10 Best Bars In Barcelona, Spain

The typical tourist destinations for those traveling to Barcelona, Spain includes places such as La Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell. However, nothing quite beats kicking it up with the locals and enjoying a night out... or two.

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Because Barcelona is a huge tourist destination, you'll find all types of dive bars (and chain bars) littered throughout the city. Some have a niche vibe, while others are simply there to invite you in for a good time. Barcelona is a huge city, and it's going to be hard to narrow down your options. To help get you started, check out these ten bars to visit in Barcelona, Spain.

10 Story

Story is a quaint little spot tucked into the busy hub that is the Gothic Quarter. However, it's not hard to miss with the bold block little neon sign with its name shining at the top of the entranceway.

Book-lovers are sure to appreciate this bar's concept. It has a literal wall of books that you can sit down and read while sipping on your spritzer. This beautiful gem plays jazz on occasion and is the perfect place to sit and relax with your travel buddies. Enjoy a table full of tapas and try and figure out the history of the pennies on the walls.

9 Milk

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Milk is a lush bar and bistro. You will find it right off the walkway in Carrer d'en Gignàs. It looks pretty nondescript from the outside, but inside is a cacoon of colorful ambiance which will make you feel right at home.

This bar is the go-to place for brunch. Included in its mouth-watering menu are cocktails made with fresh ingredients. They have the mainstay brunch libations such as mimosas made with zumo natural (fresh juice), bellinis, and a pink flamenco cocktail.

8 Polaroid

Polaroid is a dive bar in the Gothic Quarter that you wouldn't expect to find in Barcelona. It's an '80s and '90s themed bar with a wall projector showing Spice Girls music videos and ET hanging from the ceiling. Every week there is a karaoke session (90s tunes encouraged) and trivia night is thrown in a couple of times a month as well.

The staff at Polaroid make you feel like you're in visiting an old friend. Needless to say, the company is fantastic, the atmosphere is lively, and the drinks are potent enough to keep you on your bar stool for the rest of the night.

7 Marmalade

A sister to the Milk bar, Marmalade is another unique spot that is worth a quick stop. It's quarters used to be the home of a furniture store (for over 50 years) so the bar celebrates its predecessors with cushy furniture and deco accents.

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There's a billiard table for scorekeeping, an extravagant bar filled to the ceiling with various spirits, and plenty of food to sample. When you first walk into Marmalade, it might appear to be a tight spot, but don't worry, there's more hidden just around the corner. This bar is split into four areas, each one with its own eclectic vibe.

6 Bar Leo

If you ever wanted to live like a Barcelona local, Bar Leo is the place to visit. The outside announces the location with a peeling orange and green sign. The walls are marked with souvenirs, but you won't find a more genuine local bar. You can sit and enjoy a pint, or you can dive into conversation with the amiable staff.

To top it off, there are plenty of homemade delicacies to sink your teeth into and it's a great spot to sit and listen to Barcelona talent. Every Saturday, Bar Leo hosts the Flamenco show which introduces local musicians for a true taste of Spanish culture.

5 Psycho

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Psycho, the rock and roll club of Barcelona, is a music fiend's paradise. In addition to live music, this bar has a laid-back feel. This little corner spit stop is definitely somewhere you will want to visit if you are looking to get away from the bustling city streets.

Psycho is open every Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 PM to 2:30 AM and Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 PM all the way until 3:00 AM.

4 Bar Sauvage

If you aren't sure whether you want to go to a Barcelona dive bar or a thumping club, Bar Sauvage can help with both. Through its griddled front door is a short bar with limited seating for those who just want a vino or cerveza.

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However, downstairs is where the party is happening. Here you'll find a DJ mixing up sounds for those brave enough to take their moves to the central dance floor. You get the best of both worlds at this bar, plus their food specialty is ceviche and tacos. How much better can it get?

3 London Bar

Not everyone is a fan of country-themed bars when visiting outside their own country. But if you're feeling a little homesick, the London Bar might bring you out of that fog.

This bar has been around since 1910 with guests such as Picasso and Ernest Hemingway sharing the same barstools. The architecture itself is riveting, but the atmosphere is what keeps people here all night. There is live music hosted at the back of the bar pretty much every night of the week and you get a healthy dose of options when it comes to your choice of poison.

2 El Paradiso

The U.S. isn't the only country that likes a good old-fashioned speakeasy. In Barcelona, Spain, El Paradiso gives you the same whimsical settings you would hope to expect from any classified saloon.

The dimmed lighting, the dapper bartenders, and extravagant cocktails are an experience you definitely don't want to pass up. Le Peruvien is a French twist of the famous pisco sour and is served in a truly spectacular arrangement. We also recommend the Hugo Sanchez or the Caribbean Nights cocktail (especially if you have a sweet tooth).

1 Solonge

A blissful place serving cocktails and spirits, Solonge is the final Barcelona bar we recommend on your Spanish expedition. Its sleek design invites you into a world very unlike the cobbled streets outside.

If you decide to explore this unique and luxurious lifestyle, pay attention as the bartenders blend traditional drinks like the martini or the Manhattan. The feat is truly impressive. You have plenty of liquors to choose from, some familiar and some foreign. We recommend stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something like the Gran Bazar.

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