 360-view available from the balcony so you can get a complete glimpse of New Orlean's nightlife scene.

2 Fritzel's European Jazz Pub

This intimate bar is the perfect place to start (or end) your Bourbon Street pub crawl. This jazz pub has been a New Orlean's mainstay since the 1960s. Since those early days, Fritzel's has continued to play authentic jazz music from some of New Orlean's most talented musicians.

Most travelers describe this bar as a relaxed European venue with a friendly atmosphere. You won't go thirsty, as the staff is dutifully attentive and accommodating to anyone who takes a seat.

1 Bourbon O Bar

If you are looking for a variety of drinks to indulge in on your tour of Bourbon Street, you don't want to pass this one. This bar is full of incredible energy and has a classy touch that you won't find at most bars on the strip. The Bourbon O Bar offers some crazy mixtures, like their Torched Rosemary Bloody Mary which comes attached with a mini Tobasco bottle. They serve local draft beer and, of course, they routinely serve up classic gin and whiskey drinks.