Nothing is more amazing than welcoming a newborn child into the world. What is not so great an experience though is the difficulty of bringing your little bundle of joy along on your vacation.

So many people have experienced this in the past, but today, this is not the case. So many places and vacation spots are considering this issue. People with kids deserve the chance to go on vacation and bring their kids along – especially babies. Below are some of the best baby-friendly vacation destinations for new parents.

5 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Turtle Cay Resort is the perfect family get-away for parents and kids. Its numerous selections of activities make the place something that gets the kids and parents excited. Greeting you upon arrival will be courteous staff members with welcome refreshments and a list of free day-to-day activities for young kids and their schedules.

Relaxing by the pool is a crowd favorite, making everyone want to stay there the entire day. The pool area includes two hot tubs, a mini waterfall, a pool dedicated to teenagers, and a giant baby pool that has a walk-in area that is shallow, perfect for new moms and dads to introduce their baby to swimming.

They have suites that allow you to cook food, and an area by the pool is a set-up for movie nights for the kids. Also, with the beach just a few blocks away, this place will surely make your experience a memorable one.

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4 Cedar Creek, Texas

Along Cedar Creek, Texas, is a hidden gem for new parents – the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines. The perfect place to spend time with your baby, this establishment has a huge grass area, which is a good place for playing with children who are beginning to crawl. For babies who have just learned how to take their first few steps, there is a splash pad and of course, a beach area with sand by the pool. The hotel also has a lazy river and your baby can float along on tubes that are specially designed for them.

To show that newborns are welcome here, upon arriving at the reception cribs will be offered for your room. Onsite restaurants are friendly and accommodating, and the place also observes quiet hours from 9 pm to 7 am, allowing your precious ones to get proper, uninterrupted rest.

But the most important and probably the greatest part about the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines is that their property is so complete that you do not have to leave the place during the duration of your stay. This means that you will have a few days' rest from putting your baby in a car seat, which could be considered a vacation as well.

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3 Sevierville, Tennessee

The Resort at Governor’s Crossing is an amazing place that caters to new and older children alike, as they offer different kinds of rooms depending on the size of your family and your budget. They have a suite, a 2-bedroom suite, or a hotel-type room. The place is also within walking distance from shopping centers and restaurants, offering a lot more than just having a place to rest after a long and tiring day outside.

As an apartment-style concept, you can bring your food and prepare it inside your room. There are also indoor and outdoor family-friendly water parks that have different areas that cater to different ages and levels of swimming skills, and they also show family-safe movies by the pool. Booking your vacation here during summer is also great as they hold different activities almost every night.

With great activities and amenities that are kid-friendly and safe, coupled with very accommodating and friendly staff, The Resort at Governor’s Crossing should always be on top of any family’s list for their vacation destinations.

2 Cannon, Oregon

Planning on having your first vacation with your baby? Then The Inn at Cannon Beach will be an ideal destination for your family. Packed with family-oriented activities, proximity to the beach, and a wooden exterior that matches the relaxed beach vibe make this small haven a place of rest and relaxation for families traveling with a new baby.

Breakfast in the early morning or late-night snacking will be a breeze in this place thanks to their very useful and well-thought-out kitchenettes. Meanwhile, going to town is easy as it is very near and accessible. You can find amazing coffee, out-of-this-world crepes, and a variety of seafood. The Inn at Cannon Beach is also near Haystack Rock, a very popular tourist spot in Cannon Beach where you can take your family on an adventure of a lifetime.

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1 Cancun, Mexico

In Cancun, Mexico, you will find a place that kids can enjoy and your new baby can relax - the GR Caribe by Solaris. This resort makes you forget all your worries and trip fatigue once you enter their doors. Staying for many days at this all-inclusive resort will not bore your family as it has numerous daily activities that they can participate in, and a lot of restaurants that you can dine in and relax after a tiring day.

The resort is perfect for new parents for their premium accommodations – even to the point that they provide extra diapers during emergencies. Kids will also have a grand time as they can run endlessly outdoors or play by the poolside. And when they get hungry, they can get oven-fresh pizzas from a food hut nearby.

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