Travelling is generally fun until tourists’ gear gets stolen in the middle of their trip since they are tempting targets for thieves. Tourists are viewed as strangers in the locations they visit. As they carry valuables, they risk coming across thieves and pickpockets.

Therefore it is important to be prepared in regards to protecting one’s belongings. There are numerous ways to do this; through anti-theft gear and some tips. The anti-theft equipment includes accessories that travelers use to keep their goods secure, whereas tips reduce the risk of being targeted. This article guides on what to buy and know.

10 What To Buy: Padlocks

Padlocks may be considered ineffective in protecting tourists’ goods since it is easy for a thief to puncture a padlock zippered bag. However, they are great at reducing theft chances since they keep away opportunistic thieves that seek easy targets. Additionally, padlocks are useful in securing goods at fixed positions or together. The best anti-theft padlock is TSA-friendly that enables airport security to access your bags without breaking the case. For instance, the TSA Security Padlock comes with a 3-dial combination lock and two packs. It is one of the most reliable anti-theft gears to buy.

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9 What To Buy: Travel Bags

Travel bags help keep important travel items and documents together and easily reachable. Having your documents together makes a readily available organization that prevents the misplacement of items while on the move. Such travel bags are the Travelon Anti-Theft Travel bag that offers numerous security features to put one’s mind at ease. These include a lockable main compartment, mesh body panels, a slash-resistant shoulder strap, and RFID-blocking storage.

8 What To Buy: Anti-Theft Clothing

Another option of keeping tourists’ valuable items safe is stashing them within well-designed clothing. Various useful clothing items are made available for travelers, from underwear to outerwear, to help keep travel and essentials safe and secure. Such include Speakeasy Briefs, which come with a zippered pocket on the front for storing anything from passports to extra cash. As these suites men, ladies can rely on Travel Bras that are integrated with a range of pockets that are comfortable and discreetly designed in various styles. Examples are such as the Organic Cotton Travel Bra and Ultra-Light Travel Bra.

7 What To Buy: Tracking Devices

Tracking devices are great at keeping one updated on one’s luggage, especially when out of sight. More importantly, they can alert travelers when they become separated from their valuables, such as phones and wallets. Such devices are Tile Mate, a small device that one can attach to valuables like phones, keys, and wallets. One can also slip it into a passport holder or a carry-on bag. The device utilizes Bluetooth tracking to locate items over short to medium ranges. In the case of longer ranges, the Tile’s global network is helpful in locating missing items.

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6 What To Buy: Luggage Straps

Since luggage can toughen one’s travel, luggage straps help keep the case closed and belongings in their rightful place. Such reliable luggage straps include the Pacsafe Strapsafe 100 TSA-Accepted Luggage Strap, which features a TSA-accepted 3-dial combination lock. It also comes with an indicator light that signifies when one’s luggage is being opened. The best part about it is the Baggage Constrictor technology that makes it impossible for the strap to be loosened once it’s locked.

5 What You Should Know: Don’t Carry Precious Jewels

It is better to leave expensive jewelry at home because there are fewer chances that tourists need to wear expensive jewelry or watches while sightseeing. Although dressing up nicely is important for special events or meals out, there is no need to carry expensive jewelry all the time. Instead, one could consider cheap, travel-friendly jewelry. Basically, the lesser the attention one draws, the lesser the chances of being a target.

4 What You Should Know: Use Password Protection On Tech Devices

It is wise to use password protection on one’s tech device. Such may include codes or patterns, which help lockout a thief if they get stolen. When tech devices with password protection are stolen, a traveler has an opportunity to do damage control by changing relevant passwords to protect personal information. It is also advisable to regularly backup all critical data to minimize loss.

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3 What You Should Know: Use Locals’ Knowledge

Locals of any traveling location may include bartenders, taxi drivers, residents, and accommodation staff. Getting advice from such persons regarding the area is excellent because they acquire insider information, especially if one is polite and friendly. Such information could include what to expect and realities about general safety. One can also research the relevant destination online to view people’s responses, especially from experienced travelers and locals.

2 What You Should Know: Secure Bags In The Best Way Possible

As mentioned above, it is essential to secure one’s bags in the best ways possible. Tourists should consider all types of locks, such as padlocks or cable locks, which are great at securing your luggage in place. Some simple measures may also include wrapping a shoulder strap around a chair leg or arm while sitting to prevent opportunistic snatching. One can also keep a close eye by carrying bags on the front of one’s body, especially when moving in crowded places.

1 What You Should Know: Protect Your Privacy Online

A traveler should consider using a VPN service during travels to maintain security online and protect one’s privacy in case he comes across public Wi-Fi. One must also remember the threats to privacy using public computers in the traveling zone. To reduce any risks, visitors should use private Web browser windows and avoid authorizing staying signed in to an account or allowing the browser to remember password details. It is important to clear the browser history when using other devices aside from the personal. One may set up 2-step verification for enhanced security, including a password and code for certain sensitive accounts.

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