Lima is the vibrant capital city of Peru and has the distinction of being the only South American capital that faces the sea—adding a rich dimension to an already impressive and bustling tourist destination. Also known as the ‘gastronomic capital of Latin America,’ there is certainly no shortage of delicious cuisine to sample here, too.

However, tourists that want to try some of the country’s most eclectic and inventive dishes should look no further than Lima’s Asian-inspired cuisine—though the exciting capital definitely has its share of Latin American restaurants with distinctive South American dishes and flavors, its diverse Asian cuisine is a great way to explore the region’s culinary flair and diverse global influences. Below are some examples of some of the best Asian-inspired dishes travelers can find in Lima—and where the most adventurous foodies can hope to grab a bite.


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Japanese Dishes With A South American Twist

Because Peru has the second-highest Japanese population in South America, it’s easy to see why the capital city’s restaurant culture has been influenced by Japanese dishes and their distinctive flavors. Visitors have no shortage of choices here; whether it’s Japanese-Peruvian fusion (also known as ‘Nikkei’), or more traditional Japanese fare, any visitor to Lima will be inspired by the Asian country’s culinary influence.

  • Best Sushi: Offering a fantastic take on the iconic Japanese food, the Lima restaurant Maido specializes in sushi preparation using one of Peru’s most distinctive cuisines—ceviche. This creative food fusion makes for some of the freshest, most creative dishes in the entire city. Best of all, Maido has a tasting menu for diners who want to take a real culinary adventure. Nikkei experience is about $120/person
  • Best Ramen: Ramen is ubiquitous in Japan—and thanks to ‘Nikkei,’ it’s becoming equally as popular in Lima. One of the best spots to try it in Lima is at Shimaya Ramen, a ramen house that showcases Japanese-Peruvian fusion through its use of Japanese noodles paired with classic Peruvian ingredients—creating mouthwatering dishes that perfectly marry spicy and savory flavors. $$-$$$
  • Best Overall Japanese Dishes: Any traveler looking to explore Nikkei cuisine in Lima should definitely give Matsuei a try. A well-rounded menu that includes uber-fresh and inventive sushi as well as a plethora of Japanese mainstays like tempura, yakitori, gyoza, ramen, and udon, Matsuei is the best spot to experience the freshest Peruvian ingredients transported to next-level Japanese classics. $$-$$$$

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Chifa: Chinese-Peruvian Fusion At Its Finest

Chinese-Peruvian fusion is rapidly gaining in popularity; though Chinese influences have been an important part of Peruvian cuisine and culture since the great 19th Chinese migration. Known as ‘Chifa,’ restaurants that serve this distinctive cuisine are a favorite among tourists and locals alike—and are quickly becoming go-to classics within Lima’s Asian cuisine community.

  • Best Gourmet Chifa: High-end Chinese-Peruvian favorites that include twists on Chinese mainstays like fried rice, eggrolls, dumplings, and more, Shi-Nuá is one of the best spots to try Asian fusion cuisine in Lima. Lovers of Chinese buns will love the restaurant's top treats like the Pork Chá Siu Bao Sliders—truly heaven on a bun. $$-$$$
  • Best Experimental Chifa: For those foodies looking to have a true Chinese food adventure in Lima, Chifa Titi is the place to be. This local favorite serves up the foods with Chinese faves like roast duck stuffed with sticky rice, wontons, and beef and broccoli alongside out-there goodies like crispy pork belly and steamed frogfish. The homemade desserts like lychee are super tasty, too! $$
  • Best Overall Chifa: Traditional Chinese fare gets the Peruvian treatment at Chifa Hou Wha; whose namesake “cozy house” translates perfectly to their homey, charming fare that includes classic Chinese dishes and Chinese-Peruvian fusion faves. Grab a bowl of wonton soup, garlic chicken, duck with vegetables, or try something new like a tortilla with Chinese sausages, or squid pork gunken (Cantonese style) in this popular, family-run chifa. $$$

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Don’t Forget The Korean Food

While Chinese and Japanese-Peruvian fusion spots seem to get all the attention, Korean food definitely has its own niche within the bustling capital city. Stop into any of these delish spots to get the best of both worlds: classic Korean fare made with the best Peruvian ingredients.

  • Best Overall Korean: Looking for Korean greats like bugolgi, kim chi, kimbimbap, and Korean BBQ? Then be sure to check out Nodaji, a tasty Korean spot whose cozy atmosphere and big flavors charm both tourists and locals. $$
  • Best Korean Food And Atmosphere: For authentic Korean dishes like donkasu Korean pork cutlet) and samgyupsal (grilled pork belly), head to Namu, where visitors say the food is tasty and the atmosphere is fun and inviting—there are even K-pop videos playing in the background. $$

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Other Asian Favorites In Lima

  • For foodies who want to sample cuisine from all over Asia—including Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese—then Ó’Mei is the way to go. Chock full of goodies like Vietnamese style beef, spring rolls, Canton roast duck, and Thai-style noodles, this eclectic spot is a great way to experience a plethora of Asian cuisine in Lima. $$-$$$
  • Need a dim sum fix while in Lima? Then stop in and sample the wide selection of Chinese goodies at Madam Tusan $$

Visitors to Lima will be pleasantly surprised by the myriad of Asian food options in the eclectic capital city. From classic fare to fusion faves, these restaurants offer their own Asian dishes with a distinctive Peruvian twist that is sure to please any traveling foodie.

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