People have their preferences when it comes to what seat on an airplane they like the most, and it's definitely a personal and subjective thing. Some love to sit by a window so they can look outside and see the magic of plane travel, for example.

According to C Boarding Group, when you take a Southwest Airlines flight, you're not going to be given a seat assignment in advance. That's not always the case, as many travelers are used to being told where to sit (or hopefully being able to book seats next to family or friends that they're going on vacation with). When you fly with Southwest, you'll be given a "Boarding Group" that would be A, B, or C, plus a number.


So where should you sit? With an entire plane available (depending on who gets to pick their seat before you, of course), there are some good and bad seats. Keep reading to find out about the best and worst seats on a Southwest Airlines flight.

Best: Grab Any Seat That Allows You To Sit In The Aisle

According to C Boarding Group, the best seat on a Southwest Airlines flight is near the aisle: as the publication explains, "My money is on the aisle seat. I can get easily reach my stowed bag if I need to, or stand up and stretch for a minute."

Many people have a preference for sitting by the aisle on planes. As someone shared on Reddit, they like this seat because of frequent washroom breaks: they wrote, "Aisle because I always end up getting up to use the bathroom 100 times." So if you want more space and to more easily get up when you need to go to the restroom, an aisle seat when flying with Southwest seems like a good idea. And with so many aisle seats to choose from, you would most likely be able to find one as soon as you step onto the plane. That's a relief.

Worst: The Seats At The Exits

Your Mileage May Vary Southwest Airlines says that the worst seats on a flight are seats at the exits. Why? The publication gave a few reasons. One is that it can be chilly, so if you're someone who tends to get cold on planes, it might not be the seat that you want to choose. The website also explains, "Tray tables are in the seat in front of you, which may be far away for shorter passengers." A final reason is that the seats might not be super comfortable as they have "less padding."

USA Today recommends skipping an exit seat because you're not going to actually have as much space as you might think. You're not going to have a lot of storage because there isn't a seat right ahead of you. The publication says, "no under-seat storage, so you'll need to put everything in the overhead bins during take-off and landing."

Best: The First Row Is Good To Get Beverages And Leave The Plane Before Other Passengers

Another good seat on a Southwest Airlines flight is the first row. This is because of two reasons: it's good because you'll get beverages before other people on the plane, and you'll also be able to leave the plane before other passengers.

According to The Points Guy, sitting in the first row on a Southwest plane means getting beverages and food before others. This is because the "cabin service" will start in three areas on the plane: row one, nine, and 17. This is definitely a perk of sitting in this area of the plane since sometimes, it can feel like you're waiting a long time to be able to get some soda or water.

The Points Guy also says that you'll be able to get off the plane before others if you sit in the first row. And C Boarding Group says, "If you sit in the front you could shave 10-15 minutes off your deplaning time. You can be in the rental car shuttle before the last passenger gets off." This is good news whether you're taking an hour-long flight or a longer one.

When you book a flight with Southwest and are debating which seat to choose, these are the best and worst options. While an aisle seat and the first row are going to be the most comfortable seats to pick out, sitting by an exit might not be what you want to do during your plane ride. It's definitely helpful to know which seats to avoid and which ones will make for the most pleasant flight possible.